Vendors at Brooklyn's Morbid Flea Market Embrace the Weird

The Morbid Anatomy Spring Flea Market at the Morbid Anatomy Museum (424-A Third Avenue) in Brooklyn was born from French expat Laetitia Barbier's memories of hitting up flea markets on Sundays in Paris, which were full of all sorts of items, from the traditional to the strange (strange as in, full skeletons).

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The Ten Strangest Museums in New York City

Thumbnail image for nyc-transit-museum-twulocal100.jpg
Image from the Transport Workers Union Local 100 website
The New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn
Let's be real: February in New York leaves much to be desired. It's cold, it's gray, and it's snowy. It's a time to hide from the world in a museum. But while classics like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cloisters, and the Guggenheim are great, you're not limited to them. In fact, New York City has more than 115 museums.

That's right: You don't have to keep visiting the Museum of Natural History over and over again, hoping this time to see Neil deGrasse Tyson so that you two can finally fall in love (not that, you know, there's anything wrong with that).

You can go somewhere else. But where? To answer this question, the VIllage Voice interviewed Allison Amend about the ten strangest museums in New York. Amend is qualified, too: She's the writer behind This Is a Really Serious Piece, which chronicled her every visit to every museum in New York, a tour she completed in 2013.

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Truthers Plan to Hand out Fake Brochures for 9/11 Museum On Opening Day

Image via 9/11 Working Group
The real brochure cover, left, and the other one, right.
The dedication of the new National September 11 Memorial Museum happened last week, with speeches from President Obama and Mayor de Blasio and flags flown at half-mast outside at the World Trade Center Memorial Plaza. The museum will open to the public on Wednesday, May 21, and the 9/11 truth squad is, predictably, planning a visit of their own.

The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have been very dedicated for a very long time to promulgating the theory that September 11 was an inside job, and that the Twin Towers were felled by a controlled demolition. Their latest effort in New York was a billboard in Times Square. But for the opening day of the 9/11 Museum, they've got something else planned: fake museum brochures, designed to look exactly like the real ones.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art: 144 Years Old, and Still Free... For Now

Categories: Museums

WestportWiki via Wikimedia Commons
The Great Hall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrated a birthday this week. Sunday, April 13, marked the 144th anniversary of the Met's incorporation by the New York state legislature, which makes this week as good a time as any to revisit the museum's mission as outlined in the legislation that created it.

The Met, according to its founding charter, would be responsible for "encouraging and developing the study of the fine arts, and the application of the arts to manufacture and practical life, of advancing general knowledge of kindred subjects, and, to that end, furnishing popular instruction and recreation." The New York state legislature envisioned it as a museum for the people -- not just for members of the middle and upper classes with, say, $25 to burn on a rainy day.

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Hit Hard by Sandy, Coney Island Museum Will Re-Open May 26

Image via Coney Island USA
After being closed for a year and a half due to Hurricane Sandy-related renovations, the world-famous, sideshow-hosting, awesome-stuff-having Coney Island Museum will re-open May 26, just in time for Memorial Day. We're so excited we may show up dressed as a topless mermaid.

Coney Island was hit especially hard by Sandy; in April of last year, the area's unofficial mayor, Dick Zigun, who runs the museum and heads Coney Island USA, the non-profit behind it, told the Daily News the museum had suffered "major damage" to the museum, its props and inventory.

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PHOTOS: The Met's "PUNK: Chaos to Couture" Attempts to be Legit

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is slightly loosening up its tie with their latest Costume Institute exhibition "PUNK: Chaos to Couture," which opens Thursday and is on view through August 14.

"Punk began as an impulse, as a feeling," curator Andrew Bolton said during a press preview this morning. And it was Television's Richard Hell that first had the spontaneous impulse, in the mid-'70s, to shred his T-shirt, holding it together with safety pins, spike his hair, ultimately influencing the Sex Pistols, and introducing punk wear to the world.

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New Yorkers Have to Wait to See Their New Spacecraft

It looks like we're going to have to re-mark our calendars for the arrival of Enterprise in our own backyard. And not the one from Star Trek, the one from NASA.

Due to an overcast prediction for Monday's weather, the space agency is holding back on its transfer ("until further notice") of the Enterprise from the Smithsonian in D.C. to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. 

That's right - there's about to be a space shuttle on the Hudson and, yes, its travel can be affected by human realities like rain. The new flight plan will be announced at one point this coming week but, for now, New Yorkers should just be on the lookout.
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Met Director Thomas Campbell Talks The Museum's New Ad Campaign, Celebrities And Social Media

1_WhatsYourMet Celebrities Share_SMeyers_3.2012.jpg
Have you ever wondered what Alex Rodriguez's favorite works of art in the Metropolitan Museum of Art are? Would you have guessed they include a Manet, a Thomas Eakins, a 10th-11th century Sicán funerary mask and a Rauschenberg among others? Well, that's what the museum's newest ad campaign with the theme "My Met" shares, in addition to revealing the tastes of other celebrities like Claire Danes, Marc Jacobs, Carmelo and La La Anthony, Hugh Jackman, Zaha Hadid and Seth Meyers. The campaign, which debuted in the New York Times March 15, also features an interactive aspect in which people can highlight their own preferences in the collection answering the question "What's Your Met?" Runnin' Scared got a chance to speak with the Met's Director Thomas Campbell about the campaign, the choice of celebrities and social media.

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One Psycho at a Time in New Museum's 'Psycho Tank' After City Crackdown

NOT Carsten Höller's 'Psycho Tank'
Psycho Tank, part of Carsten Höller's "Experience" exhibit at the New Museum, just got a little less psycho. The instillation calls for up to six visitors to disrobe, shower, and float in a highly saline bath in order to provide a unique sensory-deprivation experience. Sounds fun! Unfortunately, the Post reports the Department of Health has warned the museum that Psycho Tank doesn't have the prerequisite permits the city demands of bathhouses, and from now on only one person is allowed to enjoy the artwork at a time.

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New Museum Getting a Fun New Slide

carsten holler.jpg
Holler's slide at the Tate Modern.
The New Museum is getting a slide! A Belgian artist named Carsten Höller, who has already installed slides in other cities around the world, is putting a big plastic slide in the Bowery museum. Like, really big, at least for indoors: the slide is 40 feet high and 102 feet long. Its installation begins next week and the slide will be open for "business" October 26th.

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