MTA Releases New Photos of Second Avenue Subway Line

Flickr/MTA Photos
Slowly but surely, the Second Avenue Subway is taking shape. Last week, the MTA released the latest batch of photos of the Second Avenue Subway project, showing the tunnel that will one day host the long-awaited train service. The pictures are pretty, to the extent images of heavy industry and construction can be.

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The MTA: A Grand Metaphor for Human Existence

Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

Sure, you might hate it when your train doesn't show up on time or suddenly goes express and takes you five stops too far. But you have to admit, the MTA is pretty impressive. If only the Senate ran as efficiently and frequently as the subway, it might not have taken three months for Sandy victims to receive their relief funding.

Right now, the subway is not only chugging along beneath the city streets, it's also going through a myriad of changes and improvements. Especially lately, it seems our public transit system is enacting a drawn-out performance art piece about the nature of human existence.

Here's everything that's going down (ha!) down there:

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Sandhogs at Work on The Second Avenue Subway [VIDEO]

Brad DeCecco
In this week's cover story, Sean Manning profiles the sandhogs--the workers responsible for New York's most ambitious subterranean public works projects since the 1870's. Currently, Local 147 is busy beneath Second Avenue, completing the tunnels for the City's newest subway line. Video after the jump.

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MTA Funding Fail? Straphanger Advocates Say Andrew Cuomo's Plan Will Up Fares

Looks like Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the New York legislature might have just brokered a deal that would fund the remainder of the MTA's five-year capital plan. But straphanger advocates say that Albany's agreement will make riders foot the bill for transit improvements.

Cuomo and legislators OKd an accord on Sunday to provide money for the next three years of the improvement program -- which would cover the cost of projects like the Second Avenue subway and green bus programs, according to the Daily News.

Some financial intricacies reported by the News and The Associated Press suggest that a big chunk of this $13.1 billion deal would be funded by debt -- prompting protest from commuter allies such as Transportation Alternatives.

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New Yorkers Say the MTA Is Bleeding Them Dry

Screen shot 2011-11-28 at 9.51.55 AM-thumb-180x323-thumb-180x323.png
What sucks even more than commuting to work?

Having to wait longer and pay more to commute to work, that is.

Unfortunately, it looks like that's exactly what's happening in New York.

Check it out: Transportation Alternatives, a commuter-advocacy group, surveyed a bunch of New Yorkers last week to see how happy they were with subway and bus service.

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Second Avenue Subway Construction Is Not Bad for You, Says the MTA

Ah, Second Avenue subway. We've had some ups and downs with you in the seemingly interminable time we've been waiting for your completion. You're noisy, some of us had to move because of you, there was that gross thing with the flies, and, of course, a big question has been, how sick are you making those who live in the environs of all the construction you are requiring? There's a study for that! According to the MTA's recent assessment of how all the subway blasting has impacted air quality along Second Avenue on the Upper East Side, you're not that bad.

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80 Arrested Saturday In Occupy Wall Street Protests; Second Avenue Subway Gets Graded; Marathon World Record Set

Nick Pinto
Approximately 80 were arrested Saturday in connection with Occupy Wall Street, according to the NYPD's press office. Throughout yesterday afternoon Occupy Wall Street used Twitter to chronicled arrests and various acts of force being used by the NYPD against protesters. They say at least five were "maced." (Police at DCPI said this morning that they could not confirm those reports.) Last night Occupy Wall Street tweeted about people arrested in connection with the events being released. Police said they do not have specific information on how many have been let go so far, but added "most if not all" should be by this morning.

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MTA Accused of Being Trendy

The MTA has chosen teal or robin's egg blue (or is it more of a turquoise? Discuss) as the color of the Second Avenue subway line, which will be called the T. On a conceptual level, teal makes a lot of sense for the line that will serve the Upper East Side, given its resemblance to Tiffany box blue. It also turns out that teal is quite trendy right now, according to a fashion analytics company. But it's hard to decorate with, reports the Times:

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MTA Now Causing Upper East Side Fly Swarms, Allegedly

Hey, here's a new thing to blame on the MTA: Owners of businesses near the worksite of the Second Avenue subway are saying that dirty, lunch-leaving construction workers are attracting flies to the Upper East Side, with swarms now everywhere along the path of the subway-to-be, reports the Post. The MTA denies being the cause of the problem -- although they do admit they're the cause of other problems.

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The MTA Can't Do Much Right Lately: Two Deployed Bus Drivers Laid Off While at War

Reading about the MTA's decisions is often like swallowing a cactus, especially when news of truly unfortunate cutbacks comes in quick succession with news of huge spending. Earlier this morning, we reported that the MTA is shelling out big bucks for tenants temporarily displaced by Second Avenue subway construction. Today, the Daily News also reported that the MTA is laying off two city bus drivers who are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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