Five Injured After MTA Bus Crashes Into Washington Heights Pizzeria

Image via NY Scanner
An out-of-service northbound M5 MTA bus crashed into a pizza parlor in Washington Heights this morning, injuring at least five people, including the bus driver. The accident occurred around 7:45 a.m. at Broadway and 154th Street; the photo you see above was taken by the NY Scanner Twitter account after the FDNY arrived on the scene.

You might also notice a very battered-looking minivan in front of the bus. ABC News reports that witnesses saw the minivan try to cut the bus off, leading to the crash. Never try to cut off a bus, guys.

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MTA Would Prefer You Stay Off Subway Tracks and Not Drive Your Car Onto a Train

Image by Twitter user @BKSHOSHANNAH
Someone drove their damn car right onto a Q train this morning, an action the Metropolitan Transportation Authority recommends you avoid. Really strongly recommends it. They're quite stringent on this point.

Nonetheless, as DNAInfo was first to report, a lady in an SUV "plowed through a fence near Albemarle Road and East 16th Street" in south Brooklyn around 5 a.m. today. The fence created "a kind of ramp that allowed her to settle her front tires atop the train," an action that was captured in the delightful photo you see above, by insta-famous Twitter user @BKSHOSHANNAH. Shosh snapped the photo at 7:30 a.m., meaning that getting a car down off a train is apparently rather difficult and may take several hours and quite a lot of inconvenience. Who knew?

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Good News, Everyone: Commuting by Bus in Brooklyn and Queens is Now a Little Easier

Categories: MTA

An busboard announcing Bus Time in Brooklyn in Queens, photographed on Monday.
Commuting by bus in the wilds of Brooklyn or Queens was filled with less uncertainty than usual this morning, as GPS trackers on Sunday debuted on every damn bus in the boroughs, completing a citywide project introduced more than two years ago.

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The MTA Will Be Disciplining the Station Agent Who Gave Everybody the Double Middle Finger

Video by Jonathan Pillot; screenshot via.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is very unhappy with the man you see above, a station agent at West 4th Street who apparently reacts to the frustrations of his job with exuberant double-fingered salutes.

Manhattanite Jonathan Pillot shared a video of the agent to his Facebook page; it shows Pillot and the agent, who the New York Post reports is named Stephen C. Herbert, mid-argument, after Pillot says he witnessed the agent behaving rudely towards an elderly woman.

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MTA Plans To Phase Out MetroCards, but First: Super Bowl MetroCards!

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Super Bowl Sunday is drawing near, and the first indication is the commemorative cards an MTA vending machine near you is spitting out.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority has printed up one million Super Bowl edition MetroCards in all -- 250,000 each of four total commemorative designs, accounting for more than a quarter of the cards printed and distributed this month.

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After Metro-North Derailment That Killed Four, Federal Transportation Board Begins Investigation

Image via Cuomo Director of Communications Melissa DeRosa
Governor Andrew Cuomo addresses reporters Sunday evening.
At 7:20 on Sunday morning, a southbound Metro-North train heading from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central derailed near the Spuyten Duyvil station in the Bronx, killing four people and injuring 63, 11 of them critically. On Sunday night, the dead were identified by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police; they are Donna L. Smith, 54, of Newburgh, New York, James G. Lovell, 58, of Cold Spring, James M. Ferrari, 59, of Montrose, and Ahn Kisook, 35, of Queens.

It's still not clear what caused the derailment, although an anonymous "senior city official" told the New York Times that a train operator pulled from the wreckage told first responders that the brakes had failed, something that hasn't been publicly confirmed. The incident happened near where a northbound train hauling garbage derailed in July. In a press conference last night, Governor Andrew Cuomo acknowledge the previous accident, but said, "We have no reason to believe those two things are related."

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Good-ish News, Everyone! MTA Won't Hike Fares (As Much) in 2015 and 2017

Categories: MTA

Photo Credit: Diego3336 via Compfight cc
A rare bit of good news from the Metropolitan Transit Authority: Fare hikes between now and 2017 aren't going to be as bad as expected! At a board meeting Wednesday, officials announced the hikes planned for 2015 and 2017 would fall from a scheduled 7.5 percent increase to a 4 percent increase. This is good news for commuters to be sure, but the savings will come in part from pretty vicious cost-cutting that will mostly take the form of "net-zero" wage increases for transit workers.

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MTA Releases New Photos of Second Avenue Subway Line

Flickr/MTA Photos
Slowly but surely, the Second Avenue Subway is taking shape. Last week, the MTA released the latest batch of photos of the Second Avenue Subway project, showing the tunnel that will one day host the long-awaited train service. The pictures are pretty, to the extent images of heavy industry and construction can be.

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Your Train Is Usually On Time, and Getting More Reliable Every Year, You Ungrateful Whiner

Categories: G-Train Woes, MTA

Thumbnail image for r-SUBWAY-PARTY-large570.jpg
Image via.
On time, yes. But the MTA still refuses to make party cars widely accessible.
We understand how great complaining is, especially complaining about "your" train and how long you have to wait for it. The G train kills love! The R causes ebola! The 2 and 3 killed both your grandparents! (First one, then the other, obviously. Not both at the same time. That would be too awful. Plus, the trains run on the same track, so we're not sure how that would work. This got dark quickly, didn't it?)

Far be it from us to deprive you of that complaining high. But no matter how much you like to kvetch that your train is always late, it's not actually true. You can see that for yourself by analyzing the performance data the MTA releases every month . Or, if you're a normal person, you can take a shortcut and look at Mike Vanger's New York City Subway Investigation.

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MTA: The Metro-North New Haven Line is Out of Commission Until Further Notice

Turns out those wires running above train tracks are really, really important. The Con Edison feeder that supplies power to the overhead wire on the Metro-North New Haven commuter rail line went dark yesterday, shutting down the entire train service. Until further notice, the MTA advises that anyone who needs to the Metro North line to get anywhere will have to wait for a replacement power feeder for full line service to restored. Until then, commuters will have available an extremely convoluted but best-we-can-do workaround for a rail service that saw 38.8 million in yearly ridership in 2012. More details after the jump.

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