World Trade Center Mega-Station Will Cost $3.44 Billion

The World Trade Center Transportation Hub is set to be one of the City's most massive changes to New York's subway system. The building will have access to PATH trains, 13 subway lines and even the proposed JFK rail link. Sounds awesome, but how much will it cost taxpayers? The New York Post is reporting that the proposed cost will increase "by a staggering $180 million." (That's 40 million round-trip subway rides to work!) This brings the total cost to $3.44 billion.

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NASA Just Discovered 54 New Planets, and Humans Might Be Able to Live on Them

NASA has discovered 54 new planets that might be habitable to humans, either giving us a planet for vacation homes or an escape plan for the end of the world. The planets are part of a larger discovery by Kepler telescope that includes 1,235 possible planets outside Earth's solar system. Exciting! But...the Christian Science Monitor reports, "The potential finds, which must clear an arduous, detailed confirmation process, still fall short of the ultimate goal, finding an Earth-size planet orbiting a sun-like star at Earth-like distances."

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Henry Cavill, Bodice Ripper From The Tudors, Named as New Superman

It's been brought to our attention that a), there's going to be a new Superman movie, and b) the guy chosen to play Clark Kent/Superman is this dude Henry Cavill from that show The Tudors, about the reign of wife-executing British king Henry VIII. (By the way, anyone else think of this Eddie Izzard bit when watching that clip?) It's kind of hard to imagine a transition from pantaloons and bodice ripping to being a bird, or a plane, no it's Superman, but weirder casting decisions have occurred.

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Will Staten Islanders Finally Be Able To Leave the Island Easily?

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Jersey Shore's Angelina and other trapped Staten Islanders may be able to break out from their homes and travel the world soon. Right now, Staten Island residents have two ways to leave via public transportation: the Staten Island Ferry and express buses. Rumors of a Staten Island railway have plagued the borough since 1898 when Staten Island was made part of New York City. But as the Port Authority begins to redo the Bayonne Bridge to better accommodate ships, plans for new metro services are starting to emerge. Hopefully this time Albany will see the need to help out the residents with the longest commutes in the country.

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Homeless Woman Gets Surprise $10,000 From Dead Ex-Boyfriend

Via The New York Post
Penny Martin, a Staten Island woman, recently came into some surprise money that rescued her from homelessness. A cool $10,000 in life insurance money was left to her by a deceased ex-boyfriend, which easily makes him the best ex-boyfriend of all time. She discovered the unclaimed funds by checking the website for New York's Office of Unclaimed Funds.

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