Mel Gibson's Judah Maccabee Movie: High on Action, Low on Circumcisions

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The news that Mel Gibson is planning to make a Judah Maccabee biopic has caused quite a stir. While Judah Maccabee is one of the greatest heroes in the history of Judaism for leading the revolt against the Seleucid Empire, Mel Gibson loves getting drunk and ranting about how "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." Why would Mel Gibson want to make a movie about a beloved Jew? The Atlantic's Jeffery Goldberg had heard about Gibson's interest in the story of Maccabee a couple years ago and asked him. Turns out, he thinks it would make one hell of an action movie.

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Supreme Court Justices Are Nerds; Mel Gibson Somehow Involved

When most Americans punch out at 5 o'clock, we plop down in our armchairs, crack open a cold brew, and watch CBS until we forget our Social Security numbers. Work is for the office, home is for NCIS: Los Angeles. Members of the Supreme Court didn't get the memo. The Wall Street Journal ran a piece today about Supreme Court Justices' favorite hobby: presiding over the mock trials of fictional characters. The most recent trial, concerning Hamlet's insanity defense for the murder of Polonius, was even attended by Mel Gibson. The play's the thing, Sugar Tits!

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Mel Gibson's Ironic "Jew" Costume Maybe Not the Best Disguise

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Who designed Mel Gibson's "Graying Groucho Marx" costume? They obviously were able to complete this operation sans mirror, because Mel might've gotten upset with what he saw in one otherwise. And then blamed all of the problems in his world on that person. Which, incidentally, would manage a unique form of astute observation on Gibson's part. As far as Yom Kippur humor goes, though, it's pretty classic. Previously, Mel Gibson: The Flow Chart and Mel Gibson: The Crossword Puzzle. [FK]

The Mel Gibson Crossword Puzzle: We Have a Winner!

On Monday morning, we posted Runnin' Scared's very first original puzzle contest: a crossword based on assorted quotes from Lethal Weapon 3 star and well-established sociopath Mel Gibson. The prize? Any Mel Gibson DVD of our winner's choice ($24.99 MSRP or less). And we have now received our winning entry!More »

Have You Solved Your (Baby Beater) Mel Gibson Crossword Puzzle Yet?

As we careen into Day 2 of The Runnin' Scared Mel Gibson Crossword Puzzle Competition -- where you could win whatever Mel Gibson DVD you want -- so far, the competition has been stiff! So has the back of Mel Gibson's hand on his child, apparently!

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Monday Funday: A Mel Gibson Crossword Puzzle Contest!

Contests! Everyone loves them. And Runnin' Scared is having our first ever contest today! Meet Mel Gibson's Crossword Puzzle, right below the jump. Complete it, and you can win an awesome prize! More »

Mel Gibson: The Road Warrior, Running To Australia With Ex-Wife?

Last we checked in with our national nightmare incarnate, he was the star of more leaked tracks than a mixtape rapper. Radar Online has played DJ, soundtracking the end of Mel Gibson's career with more firebreathing, huffing and puffing, free-associative, curse word verbal vomit than anyone thought possible, even from the man who brought us "Sugar Tits." On one hand, it's nice to believe that Gibson has been watching this unfold from behind his computer, constantly refreshing Radar to see which dirt they got this time (broken teeth?), blood boiling to the brink of an aneurysm. Or he's just regressing: moving home to Australia with his ex-wife Robyn.

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Mel Gibson's Fifth Rant Is Released; Tapes May Have Been Tampered With

RadarOnline has us right where they want us. Because even though we're listening to the fifth Mel Gibson rant, we're almost it possible...bored with this whole routine? We know he's going to pant, we know he's going to use his hoarse and scary outside voice and call names, we know he's going to employ the f-bomb extravagantly, and we know that we're going to feel dirty afterward. Still, we'd probably listen to at least five more of these things. And fortunately, today there's also a "shocking twist in story that's already been full of shocking revelations"!

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Morning Links: Dick Cheney Gets Heart Implant; BP Admits Lobbying UK Over Prisoner Transfer With Libya

• Dick Cheney has received a heart implant. Yes, a heart implant. Kind of like what the Tin Man always wanted in the Wizard of Oz, but much, much more high-tech. Except, it can't get wet and it runs on batteries. He' s now recuperating after surgery. [USA Today]

• Argentina has become the first Latin American country to legalize gay marriage. [CNN]

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Latest in Mel Gibson Audio Rants: "I Deserve to Be Blown, First"

RadarOnline delivers the next installment in the ever-enthralling/disturbing Mel Gibson documentary rant series (a/k/a, "Scenes From a Career Implosion"), and in this one, which is blessedly half the length of the last, he pants a lot, asks the presumably rhetorical question, "How dare you act like such a bitch, when I'm being so fucking nice?" and claims it was "his mistake" for not waking girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva up "and saying, BLOW ME, BITCH!" instead of letting her sleep.

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