Filmmaker Miranda July's New Somebody App Lets Your Intimate Messages Be Delivered By a Complete Stranger

Image via Miranda July's Twitter
If Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr don't allow you to air quite enough of your private life, Miranda July's got the app for you. The filmmaker, artist, and author launched Somebody today, a messaging service that enlists strangers to verbally deliver your messages.

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Is the New Museum 'Psycho Tank' Giving People Ear Infections?

psycho tank.jpg
The Carsten Höller Experience exhibit at the New Museum is doing very well -- so well, in fact, that the price of admission was just raised to a hefty $16. But it's not all innocent fun and sliding and hanging out in sensory deprivation pools; according to an item on Gothamist today, the salty Psycho Tank might be giving people ear infections. A reader who visited the exhibit at the end of November wrote to them:

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New Museum Raising Admission Prices For Carsten Höller Exhibit

carsten holler slide .jpg
The slide at the New Museum.
The Carsten Höller Experience exhibit at the New Museum has been running since October and is extremely popular. It features a three-story slide and also Psycho Tank, a "heavily salinated sensory deprivation tank" where people can take off their clothes and float. (There are showers on premises, FYI.)

The prospect of sliding down a slide and floating nude in a salty pool is so popular, in fact, that the museum is raising the price of admission from $12 to $16.

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