Journalists From Rupert Murdoch's The Sun Arrested

News of the World? Old news. Months after the that paper was shut down in the wake of phone hacking revelations, the Associated Press reported this morning that four current and former journalists from another one of Rupert Murdoch's British tabloids, The Sun, were arrested for allegedly bribing police. One police officer was also arrested in the investigation known as Operation Elveden.

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David Leigh, Guardian Journalist, Admitted to Phone Hacking

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David Leigh
David Leigh, an assistant editor at the Guardian, admitted to hacking voicemails in an article written in 2006 that just seems to have been dug up. Leigh listened to the messages of a "corrupt arms company executive," and said his aim was to expose "bribery and corruption." Interestingly, his paper was the one that broke the empire-burning News of the World hacking scandal in the first place. More »

News International Scandal: UK Cops Now Investigating Alleged Computer Hacking

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A new twist in the seemingly endless News Corp debacle: now authorities in Britain are expanding their investigation into allegations of computer hacking on top of the existing phone hacking and police bribing. Scotland Yard released a statement: "Operation Tuleta is currently considering a number of allegations regarding breach of privacy, received by the MPS since January 2011, which fall outside the remit of (phone-hacking) Operation Weeting, including computer hacking. Some aspects of this operation will move forward to a formal investigation."

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James Hipwell, Former Daily Mirror Staffer, Says Hacking Was "Endemic" Under Piers Morgan

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A former reporter at the U.K. tabloid the Daily Mirror told the Independent that phone hacking was "endemic" during his time there, and that he would testify in a public inquiry ordered by Prime Minister David Cameron. Hipwell worked at the Mirror while current CNN anchor Piers Morgan was editor. Morgan has denied any knowledge of or involvement in phone hacking while the Mirror was under his editorship. More »

Phone Hacking: A Guide to Journalistic Jackassery

Each week, Death by Science sends out an all-points bulletin for the latest science and technology news, tracks it down and beats a confession out of it. This week, we dive into the seedy world of phone hacking. Beware, it is a process so treacherous, so disgusting and so complex that you may never recover. Wait a second -- what is phone hacking?

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Fox News' Brazen Sugarcoating of News Corp's Hacking Scandal

They've outdone themselves!

I mean, damn. The obviousness of it. The comparison of the News Corp hacking scandal to the hacking incidents at the Pentagon and Citibank boggles the mind, since the Pentagon and Citibank were the victims of hacking, while News of the World was the perpetrator. Not that that should even have to be spelled out.

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Rebekah Brooks, Fallen Murdoch Exec, Arrested in London [Update]

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​Rebekah Brooks, the former chief of News International and favorite of Rupert Murdoch, was arrested today in London in connection with the phone-hacking 'n bribing scandal engulfing News Corp. Brooks was arrested by appointment at noon. The police statement didn't identify her by name, instead referring to her as a 43-year-old woman being arrested "in connection with allegations of corruption and phone hacking." The arrest comes just two days after Brooks' resignation from News International, and also two days before Rupert and James Murdoch are set to join Brooks in testifying in front of a parliamentary panel investigating the scandal. It's starting to look like Ten Little Indians over there.

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Rebekah Brooks, Former News International Chief, To Receive $5.6 Million Payout

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Rebekah Brooks, the former chief of News International who resigned this week in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal tearing through News Corp, has received a hefty $5.6 million buyout package, according to the Daily Mail. Others being handed a thick envelope on their way out the door: the final editor of News of the World, Colin Myler, two of the company's senior lawyers, and of course Les Hinton, erstwhile CEO of Dow Jones and publisher of the Wall Street Journal who resigned yesterday. The Daily Mail reports that the financial packages will also include gag orders so that the higher-ups won't discuss the cases outside of criminal proceedings. More »

Rebekah Brooks Mocked by News of the World Staff in Final Crossword

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Everyone at News of the World may be out of a job, but at least they found some small consolation in thumbing their nose at News International chief Rebekah Brooks in the paper's final crossword today. Brooks reportedly instructed her executives to go over the final paper with a "fine tooth comb" lest the staffers attempt to take shots at her, but they weren't thorough enough to catch the barbs in the puzzle section. The Quickie puzzle had clues like "Brook," "stink," "catastrophe," and "digital protection," while the Cryptic Crossword included gems such as "criminal enterprise," "mix in prison," and "string of recordings." The clue for 24 Across: "Woman stares wildly at calamity." The answer: "Disaster." More »

Last Edition of News of the World Published Today

The above is the cover of the very last edition of Rupert Murdoch's dastardly red-top News of the World. News Corp is shutting down the paper as of today after the extent of NOTW's voicemail hacking scheme was revealed. Their goodbye story is apologetic and careful: "We praised high standards, we demanded high standards but, as we are now only too painfully aware, for a period of a few years up to 2006 some who worked for us, or in our name, fell shamefully short of those standards. Quite simply, we lost our way. Phones were hacked, and for that this newspaper is truly sorry. There is no justification for this appalling wrong-doing."

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