Mayor Bloomberg, President Obama and the Politics of Gun Control [UPDATED]

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UPDATED (1/15/13): On the one-month anniversary of Newtown, we heard yet more news about gun control from our mayor and president.

In Baltimore, Bloomberg attended a summit on the topic at John Hopkins University and, once again, called for more action on a national level. His speech outlined his federal advisory role we mentioned in this post a few weeks ago; in it, he made clear the specific demands he has been discussing with Vice President Joe Biden's task force.

In Washington, Obama gave the final press conference of his first term. Before chastising the House Republicans for debt ceiling stalemates, the president made clear that he would be reviewing the VP's work this week. In addition, he stressed the need for a federal assault weapons ban -- a demand that Bloomberg made clear just a few cities away.

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Words With Friends Saved a Life

Remember all the hubbub when poor Alec Baldwin was so rudely interrupted while playing Words With Friends by a meanie-mean flight attendent, and then hauled off the plane, to the media's amusement? He now has health justification for his behavior -- Words With Friends saves lives. Simon and Georgie Fletcher, an Australian couple, had a long-distance "Words With Friends" relationship with Beth and Larry Legler in Montana. One day Simon was playing against Beth when, in a side convo, he said he wasn't feeling well. Beth told her husband Larry, who happens to be a doctor, and Larry recommended Simon get to a hospital stat!

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Goodbye, Sweet E-mail Hyphen: We'll Always Have -----

And so it goes.
On March 18, 2011, the small straight line between "e" (for electronic) and "m" (for mail) finally gave up the ghost after a long struggle with trying to remain relevant in a society that wishes nothing more than to kill all that is pointless and protuberant, or that which makes us think too much, or that which takes up a space without that space being merited. Many thought that the dash had died long ago. But those who could remember the dash -- which isn't a dash at all! -- remembered its proper name, Hyphen, and perhaps even would speak to it casually in passing, doffing a cap -- oh, hey Hyphen! (Hy to his friends).

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