Broadcast Journalist And 60 Minutes Legend Mike Wallace Dies At 93

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Mike Wallace, veteran broadcast journalist known for his contributions to CBS' 60 Minutes has died. Wallace, 93, died at Waveny Care Center in New Canaan Saturday night, Conn. Wallace, who was known for his hard hitting interviews with controversial public figures, had said in interviews following his retirement that he wanted his epitaph to read "Tough But Fair," the New York Times reported. Wallace was born in 1918 as Myron Leon Wallace, he began developing his style, asking tough questions on the television show "Night Beat." He was one of the original 60 Minutes hosts when the show began in 1968.

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What Will Andy Rooney Talk About During His Last '60 Minutes' Appearance?

Tonight, after 33-years on CBS's 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney will be stepping down. Rooney's short segments, 1,096 of them in all, were must-see TV. His essays were observations on everyday life, but he was at his best when he was complaining about modern life. Tonight, 60 Minutes is airing a retrospective on Rooney's career, plus one last Andy Rooney essay to close the show. What will it be about?

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The Wrongest Twitter Policy You Could Possibly Adopt

The Times ran a pretty worth-a-read article yesterday about the new generation of campaign reporters. In contrast to the weathered chain-smoking Merriman Smith types of The Boys on the Bus, today's campaign reporters are youngsters chosen because they're cheap and willing to put up with uncomfortable working conditions. Which sucks right off the bat, but these kids (full disclosure: I shouldn't really be calling them that, since I'm the same age or younger as most of them) are also being told to use Twitter in exactly the wrong way. And that's the thing that really needles.

Here is the incredibly wrong-headed advice these reporters are being given about Twitter:

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David Letterman Threatened By Jihadists

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Middle East Media Research Institute
Are jihadists becoming a bit out of touch? Their latest target is David Letterman, of all people, because he made a joke about the deaths of Osama bin Laden and OBL's successor Ilyas Kashmiri. On the al-Qaeda forum Shumoukh al-Islam, someone by the name of Umar al-Basrawi called upon U.S. Muslims to cut off Letterman's tongue and break his neck.

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Lara Logan: Was She Actually Raped? It Makes a Difference.

Lara Logan, just before she was mauled in Egypt
​Was Lara Logan raped by the insane mob in Cairo last Friday? Most media are shirking their jobs by a careful tiptoe around that key question. Ask women (or men), and they'll tell you that actual rape is worse than a mauling, even if the beating includes vicious groping. Exactly how much of a sexual assault was it? That matters. If it was actual rape, then the outrage needs to be ratcheted up. Among those not afraid of addressing the question is the New York Post, whose Clemente Lisi reports today:

The separation and assault lasted for roughly 20 to 30 minutes, said a person familiar with the matter, who added that it was "not a rape."

Was it or not? If it was, that would take this horrific act way beyond the pale. Despite what CBS and her family and the pusillanimous media say, the need to know trumps privacy.

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