Terrible Person Allegedly Steals Cash Collected for Beloved Accordionist's Funeral Fund

Kühr as he appears in a photo on the Main Squeeze website
In Dante's Inferno, the eighth circle of hell is reserved for thieves and falsifiers.

If there's any justice in the afterlife, that's where the dude who allegedly stole $650 in cash — from a beloved musician's funeral fund — will end up. At least according to the survivors of the late Walter Kühr.

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Just Because It's My Brooklyn Doesn't Mean It Can't Be Yours

David Shankbone, Wikimedia Commons
Fulton Street Mall
On Saturday afternoon, Rerun Theater at Rebar was full. It seemed only fitting that even the name of the place is a do-over, its chairs the back seats from old minivans--and not just because Rerun is a venue for post-film festival movies that don't yet have distributors. Today the theater was screening Kelly Anderson and Allison Lirish Dean's My Brooklyn, a documentary about gentrification, public policy, and community in and around Downtown Brooklyn. In the film, Anderson unearths the political catalysts and private interests behind the gentrification of the borough she now calls home. It's worth noting that Rebar is in DUMBO, a neighborhood whose name is short for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass," and which was adopted in the late 1970s by residents of the area, hoping that its ugliness would deter developers. It didn't.

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Occupy Wall Street Faces Its Neighbors At Contentious Community Board Meeting

Zoe Schlanger
Drumming is one of the biggest problems neighbors have with Occupy Wall Street.
Last night, the Quality of Life and Financial District sub-committees of Community Board 1 held a hearing in Lower Manhattan. The topic was Occupy Wall Street, specifically the tense relationship the nearly five-week-old occupation has developed with its neighbors downtown.

OWS'ers Han Shan and Nelini Stamp represented the group and took questions from the board as the fired-up crowd of downtown residents and a smattering of occupiers cheered and booed. By the end of the evening, the committees had approved a number of resolutions concerning some of the biggest issues: OWS's drumming, its bathroom needs, and the barricades up all over the Financial District.

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Friends Gather to Remember Bob Arihood

Last night, friends of Bob Arihood gathered outside Ray's Candy Store at 7th Street and Avenue A to pay their respects. Bob passed away last week, and about 60 people met at his old hangout to say goodbye to the man who had left such a mark on them and the neighborhood itself.

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Real Estate Company Renames Midtown 'MiMa'

New York City real estate agents have given us one more reason to despise them; they're trying to rebrand Midtown West as MiMa, which is short for "The Middle of Manhattan," because the word "Midtown" doesn't make that clear enough. This new name is the work of Related, the company that just built the MiMa luxury tower on 42nd Street. Judging from the map on its website, this "new" neighborhood encompasses everything west of 5th Avenue between 32nd and 58th streets, also known as Hell's Kitchen.

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Cab Hits Horse-Drawn Carriage; Cops Seek Greenpoint Jewelry Store Robbers; Kids Ride Sheep

• A cab hit a horse-drawn carriage on Central Park South last night, rear-ending it and throwing a woman out onto the sidewalk and the horse onto the street, with the carriage on top of it, according to a witness. A man in the buggy suffered a head injury that was not life-threatening, and the three other passengers suffered minor injuries. The horse was fine. [NYDN]

• Cops are looking for two men who robbed Studio Jewelry in Greenpoint yesterday afternoon, shooting the owner, Richard Sanocki, in the stomach. Sanocki is expected to be OK. There's surveillance video of the robbery here. [NBC NY]

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The East Village Is NYC's Most Popular 'Date Spot'

HowAboutWe, the online dating site based on what you want to do -- how about we wake up early and blog together? -- has pulled together information from the more than 100,000 dates posted on its site to determine the neighborhoods New Yorkers most frequently pick as date spots (at least, according to HowAboutWe daters). According to the data crunched, New York City's 10 most popular dating spots/neighborhoods are...control your excitement...

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Little Italy Is Dead, Long Live Chinatown

"Little Italy is becoming Littler Italy," the New York Times declares in today's paper, noting that census results released in December count not one person living in the New York City neighborhood as a native of Italy. This time around, only 5 percent of residents in the 24 square blocks identify as Italian-American, as compared to 6 percent in the year 2000, down from almost 50 percent in 1950. That year, when things were still in black-and-white, 2,149 residents were Italian-born, but by 2000, that number was already down to 44. Though it's been swallowed by other, trendier neighborhoods like Soho, Noho and NoLIta, the real aggressor is Chinatown, which continues to take over.

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Murray Hill Is For Douchebags, Arrested Development

Screen shot 2011-01-19 at 9.06.29 AM.png
Even the New York Times says so! Murray Hill, the New York City neighborhood occupying blocks between 34th Street and 40th Street from Madison to Third Avenue, gets chuckled at in this morning's newspaper as the home of buildings "more challenging than a dorm, though not much more." Known for its spoiled kids-cum-bankers and PR girls, the Hill is painted as nothing more than a subsidized singles party for college graduates from New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut. Yeah, bro.

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the 'New Front Line' of Gentrification, According to England

Our friends on the other side of the pond have discovered a little neighborhood called Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, and today in the Guardian, deem it "perhaps the national capital for young 'hipsters' trying to beat back the commercialism and standardisation that defines much of American day-to-day life." Stop me if you've heard this one before. "It is a place that prides itself -- and has won fame -- for rejecting the malls and big business brands of the rest of America." Sounds cool, right?

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