Tenants in New York Observer Publisher's Building Say 'Nonstop Construction' Is Meant to Drive Them Out [Updated]

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170 and 174 E. 2nd Street, with adjacent psychic
In December 2013, New York Observer publisher and real estate magnate Jared Kushner bought two connected buildings, 170-174 East 2nd Street. (The buildings are laden with some serious New York history: Allen Ginsberg lived at 170 for three years and wrote "Kaddish" there.) In the intervening nine months, landlord-tenant relations have gone swiftly and steadily south. First, Kushner's company distributed eviction notices to many of the current tenants, with an eye toward converting the apartments into higher-end versions of themselves, according to DNAInfo. That resulted in a nasty and, in some cases, ongoing fight in Housing Court. Now the remaining tenants, many of them living in rent-stabilized apartments, say the constant construction in the building is causing broken tiles, eroding floors, collapsing ceilings and weeks in which their mail has gone undelivered. They allege the chaos is deliberate, part of an attempt to force them out to attract newer, fancier tenants, the kind who don't mind paying $2,658 for a one-bedroom. A group of the remaining tenants are planning a protest today in front of their own buildings.

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The Observer's Embarrassing Eric Schneiderman Takedown Attempt, by the Numbers

On Wednesday the New York Observer published a profile of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The piece is long, and utterly embarrassing in its exasperated defense of Donald Trump, Observer publisher Jared Kushner's father-in-law and the target of an ongoing lawsuit by the Attorney General's office. Worse, it's an insult to the Observer's readers, who are way too media savvy for the shenanigans.

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Giuliani Loyalist Ken Kurson Takes the Helm of the New York Observer

Rudy days are here again! The guy who wrote this book is now editor of the New York Observer.
We noted last week that the likely mayoral candidacy of former Rat Czar and MTA chief Joe Lhota signaled a push by Rudy Giuliani supporters to turn back the clock to a Giuliani-time New York City.

But it turns out Lhota isn't the only Giuliani protege ascending in the public eye right now. Staffers at the New York Observer learned Friday that they've got a new editor: Ken Kurson.

Kurson touted his "long and honorable journalistic career" to David Carr, who broke the news, and Kurson has certainly been around the media circuit, going all the way back to an internship at Harper's, moving on to a fact-checking gig at Rolling Stone. Most recently, Kurson comes to the Observer from Esquire, where he was a contributing editor.

But Kurson has some political ties that set him apart from your average ink-stained wretch.

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The Greatest Sex Scene Ever Written: Failure And Success In The Age Of Unlimited Porno

Consider this literary sex scene: "A spaceship crashes with two midgets that get split up. The blonde one walks around until she finds a farm where she rests and masturbates."

In reality, that quote is literary only in that somebody went to the trouble of writing it down--it's actually an excerpt from the liner notes for "Two Midget Aliens" (really NSFW, that link), a 15-minute porno about, you know, two midget aliens having sex and stuff. It is, however, illustrative of an important literary point, which is that John Heilpern is dead wrong about sex. At least in a literary sense.

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Dan D'Addario Leaving the Observer; Departure Marks the Paper's Third Exit in Three Weeks

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Three's a trend, didn't you know, and so we'd be remiss not to report that the other weekly paper that comes out on Wednesdays is losing its third staff writer in a single week three weeks. First there was Azi Paybarah, then Reid Pillifant (both are going to Capital New York); and now there's culture reporter Daniel D'Addario, who gave notice today, according to a leak we received this morning.

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Capital New York Gains Staffers, Money; New York Loses Chris Rovzar

cap ny.png
Press Clips has returned, or rather a short, bastardized version of Press Clips has returned, special for today. There's a fair bit of media news today, most of it involving highbrow New York news startup Capital New York. It's gaining some new staff members and also $1.7 million from an angel investor, and generally having a good day. First, non-CNY-related news:

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Best Of the Media Power Coupler App

nate freeman jen doll.png
It was bound to happen.The new Media Power Coupler puts the most eligible/powerful media singletons together, in combinations that may shock, surprise, and totally ignore whether people are gay or not. The following is presented without (as in, with some) comment. As of this posting, we're still fact-checking these couples. We swear we'll stop after this. We swear.

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Nikki Finke Reacts to Her Power Bachelorette Ranking

nikki finke .jpg
Out of the 50 media power bachelorettes featured in the New York Observer's list today, there was one that intrigued us the most: Nikki Finke, Hollywood industry news doyenne and notoriously secretive character. How did she feel about being in a list of bachelorettes? Is she even really a bachelorette? Her slide on the Observer site reads: More »

Fact-Checking The New York Observer's Media Power Bachelorettes List

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New York Observer
Fellas! The media power bachelorettes are here, courtesy of pink listicle factory the New York Observer. Full disclosure: Jen Doll and Maura Johnston of this here Village Voice are both on the list, lending it a distinctly 36 Cooper Square flair. This blogger was spared, which meant that there was plenty of time to fact-check the list, which we did yesterday with the hunky bachelors. This time, we couldn't find many mistakes at all (did we scare you yesterday, NYO?). What we really found were some questions and observations. Behold:

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Fact-Checking The New York Observer's Media Power Bachelors List

brian stelter single .jpg
New York Observer
The New York Observer, a publication which really enjoys a good media power list here and there, has a new one out today. It's "The Free Agent List: 2011's 50 Most Eligible Media Bachelors." Look, there's poor Brian Stelter on the front, kissing a black hole where his girlfriend used to be. Fifty strapping young (or not very young at all) media guys, just ripe for the taking, ladies. Julia Allison is studying the list carefully. Except some of them are not ripe for the taking, because some of them are not single. Oops. After the jump, the mistakes that we managed to find.

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