The New Yorker Launches Strongbox, a Project Developed by Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz speaking at a protest against SOPA and PIPA bills in New York City.
Phillip Stearns via Compfight cc
It's at once terribly exciting and infinitely sad: This morning, the New Yorker announced the arrival of Strongbox, a new tool for receiving sensitive documents and messages from readers. Commissioned by Kevin Poulsen, the investigations editor at Wired, Strongbox was one of the projects that Aaron Swartz had developed before he committed suicide in January.

Swartz and Poulsen met in 2006, when Swartz, along with the other co-founders of Reddit, sold the online platform to Condé Nast and took root in a conference room at Wired's headquarters. Swartz wrote a piece for Poulsen about Kahle v. Gonzales, one of Lawrence Lessig's legal battles in the larger fight for copyright freedom, after which Poulsen asked Swartz to develop a secure-submission tool.

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Want To Get a Free Tattoo on Camera? SPIKE TV Wants You!

photo by Nate "Igor" Smith
This design probably wouldn't get you cast on the show.
SPIKE TV, purveyor of such televised testosteroney magnificence as 1000 Ways To Die and MANswers, has a new reality show in development called . . . InkMaster. Yes, the Maxim of Cable stations is looking for a few good human canvases who'd be willing to get the design of their dreams drawn on-air by "America's best tattoo artists." So if you're an old in the Tri-State area and you've ever wanted a back piece of the Braveheart battle scene re-enacted by the Muppets, now's your chance.

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How to Blend In As a Real New Yorker in Five Seconds

Tourists, take note. Put down the map and pick up a slice of pizza and a loaded gun. Some gold chains, a gratuitous "Fuhgeddaboutit!" and you're 90% there.



Like Lawyer, Like Son: Mediaite Toots a Horn Too Far

Hey! Big day for Mediaite! The website owned by Dan Abrams -- the former MSNBC talking head, sworn enemy of Keith Olbermann -- took in a new employee today in the form of MediaBistro blogger Alex Alvarez! Yet how have they pissed on their own parade?

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Dear Rest-of-America: Take This Map, It's Why You're Wrong About the "Ground Zero Mosque"

According to a recent Siena Research Institute poll, over half of New Yorkers polled think that the "Ground Zero Mosque" will promote racial and religious tolerance, or are open to the idea of it. Yet: 68% of Americans oppose it, despite the endorsements of New York City's mayor and the President of the United States of America. But that's not why you're wrong, America. This, however, is.More »

This is How Your Page Six Gossip Battles Are Fought: Chris Albrecht Edition

HBO CEO and Chairman Chris Albrecht FIRED! - HollywoodGrind - Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors celebrity scandals Hollywood gossip blog_1281554187055.png

​Want to know a secret of the inner-workings of high-profile gossip wars that get played out in public? Today's lesson -- on the pre-emptive strike -- is best demonstrated via a juicy little tidbit in this morning's Page Six about former HBO exec Chris Albrecht.

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This Is How Fox News Reports on Ground Zero: By Faking It

As you can imagine, there are plenty of TV cameras and reporters in the vicinity of Ground Zero right now, reporting on the story that Al Qaeda is now allowed to open a Church of Satan/NYC-themed shake-a-snow shop on top of the exact spot the Muslims started a war with America. Especially if you're Fox News.

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Journalism 101, How TMZ Got The Exclusive on Snooki's Arrest: via Twitter

Watch carefully, Journalism majors. This is how you do it.

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