Andy Warhol's Wigs: Guy Trebay's Thoroughly Entertaining Takedown of the Icon's Late-Period Hairpieces

Bob Adelman
Andy Warhol reading the Village Voice in 1965. Wig looks just fine there.

This past Wednesday, February 22, 2012, marked the 25th anniversary of Andy Warhol's death, which we remembered with this week's cover. As an institution, the Village Voice has a history of Warhol interactions, from the pop artist's many cameos in Jonas Mekas's seminal "Movie Journal" column to Warhol-related party reporting (both then and now) to documenting Warhol's first public appearance after Valerie Solanas nearly killed him.

The Voice also gets 12 mentions in The Andy Warhol Diaries (1989), the daily dictations his former secretary and collaborator Pat Hackett took down every morning from November 1976 until the artist's death. Some of the Voice references are newsy ("I was also on the front page of the Voice, photographed next to the empress of Iran for an article about torture in Iran," reads the entry from November 9, 1977), others acknowledge the publication in passing as part of the city's downtown fabric. (In explaining the location of where Lou Reed's summer of 1978 apartment, Warhol clarified, "It's on Christopher Street, between Sixth and Seventh, sort of where the Voice used to be.")

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Architects Propose an 'Infinite Forest' for AIDS Memorial in West Village

rendering 20120130140000ENPRNPRN17-AIDS-MEMORIAL-PARK-INFINITE-FOREST-1y-1327932000MR.jpg
Yeah, we know Manhattan is a really, really crowded place. There's not always a lot of room to build new stuff, but that challenge is not stopping a group of Brooklyn architects from proposing a forest in the West Village. And not just any ole' forest -- but an "infinitely" large one!

Open-space-park-loving New Yorkers rejoice! This morning, the AIDS Memorial Park Campaign announced the winners of its design competition to build a memorial to the AIDS epidemic on the former site of St. Vincent's Hospital -- which shut its doors nearly two years ago in the face of debt.

The redevelopment plan for that site, run by Rudin Management, is working its way through the public review process, last week getting the green light from the City Planning Commission.

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Happy Good Riddance Day: Time to Dredge Up Your Worst Memory of the Year and Destroy It

You may not be aware, but today is an important day on our nation's calendar. It is, yes, several days after Christmas, and several days until the New Year (and the eve proceeding that year). And it is a Wednesday, a/k/a, "Hump Day." But more important than all of that is, it is Good Riddance Day, a day in which you are supposed to say goodbye to all that lingering crap and the bad memories that have been clogging up your arteries or pipes or apartment or emotions or brain. Dredge that shit up and throw it away!

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"Twin Towers" on Sixth Avenue About a Mile Apart

Steven Thrasher
Yesterday, we wrote about how from the middle of Sixth Avenue in the West Village, you can get a view that is eerily reminiscent of what the Twin Towers looked like from the same spot a decade ago.

The optical illusion is created by the pairing of the Trump SoHo Tower and the still-under-construction One World Trade. From this unique point in the city, the two buildings appear to be next to each other and to be the same size.

But how close are they? And how alike are they, really?

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One World Trade and Trump SoHo Recreate Twin Towers View on Sixth Avenue

Steven Thrasher
Crossing Sixth Avenue at 11th Street this afternoon, it was impossible not to notice. At its current stage of construction, One World Trade appears to be the same height and size as the Trump SoHo Tower. Together, the two create a view that looks eerily like the pre-9/11 World Trade Center from this intersection.

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