Oscars 2012: Best Dresses With the Meh Factor

Dear Ladies of the Red Carpet:

Where's the shock of the swan dress or the pizzazz of the goth showgirl of yesteryear? Come on, ladies, this is the Oscars, and it's 2012! Why are so many of you million dollar actresses playing the Grace Kelly card? We are fully aware that all of you can't pull off a nip slip like Jennifer Lopez, or a bare-leg pose like Angelina Jolie. But you can still be poised and scandalous at the same time.

Please, don't get us wrong, we're not asking for sex-on-a-stick -- we're just looking for some real Hollywood bravado. We would be perfectly content if you had wowed or offended us, but we just hate being on the verge of a yawn. Thankfully, there was a nun on the red-carpet, and Sacha Baron Cohen in his dictator garb. Even veteran actresses like Meryl Streep in a shiny gold long-sleeve Lanvin and Glenn Close in a strapless/blazer Zac Posen put their younger counterparts to shame.

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Mr. Trump 'Considers' Going to Washington

Brace yourselves. New York real estate mogul/resident and shameless attention whore Donald Trump has announced (yet again) that he's "absolutely thinking" about throwing his comb-over into the ring and running for office in 2012.

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Making Fun of Hipsters Now More Unfunny Than Ever (Video)

hipsters are no longer goldmines of humor.jpg
Even using the word "hipster" is a slight in and of itself, in some regard: it shows the need to pigeonhole a group of people who may have very little in common under one generally misanthropic label. That obviously hasn't stopped anyone -- certainly not us -- from using it, but the "making fun of hipsters" trope got old long after this idea of a "hipster" went from superficial counterculture to marketing and sales demographic (see: Urban Outfitters). When Fox News recently launched their attack on what they perceived as "hipsters," they only proved how out of touch they were, but it's Fox News, so what can you expect? But when guys who're actually supposed to be funny and do it...

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