Nearly a Year After His Death, Counterculture Radio Legend Steve Post Still Brings the Laughs

Courtesy Laura Rosenberg
Steve Post
Those familiar with the late FM-radio legend Steve Post likely remember one of the early masters of free-form radio, notorious for his acerbic wit and spontaneous on-air personality. When he died last summer at age 70 after a long battle with lung cancer, he was eulogized as a curmudgeon "who mischievously mocked himself, his employers, his sponsors, and the conventions of broadcasting."

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When is the Most Advantageous Time to Donate to the WNYC Pledge Drive?

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On the Media host Brooke Gladstone

If you listen to enough public radio to recognize the vocal ticks and habits of your favorite NPR reporters and hosts, then you've also probably heard enough pledge drive programming to recognize their patterns too: the guilt trip ("If you've never pledged before, I'm talking to you!"), the manufactured sense of urgency ("We've only got 10 minutes left to match this donation!"), the incentive gifts... And, at the start of a new pledge drive, maybe you've thought to yourself, "Mmm, yes, Brian Lehrer, the eco-tote does sound appealing, but is it smart to pledge quite so early? What wonders await me later in the week? Might you make me a sweeter offer on, say, Sunday?" These are fair questions.

Which is the best day to donate to WNYC's fund drive? It depends on your motivation. Are you trying to angle the best possible pledge gift for your money, hoping to squeeze the maximum sense of altruistic satisfaction from your donation, or some combination of the two? Either way we've got a chart for you!

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WNYC Doesn't Need Your Money: NY Public Radio Announces $10 Million Grant Barely A Week After Pledge Drive Ends

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On Monday, New York Public Radio announced a $10 million dollar grant from the Jerome L. Greene Foundation. According to the station, it's the largest gift ever given to a public radio station.

The timing is convenient, as WNYC literally JUST wrapped up its winter pledge drive -- 9 days of ceaseless appeals for listener donations, accompanied by exclamations like "We can't do this without you!" and promises of travel mugs and magazine subscriptions -- on February 28.

Now, just ten days later we gullible dopes are confronted with the cold reality: they can do it without us, and we just paid way over market value for this travel mug.

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WNYC's Drunk Fundraising Pledge Drive Was Delightful

Screenshot via WNYC
Studio 360 Host Kurt Andersen narrates drunk WNYC listener Zack Poitras' deep thoughts
For public radio fans (i.e., huge nerds), pledge drive season is the worst. No matter how self-effacingly Ira Glass asks for money, pledge drives still invoke an intense mixture of guilt and boredom in the public radio listener, an existential push-and-pull between "Wow, I should really drop a couple bucks on this programming I so enjoy" versus "I haven't had an extra $20 since the seventh grade, when the Bar Mitzvah money stopped coming in. Please just go back to Morning Edition."

This year, WNYC tried something a little different for their pledge drive messages. They made them drunk. Real drunk.

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WNYC Uncovers Previously Unreleased Audio from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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wiki commons
Perfect timing. The WNYC Archives has posted a previously unreleased audio recording of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This audio was coincidentally unearthed just days before this coming Monday, which marks the national holiday in his honor.

The audio is of an interview with Rev. King by reporter Eleanor Fischer in Atlanta. According to WNYC, Fischer was producing a documentary series on Dr. King and that southern city for the CBC called Project 62 and she also spoke to him twice more in late 1966 and early 1967.

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Ye Olde MetroCard: Check Out These Ancient Subway Tickets

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Kate Gardiner
According to the ticket's photographer, Kate Gardiner, head of WNYC's Archives Andy Lanset recently purchased these very cool-looking old-fashioned subway tickets for the station. The New York City subway cost 5 cents when it first opened in 1904 and that fare stayed the same all the way until 1948. So, as any historian would say, these tickets are probably pretty damn old. By the way, in 1948, the fare doubled to 10 cents, a hike with which everyone was probably totally cool.

The Voice Talks Chik-Fil-A on WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show [AUDIO]

Steven Thrasher
Hotel view from UNITY 2012 as we called in to WNYC
Greetings from Las Vegas, where we are attending the UNITY 2012 journalism diversity conference, along with meetings of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.

We called back home this morning to talk to Brian Lehrer on WNYC about Chik-fil-A, the exciting fast food poultry arena for debating gay marriage that's sweeping the nation.

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WNYC: 'Police Aren't Finding Guns Where They're Looking the Hardest' with Stop-and-Frisk

WNYC logo.png
WNYC's Ailsa Chang and the wizards at the station's Data News Team have the story this morning you must read if you're interested in gun safety and/or stop-and-frisk.

Mayor Bloomberg has been on a roll defending stop-and-frisk lately, trying desperately to get people to embrace his controversial policing practices a decade into his administration. One tactic has been trying to convince New York liberals (who generally like the idea of gun control) that illegal guns are coming off the streets because of stop-and-frisk (the policy of searching hundreds of thousands of innocent black and brown folks a year which liberals generally don't like).

But, as Chang and the WNYC Data Team show, it looks like there is little correlation between where illegal guns are seized and where stops and frisks occur. At all. Whatsoever.

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The Voice Talks Gay Marriage and Race on WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show [AUDIO]

Steven Thrasher
Brian Lehrer on the air
After publishing our piece yesterday "5 Reasons Why Touré Is Wrong On Blacks, Gay Marriage and Obama," we had the chance to talk about the president's new support for marriage equality with WNYC's Brian Lehrer.

We took calls from black listeners and talked to Lehrer about the many reasons why we believe black angst over gay rights is overplayed and how we strongly believe there will be no major fall out for Obama with black voters. Take a listen.

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WNYC: The City's Largest Private Employer Is The Nonprofit Sector

Thumbnail image for Nonprofitonepercent200.jpg
A fascinating story on WNYC this morning: a new report finds that the city's largest private employer is the nonprofit sector.

When we wrote our cover story "The Nonprofit 1 Percent," we saw that there are some lucrative posts at the top of some of the city's nonprofit organizations. But we didn't learn, until WNYC reported today on a study by the Fiscal Policy Institute, that nonprofits are the main private employers for workers of all kinds in the city. They play a huge role in the city's private workforce, especially in the outer boroughs and among female workers and workers of color.

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