Bernie Kerik, Mike Caruso and Rose Gill Hearn: More Nuggets From the Court File

In this week's paper, the Voice examines Investigations Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn's handling of the uncomfortably close relationship between her Inspector General for Correction, Michael Caruso, and disgraced former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.

Here now are three other intriguing nuggets of the story from the mixed-up files of Caruso's six-year-old lawsuit against Hearn and the city for wrongful termination.

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How Tech Nerds Will Date in the Not-So-Distant Future

matrix tee 1.JPG

Memo to nerds of all varieties: you no longer need World of Warcraft to meet that special someone. Soon you'll be able to scan that nice young lady on the street and read her Facebook page, or check out her WoW avatar, without actually having to speak to her. Thank a snazzy new piece of tech called "matrix codes."

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Nick Denton's Latest Traffic Boast: Gawker Media's April Readership "About the Population of Canada"

denton pie.jpg
According to an internal company memo, Gawker Media had a record month in April! And all it took was maybe some potentially irreversible psychological damage to an Apple employee!

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