Dharun Ravi Accused Of Being Gay By Post Columnist Andrea Peyser (In Column About Not Humiliating People Based On Sexual Orientation)

Dharun Ravi was sentenced to 30 days in jail after getting found guilty of charges related to the suicide of 18-year-old Tyler Clementi. As far as we know, Ravi's not gay -- and Andrea Peyser's a hypocrite.
In a column about a Rutgers University student who committed suicide because he was publicly humiliated by his freshman roommate for being gay, New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser publicly humiliates the roommate -- who by all accounts is not gay -- by claiming that he's a "possible closet case."

She then calls Dharun Ravi, the former Rutgers University student who received a slap on the wrist for his involvement in the 2010 suicide death of Tyler Clementi, a "doofus douchebag" before arguing that just about everyone who'd ever met Clementi should be charged with a crime in his suicide.

Clementi, as you probably know, jumped off the George Washington Bridge in September of 2010 after he learned that Ravi had recorded him making out with a man in the dorm room the two shared. The case brought national attention to the issue of cyber-bullying and the struggles of LGBT youth.

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Andrea Peyser at Zuccotti: "I'm Not as Old As I Look." (Also, "Fuck You!")

Here are words we don't usually type: we can't wait to read Andrea Peyser's next column in the New York Post! Yesterday, we had the privilege to watch Peyser in action, as we were waiting at Zuccotti Park to see when it would re-open. She ambushed a Canadian dad who was there with his six-year-old son. Peyser, the lady who is the arbitrar of all things good for parents, clearly thought it was inappropriate and "dangerous" for him to bring his child to Occupy Wall Street, and tried to goad him into admitting as such.

Then, as if in a Spike Lee movie, an Asian man got in Peyser's face about why she was harassing this Canadian tourist for bringing his son to Zuccotti. "Fuck you!" Peyser yelled at him. The Asian man started calling her an "old lady," at which point we got our camera out and Peyser replied, "I'm not as old as I look."

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Casey Anthony as Told by Andrea Peyser: The Romance Novel Edit

Below are some of the words and trite (tantalizing?) turns of phrase used by unyielding New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser to describe not-guilty murder mom Casey Anthony in Peyser's third consecutive missive on the subject. "Casey the party monster," though, far outdoes Peyser's previous art projects in print -- "Filthy mom shopping around for pay dirt" and before that, "The glove fits - this head case becomes new O.J." -- wringing every last drop of outrage from the Anthony verdict, but also oddly mixing in some uncomfortable lust with a healthy dash of sexism. We've gone ahead and cut out the boring parts, which we've already heard from Peyser, Nancy Grace and beyond, and turned Peyser's prose into a scene from a dirty book. It works better that way.

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New York Post Kicked Out of Barclays Golf Tournament for Harassing Tiger Woods, Naturally

Who else but the resident outrage-hungry Horny Lesbian Ethnocentric Sexist Catlady of the New York Post, Andrea Peyser, would get kicked out of the Masters for walking up to Tiger Woods and asking him about his penis?

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Why Does Andrea Peyser Hate Lindsay Lohan So Much?

Have you heard of Andrea Peyser? She's a "columnist" person for the New York Post, and she likes to get all up in people's business, especially, for some reason, if they're women more attractive than her (Ooh, we said it). At any rate, she's got quite the mouthful for LiLo today about her nail accoutrement (you know, the middle-finger message that said "Fuck U" to, ostensibly, the judge or America or Sam Ronson or anyone who would listen, maybe even Andrea Peyser herself?)

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Andrea Peyser Takes on Debrahlee Lorenzana; Gets Called Jealous By Her Own Readers

Trust Andrea Peyser to know the "sweaty stench of a lady's desperation as she watches her biological clock wind down, along with her fame" when she sees it: She tackles the phenomenon of Debrahlee Lorenzana in her column in today's Post and despite her imploring us to "call off the bod squad," she devotes 553 words to the plight of the former Citibanker.

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Andrea Peyser: Elena Kagan's Basically a Lesbian, So Why Don't We Talk to Some Lesbians About Her?

New York Post columnist/professionally misanthropic crazy catlady Andrea Peyser has this entire writing racket figured out: Once you view your respective news outlet as a way to open a hole in the earth and let out all of the worst parts of human culture and intellectual discourse with the assistance of hell demons, you seize upon your ability to do so, thus upping your pay grade.

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