De Niro to Potential Republican First Ladies: Fuggedaboutit

Can you imagine any other First Lady in the Oval Office other than Michelle? Robert De Niro can't.

Last night, at his trendy TriBeCa restaurant, Locanda Verde, the star of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull packed 85 wealthy Obama supporters into a fundraiser dinner, where tickets started at $5,000 a head. Attendees included fellow Focker Ben Stiller, Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein, Beyonce and her mother, Whoopi Goldberg, Star Jones and a whole slew of others.

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The Telegraph Would Like to Apologize For Making Things Up About the First Lady

A note to the media -- if you're going to accuse a public figure of elitism, perhaps you shouldn't totally make things up in order to achieve that goal. The Telegraph of London learned this the hard way, after publishing an article which falsely reported that First Lady Michelle Obama had an entire Fifth Avenue lingerie store shut down so that she could shop with Her Highness Sheikha Moza of Qatar.

The First Lady, being the kind of person who favors small, independent designers and rewearing the same outfit more than once (the horror!), was understandably upset at this suggestion of opulence, and the Telegraph was forced to issue this rather sheepish retraction in response:

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Obama's Next Campaign Stop: Chat Rooms!

obama birthday.jpg
President Obama has scheduled a "hangout" in a Google-powered video chat room, apparently to attract hip young voters who use all that newfangled social media stuff, according to a White House announcement Monday.

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Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron Meet for Tea, Couch-Chat

Thumbnail image for rsz_1michellesamanthacameron.jpg
Official White House photograph
The Obamas continued their tour of Europe this afternoon with a visit to the Downing Street residence of British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha. In this official White House photo by Lawrence Jackson that's sure to inspire any number of modern decor catalogs and modern decor aficionados as well as selling out the dresses here modeled, the two first ladies talk before tea. (For a lark, compare this pic to the earlier photo of Barack and Michelle meeting Prince William and Catherine in the ultra-fussy ultra-British "grand 1844 room of Buckingham Palace.") Tonight: The President and the First Lady attend dinner hosted by Her Majesty the Queen!

Michelle Obama Can Dance. Obviously.

It comes as no surprise that the First Lady is skilled in any number of areas, including the Dougie, which she demonstrated at a D.C. school yesterday as part of her "Let's Move!" campaign. She can do the Running Man, too. Of course she can.

'Most People' Think Barack Obama Got Laid Last Night

TMZ is yet again asking the important -- ahem -- questions. Apparently 80 percent of Americans (who answer TMZ polls) think that Barack and Michelle had sex last night after he "hunted down and killed the most evil man on the planet." This beats Obama's odds in TMZ's previous Did the POTUS Get Laid? poll, in which 74 percent believed that his presidential election was consummated in the bedroom. Killing the world's most wanted terrorist is apparently slightly hotter than becoming president. Of course, the majority of us will never do either.

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