Questions Raised About NYPD's Claims Linking Occupy Wall Street To Murder

Unnamed sources sparked a media furor -- now being questioned -- linking DNA from an Occupy-Wall-Street-affiliated protest to an eight-year-old murder.
The story was so peculiar that you knew there had to be at least one more shoe poised to drop.

Last night, the local NBC affiliate ran a story based on an unnamed source leaking the following information: There had been a break in the eight-years-cold investigation of the murder of Sarah Fox in Inwood. DNA evidence recovered from her CD player, found near her corpse, matched DNA taken from a chain used to hold open a subway door in the fare strike conducted by wildcat transit union members and Occupy Wall Street affiliated activists.

The appeared to be based on a single unnamed source, seemingly speaking from within the NYPD investigation, though the NBC story didn't so much as identify the basis of the source's expertise.

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Mike Bloomberg Would Probably Like to Host SNL; Seth Meyers Makes No Serious Promises

bloomberg SNL.JPG
Sam Levin
SNL writer and actor Seth Meyers watches Mayor Mike Bloomberg speak Spanish at a press conference at 30 Rockefeller.
Forget the cast of Gossip Girl, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, and Lady Gaga.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg brought in some serious entertainment power to really spice up his press conference this afternoon: Saturday Night Live.

Well actually, it was just Seth Meyers. But he got to use the whole stage of SNL at 30 Rockefeller Plaza! We were hoping for some Kristen Wiig or maybe even a Bloomberg-impersonating Fred Armisen, but oh well, you can't have it all, right? And Meyers certainly managed to make it more colorful and comedic than, well, the average mayoral announcement.

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This Is What You Get for Saying "Fuck" on Your First Episode of Saturday Night Live: The New SNL Cast Primer

Jenny Slate.jpg
Saturday Night Live is switching up their cast, and the New York Times has confirmed the new lineup. Who's out and who's in this season, which everyone will tell you is worse than the season before, regardless?

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