Post Photog Explains Times Square Subway Death Pics

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A Queens man was killed on Monday when he was thrown onto the tracks at a Times Square subway stop as a train was bearing down. As we reported yesterday, a New York Post photographer happened to be at the station when the man was thrown to the tracks. He photographed the entire thing.

Since the photo of the man about to get hit by the train ran on the front page of yesterday's paper, the photog -- R. Umar Abbasi -- has come under fire; people seem to think he should have dropped the camera and helped get the victim, 58-year-old Ki Suk Han, a Queens father and husband, off the tracks.

The Post ignored our request for comment yesterday, but Abbasi explains his decision in an article published this morning.

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Post Photog Witnesses Man Pushed to His Death in Times Square Subway; Offers Little Help, Just Photos

If it bleeds, it leads.
The front page of the New York Post this morning shows a man who was pushed in the path of a train at a Times Square subway station yesterday. The man died.

The Post just happened to have a photographer at the same subway stop at the exact moment when the man -- identified as 58-year-old Ki Suk Han, a Queens father and husband -- was pushed to his death.

The photog, Umar Abbasi, opted to help Suk Han escape a certain death in a rather unconventional way: by snapping photos as the train was barreling down on him.

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