Crack Investigative News Team Discovers Beer Pong

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A Rhode Island NBC affiliate put its boots to the ground and dug up something good: a curious "beer pong" game is being played in bars, right under the authorities' noses! This merits a three-part investigative series (click through, video isn't embedding).

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Study: 'Millennials' Require Palatial, Tricked-Out Apartments. Or Do They?

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The Urban Land Institute has published a study showing that people in the 18 to 32 age group expect to buy a home in the next three to five years. Since that's not happening, would-be homebuyers will be flooding the rental market, where developers are trying to cater to their needs. Those needs are many and varied, it seems, and Curbed summarizes them as follows (emphasis theirs):

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Today Is Slow News Day, Says Twitter

Today, media people of the world are sitting at their computers, scanning their Google Readers and coming up empty-handed. For, today is a Slow News Day, a holiday of sorts.

Nobody even has anything to talk about on Twitter! So they're all talking about Slow News Day.

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Canadiens, Pirates, Robin Hood: The Best News Trends Cycle Ever?

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If only every day's news could start out like this. Why is the universe obsessed right now with a misspelling of our neighbors to the north, swashbuckling scalawags, and the Prince of Nottingham Forest?

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