Rick Perry's 'Niggerhead' Ranch vs. Michael Jackson's 'Neverland' Ranch: Which is Stranger?

When we first wrote about Rick Perry's "Niggerhead" Ranch, we were struck by how it phonetically reminded us of another infamous getaway spot: Michael Jackson's "Neverland" Ranch.

Both were occupied by larger than life personalities. Both ranches had names that raised eyebrows, especially given who the occupants were.

How do the two size up against each other? Which one is more unsettling and strange?

Let's compare and see!

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Michael Jackson Gets New Mural for Spike Lee Birthday Bash

For the past couple of years, Spike Lee's production company 40 Acres and a Mule has been throwing a big free birthday party for the late Michael Jackson. The mural of Michael on 40 Acres' Fort Greene production office's garage door has been a popular photo spot for locals and tourists ever since it went up.

This past week, in preparation for their third annual party, 40 Acres unveiled a new Michael banner. Take a look after the jump.

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Michael Jackson's Estate Continues to Make Tons of Money

Michael Jackson's estate has made a cool $310 million since his death in 2009, largely thanks to the success of the This Is It movie. Not bad for someone who isn't alive anymore. The money's been going towards his family and various charities, as well as starting to pay off the $400 million in debt Jackson had accumulated by the time of his death.

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Spike Lee Gives It Another Go on a Michael Jackson Brooklyn Bash

We caught our neighbor — people who work for him, anyway — putting up a fresh sign on his garage door yesterday in Fort Greene. Our neighbor, Spike Lee (who, thanks to a block profile this weekend in the Times, everyone now knows is our neighbor), is finally going to host his birthday party celebration for Michael Jackson. More »

The Real Michael Jackson vs. "the Jewish Jacko": Who Will Win?

via The New York Post
You've probably heard about the Jewish Michael Jackson by now. If you haven't, you can catch up on the details (here, here, here ... and here). But stay with us for a quick summary: He's an Orthodox Jew named Michoel Streicher who was sentenced yesterday to at least a year in prison for grand larceny because he stole $36,000 that he was supposed to use to buy a woman (a devoted fan!) a Torah for her dying father. And he calls himself Michael Jackson -- or, at least, the Michael Jackson of Orthodox music. Could it be? We undertook a case-by-case comparison of the two purported Kings of Pop.

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Michael Jackson's Kids Have Inevitably Tragic Lives

The day the internet exploded, triggered by the death of Michael Jackson, is approaching its one-year anniversary. The outpouring of re-grief in the media -- also known as clamoring for stories on sticky summer days -- has already begun, ushered in by the Associated Press and their release of a detailed day of death timeline. It is full of detail, and yet quite boring. Britain's Daily Mirror, on the other hand, has an exclusive interview with Jackson's mother Katherine, her first since his death, and though equally exploitative and sensational, it is painfully sad, especially with regards to Michael's children.

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