The Greatest Sex Scene Ever Written: Failure And Success In The Age Of Unlimited Porno

Consider this literary sex scene: "A spaceship crashes with two midgets that get split up. The blonde one walks around until she finds a farm where she rests and masturbates."

In reality, that quote is literary only in that somebody went to the trouble of writing it down--it's actually an excerpt from the liner notes for "Two Midget Aliens" (really NSFW, that link), a 15-minute porno about, you know, two midget aliens having sex and stuff. It is, however, illustrative of an important literary point, which is that John Heilpern is dead wrong about sex. At least in a literary sense.

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Donald Trump Reads Vanity Fair's Blog (About Himself); Google, New York Times Team Up

"From the office of Donald J. Trump" reads the accompanying card clipped to a printed-out blog post from, mailed to that magazine's editor-in-chief Graydon Carter. A veteran of covering (and mocking) the rich and famous, some his friends and some less so, Carter and Trump go way back, with the magazine baron's old Spy magazine counting the billionaire among its favorite targets. (Vanity Fair recommends the May 1989 issue.) Today, the fake presidential candidate won himself even more press -- but how can we ignore this, really -- by mailing Carter his handwritten edits targeting Vanity Fair's young, hilarious blogger Juli Weiner. Again: that's one of the richest (and most obnoxious) men in the world devoting ink, of both the pen and printer cartridge variety, to a blogger. More inside Press Clips, our daily media column.

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The Huffington Post Didn't Steal Anything Except Your Labor and Content, Unfortunately

It would be very easy to root against the liberal cleavage emporium, occasionally news-breaking, mostly news-aggregating behemoth The Huffington Post, whose most popular articles currently include "PHOTOS: Jennifer Love Hewitt In A Bikini" and something called "WATCH: The Wrong Way To Install A Ceiling Fan," but a new Vanity Fair feature, which details The Social Network-style lawsuit claiming founders Arianna Huffington and Ken Lerer stole the idea for the site, just doesn't bring enough heat to trigger schadenfreude. (But that's not to say we enjoy internet minutiae as much as the next blog!) In fact, a sort-of dull article, baseless lawsuit and shallow content aside, there's still reason to think poorly of HuffPo.

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Everybody Pray for Christopher Hitchens Day: To Pray or Not to Pray?

It's probably not on your Google calendar, but today is Everybody Pray for Christopher Hitchens Day -- Christopher Hitchens, the atheist, who wrote God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything; Christopher Hitchens, the man with esophageal cancer, the disease that killed his father. Who started this prayer day? Not him. He's made it widely public that he will not be participating, even writing an essay in Vanity Fair on the topic.

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Vanity Fair Reporter's Palin Misstep Is Minor, Not "Yellow Journalism"

palin tweet2.png
Never went to J-school

In the middle of the week, Vanity Fair made the massive profile, "Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury," available online. Like anything related to the ex-governor and former vice presidential candidate, the article proved to be a lightning rod for for supporters and detractors alike, with Palin even chiming in on Twitter and alluding to the unflattering portrait on the radio with Sean Hannity. Also not surprisingly, Palin and her loyal followers have managed to steer the conversation, latching onto small mistakes to all but discrediting the entire piece of journalism. Michael Joseph Gross, the author of the profile, which Palin predictably refused to participate in, is being manhandled.

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