Reality TV Hoaxster Ken Tarr Charged With Felony Eavesdropping for Prank Calls to Coaches

Photo by C.S. Muncy
Ken Tarr, photographed for our June cover story.
In June of this year, the Voice unfolded the curious tale of Ken Tarr, a 32-year-old serially unemployed Los Angeles man who found his true calling as a reality TV scam artist. Tarr managed to talk himself onto eight different reality shows, playing a variety of outsized characters: an inebriated "Gypsy" birthday party clown, an amorous trucker whose love for prostitutes was only matched by his love for the lotto, an jetsetting "security expert" two-timing his girlfriend, who was -- twist! -- also two-timing him, a steaming mad plumber, furious over being locked in a mortuary overnight. None of the show's producers ever made a serious effort to verify his ridiculous backstories, which were all flimsy as a cardboard backdrop in a '60s Western.

At the time, reporter Graham Rayman called him "one of the most prolific television hoaxers in U.S. history." Not just TV, as it turns out; Tarr was also apparently expanding his areas of interest, diving past reality shows and into actual reality. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office announced yesterday that Tarr is being charged with felony eavesdropping for a series of prank calls he made to athletic coaches, offering them nonexistent jobs. He was also eager to brag about what he was doing, which in retrospect was probably a bad plan.

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The New York Knicks/Brooklyn Nets Rivalry Is Already the Best in the NBA

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This is already so fun, you guys. It only took the first quarter of a single season, but the matchup between the Knicks and the new-look Nets are already better than anyone could've expected, and probably better than any would've dared hope. 

Last night, the two teams matched up for the second time this season; the first, on November 26, the Nets scraped out an overtime victory at the Barclays Center. This game was even better. After getting blown off the court and being down as much as 17 in the first quarter the Knicks crawled back behind 45 points from its star Carmelo Anthony, and after a clutch Jason Kidd three with 24 seconds left, the Knicks escaped from Brooklyn with the 100-97 win. 

It wasn't supposed to be like this. Last year, the Knicks barely made the playoffs, only to be destroyed by the eventual champions, the Miami Heat. So to fix their team, they decided to ship off New York's favorite Asian, Jeremy Lin, and bring in Raymond Felton, Marcus Camby, Jason Kidd, SHEED, and Kurt Thomas, all of whom were/are overweight and super long in the tooth, and a majority of whom really have no business still playing in the NBA. 

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Knicks' Baron Davis Has Likely Played His Final NBA Game

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Yesterday, in the midst of a Knicks run that led to the team's first playoff win in 11 years, point guard Baron Davis suffered a freak knee injury. Initially, the report was a knee dislocation.

We surmised earlier that Davis, given his age--34, old by NBA standards--and injury history, has probably played in his last game.

Well, it's all but confirmed now.

New York Times' Howard Beck broke the news that Davis' injury is even worse than initial prognosis. Davis suffered a partial tear of patella tendon and complete tears of ACL and MCL.

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The Knicks Snap 11 Year Playoffs Losing Streak, But Lose Baron Davis--Will Lin Return?

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Okay, okay, we've been harsh on Amare, he deserves kudos for playing hurt on Sunday and helping his team to victory

Well, whatdoyaknow, the Knicks won game 4 on Sunday! The record-setting 13 game losing streak in the playoffs has been snapped!

Sunday's showcase was, in every way, the series many fans and basketball analyst had wanted/predicted/hoped to see. We finally got to see that Carmelo Anthony/LeBron James shootout everyone's been waiting for (These two go way back. They were rivals in high school and headlined the 2003 draft, when some thought Anthony should go #1 over James), as they traded buckets down the stretch in front of a rocking Madison Square Garden crowd.

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Why Didn't The Knicks Tank The Final Regular Season Game To Avoid Miami?

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The New York Knicks were in an interesting predicament late last week as the NBA regular season was heading toward the finish line: They had the chance to choose their playoff opponent.

Heading into the final two games of the regular season with identical records with the Philadelphia 76ers, the Knicks could have fallen down to the 8th spot and face the Chicago Bulls, a team that, despite being the top seed, was largely considered an inferior team to second-seeded Miami Heat.

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The Knicks Lose, Behind 2-0, And Lose Yet Another Player, This Time To Stupidity

Stoudemire leaving AmericanAirlines Arena with his arm, stitched up and in a sling
AP/Lynne Sladky
Well, the Knicks lost again to Miami, losing 104-94 to fall behind 2-0 to Miami Heat in this best of seven series.

The good news is that the Knicks, as a whole, played much better--at least the game was competitive compared to last Sunday's humiliation. Carmelo Anthony--you know, the guy some New York media have tried to play off as LeBron Jame's equal--actually played quite well, carrying the offensive load in the first half with his myriad of jab steps and pull up jumpers, and getting to the free throw line.

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Knicks' 11 Year Long Playoffs Win Drought Continues, But Lin Could Be Back Soon

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Eleven years. Exactly.

Today, April 29, 2012, marks the 11th anniversary of the last Knicks playoff victory.

And judging by yesterday's smackdown at the hands of the Miami Heat, this drought may continue.

Especially considering that Iman Shumpert, the team's best perimeter defender by a mile--heck, he's one of three players on the roster who's not a bad defender, period--is out for 6-8 months with a torn ACL and meniscus.

While Miami's significant edge in free throw advantage (the Heat shot 33 free throws to Knicks' 11) had many fans roar out in anger over the officiating, blaming the loss on the refs is overlooking the fact that Carmelo Anthony had a horrible game, Tyson Chandler--suffering from the flu--wasn't his usual self, and LeBron James played out of his mind.

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The Knicks Take Their Talents To South Beach This Saturday--And Other Playoff Storylines

The NBA playoff bracket is set, and the Knicks will take their talents to South Beach this Saturday to play LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and the Miami Heat.

It's a matchup that will garner more buzz than a typical two-seed-vs-seven-seed series, due of a myriad of subplots.

First, these two teams have history. Miami's general manager, Pat Riley, started everything when he famously left the Knicks' coaching chair for Miami in 1995. Oh yeah, he also resigned from the job via fax (that was like the 1995 equivalent of texting). The Knicks accused Miami of poaching Riley behind the scenes, and the bad blood boiled over on the court, culminating in the infamous 1997 playoff series between the two teams, when both sides participated in a bench-clearing brawl (The video to the brawl, which started with Miami big man PJ Brown flipping New York guard Charlie Ward in the air, here).

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