These Two Horrible Men Harassed People on the F Train During Gay Pride

If you know who these guys are, don't hesitate to email
If you are going to be a violent, homophobic asshole, look around the room for cameras before you attack. Come on, that's like, rule No. 1 in How to Be a Violent, Homophobic Asshole.

Late Tuesday a video surfaced on YouTube of two men harrassing--at one point physically--Pride weekend revelers on a Queens-bound F train (can't confirm it was Queens-bound, but from the looks of the LED prompter it is definitely the F train).

It's unclear what started the altercation, but the video opens with an older man in a New York Giants polo shouting, "You fuck with me, and you're going to get more than fucked in the ass."

See the video for yourself after the jump.

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Neil Munro of The Daily Caller: Here's The Only Clean Audio Of What He Heckled At President Obama [EXCLUSIVE]

Steven Thrasher
Munro interrupting President Obama in the Rose Garden
After reading Megan Carpentier's Raw Story article about our experience in the White House Rose Garden standing next to Daily Caller heckler Neil Munro, we decided to go back and listen to the audio we were recording on our iPhone of the event, and compare it to other news outlets' audio.

Shockingly, it's cleaner than anything else we've found online -- clearer than the White House's audio or even NPR's (because, of course, their microphones were trained at President Obama and we happened to be next to Munro).

If you want to hear what Munro actually said (with his, ahem, immigrant Irish accent), take a listen. It's in three chunks, with brief silences between. The first segment is when Munro first jumps in, the second is when Obama answers him (and Munro tries to interrupt again), and the third is right after the president finishes his remarks and Munro yells out again.

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Neil Munro of The Daily Caller: Here's the Immigrant (Journalist? Heckler? Asshole?) Who Interrupted Obama's Immigration Speech

Steven Thrasher
Neil Munro, of The Daily Caller, interrupted Obama's immigration announcement

Update: Listen to the Voice's exclusive audio of what White House heckler Neil Munro actually said.

WASHINGTON -- President Obama's Rose Garden announcement of a kind of DREAM Act-like executive branch workaround was hijacked by a "journalist" named Neil Munro of the conservative website the Daily Caller. (You know, Tucker Carlson's totally legit publication, which recently took traffic trolling to the level of giving a real gun away every day.)

As Obama tried to talk about creating what he called a "stopgap" (pointedly neither "amnesty" nor a "pathway to citizenship") for the undocumented children of immigrants brought to the United States as young children, Obama was interrupted twice by Munro.

This was our first time to the White House and the first Voice appearance in awhile. Little did we know, as we stressed about adhering to White House press protocol, this guy was going to blow up next to us!

Without the exchange, Obama's news would have created enough fireworks on its own. As he acknowledged in his speech, the latest version of the DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act has been stalled in Congress for the past couple of years. Its basic tenets -- that minors who have never broken the law and are undocumented by no fault of their own should have a way to stay legally in the United States, if they go to college or join the military -- have been supported at one time or another by politicians as varied as John McCain, George W. Bush, and the late Ted Kennedy. Still, more than a decade after it was first introduced by Democrat Dick Durbin and Republican Orin Hatch, it's always died in the Senate, despite being quite popular with voters and among the least controversial proposed immigration reforms.

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Will the NYPD's Muslim Spy Scheme Threaten Investigations?

No surprise here: Spying on Islamic communities might make Muslims mistrust police, creating difficulties in gathering intel, the FBI's top cop in New Jersey says.

Religion News Service (via Washington Post) reports that Muslims are now wary of law enforcement after reports revealed that the NYPD carried out extensive surveillance, going so far as to stakeout entire neighborhoods.

"They're not sure they trust law enforcement in general, they're fearing being watched, they're starting to withdraw their activities," Michael Ward, director of the FBI's Newark division, told reporters.

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Westboro Baptist Church Coming to New York Sunday to Protest Same-Sex Marriage

God Hates Fags.png
Yesterday, we wrote about how NOM will be protesting same-sex marriage through the state on Sunday, but at locations which appear to be keeping their distance from actual weddings. However, according to a schedule posted on, the Westboro Baptist Church will also be picketing the first day of same-sex marriage, but will be doing so right in the faces of same-sex couples.

Their schedule is after the jump.

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Michael Bloomberg Was an Asshole in 2009 Testimony

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who we hung out with yesterday, has been revealed as something of a prick, at least on two particular days two years ago when he testified in a lawsuit brought against his Bloomberg L.P. media corporation. Reports about the testimony, which was released this month, two years after it happened, paint the mayor to be short-tempered and occasionally just mean. "Could we continue this via phone conference so that I can be back in my office, or do you believe that that's not acceptable?" he asked. Even the measured New York Times calls Bloomberg "sarcastic" and "patronizing," and refers to his "self-assuredness bordering on cockiness." For example, he quipped to a lawyer who had just quoted from Bloomberg's memoir, "Your reading is good."

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Sidewalk-Raging New Yorkers Secretly Want to Punch Tourists in the Head

Thumbnail image for tourists lane mark armstrong2.jpg
via Mark Armstrong
In New York City, we have all sorts of rage that other people from other places don't get to have. Many of those rages are proximity-based. Because there are a lot of us, and we like to get to where we're going in a hurry. Damn right! The Wall Street Journal has dissected the phenomenon of sidewalk rage, revealing important learnings to anyone who hopes to imitate a real New Yorker. In doing so, they have also uncovered some intriguing stats. Did you know that we walk at an average speed of 4.27 feet per second?

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Breaking: Michael Arrington Responds to AOL/TechCrunch Acquisition Rumors With Potentially Suicidal Segway Rides, Truancy

It has recently been rumored that TechCrunch CEO Michael Arrington -- a tech/media entrepreneur who takes the whole "bustin' down doors" bravado pretty seriously -- is in acquisition talks with media giant AOL, Om Malik at GigaOm reports, noting that the deal "is at a sensitive stage and might fall apart yet."

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Apple's Nu-Censorship: Freedom From Porn and Freedom From Farting

Apple's irritatingly named "App Store" has plenty of applications you can buy for your phone, none of which have porn on them, because Steve Jobs is trying to save the world from porn. [Full Disclosure: We are not.] He is also, apparently, now trying to save the world from farts.

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Washington, D.C., Mayor Adrian Fenty Sounds Like a Real Charmer/Asshole

Thumbnail image for Cover-8.jpg
Via WCP/Darrow Montgomery.
Washington, D.C.'s got a mayoral election coming up. As such, there's no better time for the Washington City Paper's Alan Suderman to run a terrific profile on the incumbent, Adrian Fenty, entitled "Adrian Fenty is a Jerk." Quite the thesis! How so?

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