Mark Zuckerberg Was At The Knicks Game Today

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The Knicks faced off against the Mavericks this afternoon and a very special guest was in the house. Mark Zuckerberg attended the game and sat in what All Things D says are $1,200 seats. Our best guess is that Zuckerberg wanted to see his fellow Harvard student Jeremy Lin redeem himself for yesterday's bad game. The Knicks beat the Mavs 97-104.

Representative Michael Grimm Defends Himself Against Allegations of Illegal Fundraising

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Staten Island Republicans opened their brand-new headquarters this weekend, and local leaders took the opportunity to defend Congressman Michael Grimm. The rep was recently accused of raising illegal funds by an article in The New York Times. Grimm gave a speech about his dog Sebastian, which brings back memories of Richard Nixon's "Checkers" speech. "He sneaks around the couch in my office, and he goes behind the desk where the staff can't see him, and he leaps with his fangs out and tries to bite the mailman right on the butt ... I tell my staff, 'It's OK, Sebastian thought he was delivering The New York Times!'" And the crowd went wild.

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Psychologist Drags Cop in Crazy Traffic Bust

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Talking to the crazies all day could make you go insane. That's why we're not putting too much blame on William Bannon Jr., a research psychologist at Mount Sinai Hospital. the New York Post has the story of his crazy arrest, which includes driving on the wrong side of the road, driving on the sidewalk, and finally driving with the arresting officer attached to the driver's-side window of the car. The arrest happened on East 62nd Street near First Avenue. It was apparently a crazy early night on the Upper East Side.

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Swedish Man Lives After Being Stuck in His Car for Months

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New Yorkers lucked out this year with a pretty low-key winter. After last year's horrible mess of a season, mother nature gifted us with a mostly snowless couple of months so far. But you know who got absolutely rocked with snow? Sweden. So much so, that a man was recently discovered "hibernating" in his car. He had been locked inside of the vehicle since the 19th of December and survived with no food at all.

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NYPD Spied On Muslim College Students All Across the Northeast

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Last year, the Village Voice reported on the NYPD's "spectacularly offensive smear of American Muslims" in the form of a full-length Islamophobic training video. Now the AP comes forward with their investigative report that details how the NYPD watched Muslim students at colleges all across the Northeast, even as far as Yale and the University of Pennsylvania. The AP says that NYPD sent "an undercover agent on a whitewater rafting trip" to observe the Muslim students who went rowing because of course, nothing says "terrorist" like whitewater rafting.

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World's Coolest Guy Ever Gets NY Times Obit

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Wondering what will end up in your obituary is really nerve-racking to think about. What will people say about you when you're dead and gone? Everyone hopes that they sound like a good person, at least like a nice guy or something. But an ocean rower has just set a new standard for obituaries, because he's a total badass. John Fairfax died at the age of 74 and is now immortalized by having the coolest New York Times obituary of all time. He was an ocean rower who managed to cross the Atlantic by himself in a small rowboat. Three years later, he traversed the Pacific with his girlfriend in tow (they later broke up). He spent the end of his life making a living off winnings in baccarat, or as the Times says, "the card game also favored by James Bond." But that's just the tip of the iceberg really -- we didn't even get up to pistol fights and his attempted jaguar suicide yet.

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Charges Dropped for 14 OWS Brooklyn Bridge Protesters

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During the second week of Occupy Wall Street, way back in October, a march onto the Brooklyn Bridge gave the protesters a much-needed boost of legitimacy. It caused a minor media uproar when The New York Times was accused of changing around what had happened on the bridge. Six hundred and eighty-six people were brought in on charges for their involvement in the event. Four months later, and we're just beginning to see how the courts are going to treat those involved in OWS. The Times reports this morning that "174 of the 686 cases in which charges were brought have resulted in dismissals." It seems that the Manhattan district attorney's office doesn't even want to bother with these cases in any way, shape, or form.

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ESPN Apologizes For Being Racially Linsensitive

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The New York Knicks' mega popular new point guard Jeremy Lin said today that he's "overwhelmed" by the heaps of praise being thrown upon him after his seven game winning streak. Even President Obama said that he was impressed by Lin this week. Perhaps that stress got to him, as the Knicks lost to the New Orleans Hornets last night. So how does the media cover Lin's first loss? Well by continuing to ride the barely-there line of racism ("AMASIAN") that has existed since Lin's debut. ESPN jumped right over that line this morning on their moblie site by using "Chink in the Armor" for their headline. Oy.

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Washington Square Park Hawks Have Sex On Top Of The Cross

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Perhaps no saga over the past year has enthralled New Yorkers more than the twisted tale of love and death between the red-tailed hawk couple of Washington Square Park, Bobby and Violet. First, Violet managed to have an adorable miracle baby named Pip. Then soon after giving birth, Violet sustained a leg injury and Bobby began to have an affair. The heartbreak must have been too much and Violet died very quickly after the news broke. The-other-woman was officially named "Rosie" after a ballot-counting scandal. Rosie and Bobby have laid low for quite some time until this week when The New York Times' City Room blog caught them porking on top of the cross of Judson Memorial Church.

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Whitney Houston's Funeral Is Happening Today In Newark, Watch It Live

The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey will be the home of funeral services today for the late Whitney Houston. The church is where Houston first got attention for her voice. The funeral will be livestreamed via the A.P. starting at noon and over 70,000 people have already logged on to watch the day's events. It was confirmed this week, after much speculation, that Houston's ex husband singer Bobby Brown would in fact be attending services this morning. Other guests include Stevie Wonder, Kevin Costner, and her mentor Clive Davis. Newark Mayor Cory Booker (also set to attend) has been answering questions about the funeral on his Twitter account this morning. He even apologized to CNN's Soledad O'Brien for having such tough security at the event. The New York Times' Sarah Maslin Nir has reported that Whitney's body has arrived to the funeral in a gold hearse.