Mitt Romney Has Some Money Advice For Young Folks: Borrow From Your Parents

He sure knows how to appeal to the youth! Wealthy youth, that is.

A video is circulating today of Mitt Romney giving some useful entrepreneurial advice to the young people of our country and one part of his tips is about, of course, money.

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Occupy Wall Street Finance Report Reveals Money Woes; Press Team Unfazed In Statement

occupy wall street .jpg
Yesterday, NY1 brought our attention to the news that New York's Occupy Wall Street appears to be tight on funds, findings based on on a weekly report for March 2 posted on the New York General Assembly's website. The Accounting Working Group report reads: "at our current rate of expenditure, we will be out of money in THREE WEEKS." According to the report, the general fund contains $44,827.96, while close to $90,000 is set aside for bail money. A member of the accounting group told Reuters: "while we give the dire warning so that people will be conscious and considerate of how we're spending our money, we are still going to be able to take care of our people in the way that really matters - making sure that their bail and their court fees are paid."

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Aw, the 1% Feels Poor

There's an UrbanBaby thread making its way around Internet circles, inspiring a sense of both depression and horror. It is about money, and how we feel about what we make, particularly in New York City, where we all seem to need a little bit more than people who live anywhere else. Despite the reminder not to judge in the thread's title -- "What's your hhi and do you FEEL poor, middle class, upper middle class or rich where you live. No judging" -- there is, most definitely, judging going on. But how can there not be when someone says (and, really, trolls or not, they did) that they are "poor" making $700,000 a year, or, "upper middle class" making 13 million a year?

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Town Psyched About Celebrity Tree

Another tree, another 15 minutes.
A most exciting thing has happened in Miffinville, Pennsylvania, pop: 2,500. The Daily News has found, because some citizen or elected official could not keep his or her big mouth shut, that a 75-foot-tall spruce tree "now under 24-hour police protection" is the biggest star to come through Miffinville since Bobbie Jean Letrusco starred in the high school adaptation of Our Town, bringing 2,499 people to tears. (Disclaimer: We know of no Bobbie Jean Letrusco from Miffinville, or anywhere. But surely they've had a celebrity before, or they wouldn't have this "leaking secrets" thing down so cold!)

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MTA Debt Downgraded; Could It Be Bad News For Fares?

Along with its large budget gaps, the MTA also has massive debt. By 2014, debt financing might take up a full 23% of its operating budget. And now Fitch, the smallest of the three ratings agencies, has downgraded that debt -- meaning the MTA might have to pay more for it, meaning you might have to pay more for using the MTA. The press release explaining the downgrade from A+ to A reads, in part:

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NYU Donates Furniture, Trash to Grace Church School, the New Tenant at Cooper Square

Chairs at Cooper Square.jpg
Ward Harkavy
Discarded chairs at Cooper Square
Did you hear? NYU got a Gold STARS rating for its stellar environmental practices this year! Awesome! Greenwich Village neighbors and preservationists, you can rest easy -- the potential transformation of your neighborhood, however scary, is at least in eco-friendly hands.

Except...we were perplexed to see piles and piles of handsome furniture being removed from an NYU building all last week, and sent directly to an untimely death at the back of awaiting garbage trucks. We even spotted an NYU recycling bin being scrapped. What gives?

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GLAAD Stops Supporting AT&T Merger with T-Mobile

GLAAD logo.png
Last month, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation got in a lot of trouble when they backed a merger between AT&T and T-Mobile, after their full relationship with Ma Bell was exposed. GLAAD had received $50,000 from AT&T in donations and had a former AT&T executive and lobbyist on its board. The organization sent out a letter opposing net-neutrality before attempting to withdraw that letter.

In the aftermath, GLAAD's Executive Director and multiple board members resigned. Now, GLAAD has flipped on net-neutrality again, releasing a statement supporting an open internet, as well as declaring a neutral position on the AT&T deal.

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Rick Jacobs, Founder of the Courage Campaign, On Pepsi and Corporate Giving

Steven Thrasher
Jacobs at the Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal signing ceremony
Last week, we wrote about how the Courage Campaign won $50,000 from the Pepsi Challenge, and our concern about the ways in which Pepsi was able to use an LGBT advocacy group to market its product in the non-profit arena. It seemed especially alarming given how the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation had imploded just a few weeks before, after its $50,000 donation from AT&T tainted its actions. (UPDATE: GLAAD has formally withdrawn its endorsement of the AT&T deal.)

Rick Jacobs, the founder and chair of the Courage Campaign, reached out to us shortly after the story was posted. Surprisingly, he thought there was a "zero percent chance that you're not absolutely right that this is a way for Pepsi to advertise." But he also maintained that it was a very different situation at the Courage Campaign than at GLAAD.

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Yes, It Is Expensive to Park a Car in Manhattan

If you did not already know this, now you do. Also, if you did not already know this, you may not deserve to live in Manhattan, but here it is, anyway: Manhattan is the most expensive place in the U.S. to park a car. After all, very few of us have actual garages attached to our actual houses, which would presumably give us a very cheap, even free, actual place to park. The New York Post reports on this injustice, explaining that our average monthly rates are $541 in Midtown and $533 downtown -- for parking. That is the practically the price of a new pair of way-too-expensive shoes! By contrast, the national average cost for parking is $155.22. Economists predict that parking will only get more expensive as the economy improves, but fortunately, given the latest jobs report, we don't have to worry about that just yet. After all, we can't even afford a car. [NYP]

Courage Campaign and Pepsi: Is $50K the New Sell Out Price for LGBT Non-Profits?

Yesterday, we got an email from the Courage Campaign with the subject line, "We won! Here's what's next." We assumed it would be a belated fundraising appeal responding to New York's Marriage Equality Act, asking for donations to fight on the federal level.

Instead, what we found when we opened the email was, largely, a cleverly disguised ad for Pepsi. Seriously. And in the same way we recently discovered how being gay mysteriously has something to do with supporting corporate telecom mergers, we learned that drinking Pepsi also has something to do with stopping anti-LGBT bullying.

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