Vintage New York City Opera Costumes For Sale

Screaming Mimis
Still in the market for a Halloween costume? You could go as a ghost of New York City Opera's past.

In an effort to cut costs back in January, City Opera put 90 percent of its New Jersey warehouse--sets, props and costumes that had been stockpiled for decades--up for sale in an online auction. Artistic Director George Steel told the New York Times the warehouse cost the opera $500,000 a year to rent.

Noho thrift store Screaming Mimi's snapped up several of the opera company's costumes, a representative from the store said, and has rolled them out this month for Halloween.

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No Merger, but New York City Opera to Sell Thrift Shop, Move Archives to Columbia

Stephanie Berger
City Opera's last production, Anna Nicole
The New York City Opera was supposed to spend the next several months preparing for productions of Endimione, Bluebeard's Castle, and The Marriage of Figaro. Instead, the opera company is preparing to sell off assets, including its thrift shop, and move its records to Columbia University for preservation. Recent reports that a possible merger was on the table were, according to representatives, much exaggerated.

City Opera was forced to declare bankruptcy earlier this month after failing to raise $7 million to finish out its season, but a glimmer of hope for the company appeared following a bankruptcy hearing on October 10.

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New York City Opera Musicians Blast "Egregious Mismanagement" in Wake of Bankruptcy

Stephanie Berger
City Opera's last production, Anna Nicole
Gail Kruvand was an assistant principal bass player in the New York City Opera for 22 years. "I took lots of auditions, all over the country, before I won this position, and for me it was like, wow! I really felt like I'd arrived."

She played her final show with City Opera on Saturday, a performance of Anna Nicole.

"It was really sad. We were celebrating our great times that we had together," she says of the orchestra and chorus. "This dissolution and this bankruptcy of New York City Opera is not going to take away our memories."

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New York City Opera to Declare Bankruptcy If It Can't Raise $7 Million by the End of the Day

Stephanie Berger
New York City Opera's Anna Nicole
Calling all deep-pocketed arts patrons--now is your moment to swoop in and save City Opera from certain death.

With just 15 hours left to go, New York City Opera's Kickstarter campaign has raised just $285,590--about a quarter of the $1 million needed to finish out its current season.

City Opera says it has raised an additional $1.5 million outside of the Kickstarter, but even that will not nearly be enough to keep the company afloat.

On Thursday, City Opera's board of directors voted to begin bankruptcy proceedings if $7 million was not raised by day's end on Monday.

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