Huffington Post Explains Its Economic Model...Kind Of

Yesterday, Runnin' Scared brought you news of Huffington Post's new move to publish university students' seniors theses on its college website (and not pay them), an idea that apparently first surfaced in 2010.

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Huffington Post Will Publish Your Undergrad Thesis and Probably Won't Pay You

Maybe the aggregation turbine is broken?

Looks like HuffPo, the "internet newspaper," might soon become a term paper mill.

Huffington Post College tweeted late last night: "Want to publish your senior thesis on the Huffington Post? Email rharrington [at] huffingtonpost [dot] com for more details."

(H/T @mylestanzer, a former Voice intern who sometimes contributes to RS).

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Huffington Post Twitter Account Hacked

Screen shot 2012-01-15 at 3.50.40 PM.png
The Huffington Post Twitter account was hacked this afternoon. The tweets, which including homophobic and racist slurs, have since been deleted, but the New York Observer caught them on a screengrab.

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Huffington Post Reveals True Self in Time For Halloween

huffpo brains .png

Finally, a HuffPo vertical that makes sense. Items include "Mraramrmarm: Young Male Zombie Scared For Marriage" and "Zombie Is Not A Choice." In the URL, it's "/culture."

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Bo Obama Has His Own Extensive Huffington Post Page

bo obama .png

The most popular Obama has his own Huffington Post Page, and it's exhaustive. Has anyone else not thought about Bo Obama in maybe two years? He's grown to be such a handsome dog!

The discovery of Bo Obama's HuffPo page interests us much more than Arianna's handful of new verticals. Because:

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'Help a Reporter' Twitter Is Not Being Messed With, Says Man Behind Funny Tweets

Over at The Awl today, Choire Sicha wondered: who's messing with the Twitter of, a service that helps reporters find sources for stories they're working on? @helpareporter was tweeting unlikely things like the following:

HARO 1.png

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Rupert Murdoch's Phone Hacking Scandal Now Includes Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Scotland Yard

We noted this morning that the phone hacking scandal plaguing now-shuttered British tabloid News of the World, though it can be traced back for years, had metastasized into a crazy cancer including a possible September 11 connection, rattling Rupert Murdoch's entire News Corporation empire. Like the last few days, Monday included a rash of new subplots in the story and while the 9/11 part has yet to be substantiated, there are credible new bits about others who may have had their phones and voicemails compromised including Scotland Yard, the very investigators who first looked into the phone hacking in 2006, and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. In other words, it keeps getting uglier. Elsewhere in ugliness, for inclusion in our daily media column Press Clips, some aggregation missteps at the Huffington Post and salary numbers for full-time freelancers.

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Sarah Palin Emails: The (Not-So) Greatest Hits

This afternoon gives new meaning to the term "news dump," as six boxes containing 24,199 printed pages of emails -- weighing 250 pounds -- from Sarah Palin's half-term as governor of Alaska become part of the public record. For each publication that filed the necessary open law records paperwork, the load came in six big boxes that looked something like big boxes of paperwork in every office ever. At this point, Palin is a television and Internet star with about as much of a chance at the presidency as a Kardashian, and yet, doubtlessly in part because it's Friday, the entire media decided to pay attention and start digging, even enlisting the help of others, nonprofessionals even -- any old bored soul, really, who wants to contribute some eye power. The results have been staggering! (They're not.) More in Press Clips, our daily media column, plus the plight of an iPad freelancer and a fancy new cafeteria for Condé Nast.

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Sarah Palin Emails Are a Group Job; Huffington Post Passes New York Times in Traffic

Thumbnail image for sarah-palin.png
We mentioned last week that a large portion of all the emails Sarah Palin sent in her half-term as governor of Alaska are finally being made public long after a few publications requested them via open records laws back in 2008. It's now being reported that the mother-load will drop tomorrow. MSNBC, ProPublica and Mother Jones are partnering on the job of slogging through the (doubtlessly typo-ridden) emails, which total near 25,000 pages, and the combining of efforts will include a WikiLeaks-like searchable archive. So you can help too! But don't expect any compensation. Find out more in Press Clips, our daily media column, plus HuffPo's killer traffic month and the New York Times' testy response. But wait, there's more!

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Glenn Beck Moving to the Internet; Arianna Huffington Pissing Off New AOL Team

After some unsuccessful press jockeying on both sides, negotiations between Fox News and their cash-cow-turned-credibility-sucker Glenn Beck pretty much disintegrated and so they worked together on his exit from the channel. Now it's time for him to ride his intensely angry, loyal, and crazy mob of fans straight to the bank, so he's moving where the money is: online. But Beck's not counting on The Blaze, his conservative blog, to sustain him because websites alone tend not to pay the bills. Instead, Beck will launch a subscription-based online network called GBTV (guess what it stands for) with both scripted and unscripted content. The New York Times has the details, which we'll run down in our daily media column Press Clips, as well as Arianna's AOL woes and a redesign for the New York Observer.

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