NY Post's Abby Schachter: 'The Left' Is Unpatriotic for Complaining About Racism

This happened.
Did you know that complaining about racism makes you unpatriotic and means that you have a (bad) attitude toward America?

Well, it doesn't, but that's what the New York Post's Abby Schachter suggests.

"Bill Maher pretty much summed up the left's attitude toward the United States when he declared that Barack Obama came up from poverty to become 'the first black president of the racist states of America,' she writes.

For Schachter, of course, this is evidence that, "according to liberals like Maher, nothing has changed in all that time. This country is racist, many liberals believe, so it ever was and so it shall ever be. The election of a black president has done nothing to change our nation's true nature, says the left, because at its heart this is a racist country."

Somehow, Maher's one comment corroborates something about all liberals and suggests that white people get the short end of the stick. Oh, and apparently, the Trayvon Martin case is an example of "the liberal racist narrative."

She really said all this!

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Andrew Cuomo Cheerleader Fred Dicker Draws Ire Of Albany Occupiers (Again)

Andrew Cuomo's BFF, Fred Dicker.
Fred Dicker, New York Post state capitol bureau chief/Governor Andrew Cuomo's number one fan, has again irked the "occupiers" up in Albany, where activists gathered at the state capitol this morning to protest Dicker, Cuomo and News Corps., the parent company of the Post.

Calling him the "mouthpiece for Governor One Percent (Cuomo)," the occupiers stormed the capitol about 9:30 a.m. to bash Dicker and his amigo in New York's executive branch.

"There is no love lost between Dicker and the Occupy movement," Colin Donnaruma, a spokesman for the Occupy Albany movement, tells the Voice.

In a handout distributed at this morning's demonstration, the occupiers say that "while ostensibly a journalist, Dicker has raised eyebrows over the past year for his constant, breathless praise of Cuomo, even as the Governor has broken repeated promises to clean up Albany while pushing an agenda against the interests of working families in the state." 

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Journalists From Rupert Murdoch's The Sun Arrested

News of the World? Old news. Months after the that paper was shut down in the wake of phone hacking revelations, the Associated Press reported this morning that four current and former journalists from another one of Rupert Murdoch's British tabloids, The Sun, were arrested for allegedly bribing police. One police officer was also arrested in the investigation known as Operation Elveden.

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Colin Myler, New Daily News Editor, Fresh From Scandal-Plagued News of the World

The new guy's got some history.
The New York Daily News is apparently hiring a new Editor-In-Chief, just a year and a half after Kevin Convey took over the job.

But that's not the most interesting thing about today's announcement. It's that Convey's replacement is Colin Myler, the last editor to preside over the News of the World before it collapsed in an epic phone-hacking scandal.

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Rupert and James Murdoch Awarded Handsome Bonuses, But James Turns His Down

mr moneybags .jpeg
News Corp head honcho Rupert Murdoch received a $12.5 million cash bonus for the last financial year; about the same time period during which the phone hacking scandal exploded into a full-blown crisis, shuttering News of the World and forcing the Murdochs to testify in front of British MP's. His total compensation rose 47 percent this year to to $33 million.

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Ashton Kutcher's Conflicts of Interest; U.S. Editor of NOTW Arrested; Christine O'Donnell vs. Piers Morgan

ashton kutcher .jpg
Thursday! A wide-ranging media news kind of day. Ranging from Ashton Kutcher's murky Details editorship to Piers Morgan's failed interview of Christine O'Donnell to the everlasting travails of the dead News of the World, Thursday's Press Clips is all about conflict.

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News Corp Earnings Call: Rupert Murdoch to Face Wall Street for the First Time in a Year

News Corp's quarterly earnings call with Wall Street will take place today, and the media conglomerate is putting 80-year-old Rupert Murdoch on the call despite the fact that he's "famous for his off-script comments." This will be Murdoch's first time on an earnings conference call since before the phone hacking scandal heated up.

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News International Scandal: UK Cops Now Investigating Alleged Computer Hacking

Thumbnail image for 220px-Notw_last2.jpeg
A new twist in the seemingly endless News Corp debacle: now authorities in Britain are expanding their investigation into allegations of computer hacking on top of the existing phone hacking and police bribing. Scotland Yard released a statement: "Operation Tuleta is currently considering a number of allegations regarding breach of privacy, received by the MPS since January 2011, which fall outside the remit of (phone-hacking) Operation Weeting, including computer hacking. Some aspects of this operation will move forward to a formal investigation."

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Phone Hacking: A Guide to Journalistic Jackassery

Each week, Death by Science sends out an all-points bulletin for the latest science and technology news, tracks it down and beats a confession out of it. This week, we dive into the seedy world of phone hacking. Beware, it is a process so treacherous, so disgusting and so complex that you may never recover. Wait a second -- what is phone hacking?

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Rupert Murdoch's Other Other Newspaper Invokes Starving African Children in Phone Hacking Cartoon

Times Cartoon.jpeg
Newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch and his friends just won't stop defending their master. Days after a Wall Street Journal editorial ran in defense News Corporation's handling of the UK hacking scandal, the Times of London comes today with the above political cartoon: "I've had a bellyful of phone-hacking," it reads under the headline "Priorities..." alluding to famine in Somalia. Which, okay sure, let's have a conversation about the media's obsession with itself, but maybe not while there's so much self-interest at play. As is, the "children are starving in Africa" defense rings mighty hollow. [via]