Lena Dunham Nominated for a Webby Because Lena Dunham Is Everywhere

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The past year has been a big one for Lena Dunham, to say the least. Her HBO series became the most talked-about show on television, and the 26-year-old renaissance woman (or girl) quickly became a "voice of her generation," as her alter ego Hannah Horvath would put it. She won two Golden Globes. She landed a $3.7 million book deal with Random House. And now she's likely to win the crown prize of the Internet kingdom: a Webby.

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There Will Be a Boardwalk Empire Subway Train

Today in historical things that are kind of cool: You'll see a 1920s (authentic, vintage) subway train running on the 2/3 track for all the weekends in September. The train was originally used for the IRT system, and began service in 1917. Now its rattan seats and Prohibition-era detailing (ceiling fans! drop sash windows!) will be paired with "Boardwalk Empire-inspired period artwork" because, after all, this is not just an old train, it is a promotional old train. Specifically, HBO is using it to remind people of season two of their Prohibition-era-detailed show, Boardwalk Empire, which premieres on Sunday, September 25. Ah, yes.

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How Angry NYT Editors and HBO's Bored to Death Make the Case for Media Reporting

Well, it's media reporting day-a-palooza here, which means that seven more people are reading this blog than they are on the average day. So while we're at it, here's how to explain the relevancy and case for a great media reporter like John Koblin, which involves two angry, high-level New York Times editors and an HBO show with Ted Danson on it.

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This is How Your Page Six Gossip Battles Are Fought: Chris Albrecht Edition

HBO CEO and Chairman Chris Albrecht FIRED! - HollywoodGrind - Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors celebrity scandals Hollywood gossip blog_1281554187055.png

​Want to know a secret of the inner-workings of high-profile gossip wars that get played out in public? Today's lesson -- on the pre-emptive strike -- is best demonstrated via a juicy little tidbit in this morning's Page Six about former HBO exec Chris Albrecht.

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