Good News, Dudes: You Might Not Have Herpes

At the Voice, we're all about staying healthy, especially when it comes to sexytime-area health -- hence our brief expose on the
pros and cons of going commando -- which many a lady use as a way of keeping cool in the summer.

That got us thinking: What about dudes? Does the season's heat impact their nether-regions, too? And, perhaps most importantly: Is freeballing healthy?

So we decided to hit up Planned Parenthood New York's resident expert on menfolk health, Janeen Lopez, lead clinician at the Brooklyn center. What did she say?

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Women Who Want Men to Like Them Pretend to Hate Math

Barbie is so brave.
Science proves that there is a reason all your female friends fake not knowing how to calculate the tip (unless, of course, they truly are terrible at calculating things -- could happen!). Four new University of Buffalo studies have found that when a lady wants to be considered "romantically desirable," she will distance herself from manly pursuits such as math, engineering, technology, and science.

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Reddit Users Explore Male Psyche

For a glimpse of the most common insecurities and fears -- no matter how embarrassing -- of the modern man, look no further than the front page of Reddit today. It's an AskReddit starring the male psyche! The question posed: "Dear fellas of Reddit, what are some things that you really want to know or want to have clarified, but are afraid to ask your fellow men for fear or mockery?" Hoo boy. More »

Men Relax More When Their Wives Are Doing Chores (Seriously)

Today in stereotype-reinforcing studies, we get this: Guess what? The stress levels of married women drop when their husbands help them with chores. But married men relax most when their wives are busy doing things besides relaxing. Hm! And we wonder why women seem to be less interested in getting hitched these days. This particular study measured the stress hormones, or cortisol, of 30 dual-earning, middle-aged L.A. couples, each whom had at least one kid between the ages of 8 and 10.

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The New Escapism for Men Is 'Manliness'

Let's briefly delve into stereotypes, shall we? As it goes with reality television programming, women like to watch "real housewives" get drunk and catfight in stilettos while carrying tiny dogs wearing velour jumpsuits. Women also like to watch shows in which large groups of women compete for the love of a man, who will definitely, definitely find his wife among them. Women love makeover shows! And sometimes women like to watch shows in which people have babies, or get married, or raise a bunch of babies, eventually separating from the husband while continuing to do reality TV shows. But what of the manlier sex, that is to say, men? We're glad you asked!

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Today Is Feminist Coming Out Day 2011

In the midst of what seems to be America's war on women, a student-run group from Harvard University has organized a campaign they've dubbed "Feminist Coming Out Day." Today marks the second anniversary of the event, which, the website explains, "recognizes that mainstream feminism has not always been welcoming to queer people," but "seeks to change that by drawing attention to the two movements' overlapping political goals."

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Men Only Want Sex, Women Only Want Relationships, and Other Tired Old Clichés

Doesn't it seem like everyone's writing about relationship politics these days? Not that that's any different from ever before. Now we've got this: an article arguing that although 20-something men are mainly slobs in dirty sweatpants watching Onion Sports Dome, they still have the upper hand in sexual relationships with women their age, who are statistically more successful and together than they are. Wow, shocker. Men have the upper hand in sex? Or at least, they're perceived to have the upper hand?

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Glamour Magazine Would Like You to Know a Few Things About Men

Thumbnail image for kim-kardashian-glamour-magazine_cover_2.jpg
Here is the plight of the single lady in a nutshell: That there are magazines like Glamour that proliferate various generalized highly unscientific "statistics" about men that we must then banish from our brains or, somehow, adopt into our dating/life realities. Because once you read this stuff, well, it's hard to know what to do with it, except move on as quickly as possible. Let's take the latest, Glamour's Extra-Hot, Extra-Juicy Guy Survey: 1,000 Men Confess....which got 1,000 men to open up with regard to some highly intriguing questions, hotly and juicily.

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Lady Tears Are a Boner Killer

Heidi Montag uses her tears.
Everybody's been talking about this lady-crying study that just came out, in which scientists found that men who sniffed women's tears (shed by women watching sad movies, no less), experienced, amazingly, slightly less of a desire to have sex. The actual experiment, like most actual scientific experiments, borders on the bizarre.

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But Really, Is It OK for Men to Cry?: A Retrospective

Following House Speaker-designate John Boehner's Sir-Weeps-a-Lot moment on 60 Minutes recently, along with the salty, flowing waves of 2010 man-tears (including Charlie Rangel's please don't censure me sobs and Chris Brown's spontaneous waterworks at a Michael Jackson tribute), the Today Show is once again bringing to the forefront the question: "Is it OK for men to cry in public these days?" (FYI: 58% of their pollsters say yes, if it's sincere).

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