Light Snow Hits The City; 9/11 Victim Identified; Sun Employees Arrested

There are flakes in this photo. We promise.
It's actually winter! Kind of...The city is seeing some light snow this morning. The National Weather Service predicts accumulation of less than one inch. It's not much, but it's something in this winter that hasn't always really felt like winter. According to a NY1 report from last night, the Department of Sanitation was put under snow alert at 10 p.m. Because of the threat of powder, the MTA scrapped some weekend subway work. (Don't get your hopes up, L riders. Or for that matter, you people planning on taking on the 1, 2 or 7.) Regardless, there won't be much to do in this snow. Still, it's kind of comforting to know it's there. [NWS, NY1, CBS]

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Rupert Murdoch Answers Twitter Question About Getting A 'Younger Woman'

More on the bizarre saga of Rupert Murdoch on Twitter. He has gone on the offensive for SOPA, he has, for a period of time, followed this blogger for some still unknown reason, and now he's answering questions about snagging younger women. Screenshot after the jump.

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Journalists From Rupert Murdoch's The Sun Arrested

News of the World? Old news. Months after the that paper was shut down in the wake of phone hacking revelations, the Associated Press reported this morning that four current and former journalists from another one of Rupert Murdoch's British tabloids, The Sun, were arrested for allegedly bribing police. One police officer was also arrested in the investigation known as Operation Elveden.

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Rupert and James Murdoch Awarded Handsome Bonuses, But James Turns His Down

mr moneybags .jpeg
News Corp head honcho Rupert Murdoch received a $12.5 million cash bonus for the last financial year; about the same time period during which the phone hacking scandal exploded into a full-blown crisis, shuttering News of the World and forcing the Murdochs to testify in front of British MP's. His total compensation rose 47 percent this year to to $33 million.

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News Corp Earnings Call: Rupert Murdoch to Face Wall Street for the First Time in a Year

News Corp's quarterly earnings call with Wall Street will take place today, and the media conglomerate is putting 80-year-old Rupert Murdoch on the call despite the fact that he's "famous for his off-script comments." This will be Murdoch's first time on an earnings conference call since before the phone hacking scandal heated up.

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News International Scandal: UK Cops Now Investigating Alleged Computer Hacking

Thumbnail image for 220px-Notw_last2.jpeg
A new twist in the seemingly endless News Corp debacle: now authorities in Britain are expanding their investigation into allegations of computer hacking on top of the existing phone hacking and police bribing. Scotland Yard released a statement: "Operation Tuleta is currently considering a number of allegations regarding breach of privacy, received by the MPS since January 2011, which fall outside the remit of (phone-hacking) Operation Weeting, including computer hacking. Some aspects of this operation will move forward to a formal investigation."

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Rupert Murdoch's Other Other Newspaper Invokes Starving African Children in Phone Hacking Cartoon

Times Cartoon.jpeg
Newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch and his friends just won't stop defending their master. Days after a Wall Street Journal editorial ran in defense News Corporation's handling of the UK hacking scandal, the Times of London comes today with the above political cartoon: "I've had a bellyful of phone-hacking," it reads under the headline "Priorities..." alluding to famine in Somalia. Which, okay sure, let's have a conversation about the media's obsession with itself, but maybe not while there's so much self-interest at play. As is, the "children are starving in Africa" defense rings mighty hollow. [via]

New York Observer Editorial Defends Rupert Murdoch; Jared Kushner is a Close Friend

An opinion column in today's New York Observer titled "Murdoch and His Critics" calls the UK phone hacking scandal "deplorable" right away, but spends the remaining nine paragraphs defending News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch, who happens to be a close personal friend of Observer publisher Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump. "Please, spare us," the paper says of the Murdoch-aimed outrage, praising the patriarch's "genuine humility." The column is basically about haters. Murdoch "surely is not perfect," but he's "a world-class visionary" (and "staunch supporter of Israel") who has "done this city a service." (The only other paper to defend Murdoch with such fervor amid the ugliness of the last few weeks was the Wall Street Journal, which he owns.) This time, the gesture of solidarity comes from a buddy, one so close that Murdoch once brought Kushner and Trump to the banks of the River Jordan, along with Queen Rania and Nicole Kidman, for the christening of Murdoch's young daughters. Above: Murdoch in the bottom-right corner and Kushner in the top-left.

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Rupert Murdoch, In Good Company: A Social History of Pieing

Thumbnail image for rsz_murdochpie.jpg
The "woah" moment of Rupert Murdoch's appearance in the British parliament this morning wasn't a revelation in the hacking scandal, it was the attempted pie-attack on the News Corp. patriarch. The pie-thrower, Jonathan May-Bowles, identifies himself on Twitter not only as Jonnie Marbles, but also as an "activist" and "comedian", which is fitting as the act of pieing has a storied history in both of those realms. Let's analyze.

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Anonymous Members Raided by FBI; Hacker Group Claims to Have News Corp. Emails

A day after the online sect LulzSecurity pulled their own hack on Rupert Murdoch, members of the most the widely-known hacking collective Anonymous, from which LulzSec spun off, have been raided by the FBI. (There doesn't seem to be a direct connection other than the media attention currently being showered on all parties mentioned.) Three search warrants were executed in New York at the homes of young adults thought to be involved in the internet mischief that took down websites for Visa, PayPal and more, Fox News reports. But the group isn't scared, at least publicly. "It doesn't matter how many people the 'FBI' arrest," one member tweeted today. "Whether they are core members or not. #anonymous have started something unstoppable." As a matter of fact, Anonymous claims to be in possession of emails from News International servers -- the very News Corp. properties in hot water over the ongoing phone hacking scandal in the UK.

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