Press Clips: Scattered Showers of Media Men

The New York Observer's man-tastic new look! Big ups to Bill O'Reilly. Breitbart wants us all to die, or something. Hugo-a-go-go at the Times Magazine. Pissy paywall battles, angry clowns, the Lloyd Grove Orgy, and more! Press Clips, Day 17, Lunch Edition, right here.

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CNN's Resident Assclown Rick "Dirty" Sanchez vs. "Bigot" Jon Stewart and the Jewish Media Conspiracy

There are not enough words to describe the extent to which Rick Sanchez has -- without fail, time and time again -- aired out the worst aspects of his arrogant, patently unlikeable persona -- one which seems to thrive on his own incompetence like it's an anabolic steroid -- on full display, defying the figurative physics of stupidity. And today, Sanchez has taken us into a new, gilded Era of Incompetence.

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What's Up The Jews' Asses on Yom Kippur?

butt out jews.jpg
Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement for The Jews -- of which New York City has many -- is coming at this city faster than a first-time Brooklyn Tornado. For some Jews, it can't come fast enough -- funny, because The Jews fast on Yom Kippur -- which has something to do with why some Jews in New York are reportedly putting things up their asses before Yom Kippur. Sound sacrilegious? Well, it's not.

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Mel Gibson's Ironic "Jew" Costume Maybe Not the Best Disguise

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Via TMZ.
Who designed Mel Gibson's "Graying Groucho Marx" costume? They obviously were able to complete this operation sans mirror, because Mel might've gotten upset with what he saw in one otherwise. And then blamed all of the problems in his world on that person. Which, incidentally, would manage a unique form of astute observation on Gibson's part. As far as Yom Kippur humor goes, though, it's pretty classic. Previously, Mel Gibson: The Flow Chart and Mel Gibson: The Crossword Puzzle. [FK]

Tea Party Now Openly Hunting Blacks, Jews, Brown People

We always knew the Tea Party had interest in other races, but it appears as if they're now making a full effort to go after them, right out in the open.

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Schmuck Shoots Self in Stakeout with Chasidic Neighborhood "Cops"

So, if you don't know, the "Shomrim" are an unarmed, but "licensed" Orthodox Jewish community patrol group who watches over their neighborhoods. They're like the vigilante group of "Hebrew Hammers," or Jewish Batmans, or something, but not nearly as cool. They're also pretty hardcore, if last night's shooting in Borough Park is any evidence.

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Abe Foxman is Confusing Us by Being Sensible, Admirable, and Nuanced

We've noted Abe Foxman -- the Anti-Defamation League's very public, very loud, very condemnation-happy public face -- as an "known racist" and egomaniacal asshole" here. We're not the only ones who aren't fans of his: one ADL award-winner, Fareed Zakaria, recently returned a $10,000, five year-old award to them after the ADL announced their opposite to Park 51, the Cordoba Center (or, for those of you right-wing psychos who hate read us -- Hello again! -- the "Ground Zero Mosque"). So why are we so confused with Foxman's recent, sensible stances?

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Are Black Jews in New York Really All That Surprising?

In some parts, actually: yeah. Take Crown Heights, for example, where the African-American and Orthodox Jewish communities rioted against each other only less than two decades ago. The New York Times pointed out the seemingly surprising crossover in Crown Heights specifically as a Black Orthodox Jew, Yoseph Robinson, was killed in a robbery recently. It was followed by this, the anthropological crossover interest that it piqued. Although a few days old, the article is, by all means, excellent reading.

And now, apropos of only that, after the jump, a list of famous Black Jews I forgot or didn't know were Jewish from this awesome list on Wikipedia:

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Pervy Rabbi Tricks Traif With Kosher Prison Meals

shabbos dinner.jpeg
Feels like the New York Post missed a great headline in this one: a Rabbi housed on Rikers Island stopped eating not because he wasn't being served Kosher meals, but because the meals weren't certified by a Rabbi of his choice...

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Abe Foxman is an Egomaniacal Asshole. And a Racist.

Somehow we're just seeing this, but Jeff Bercovici at Daily Finance reports today that Anti-Defamation League leader Abe Foxman had a fake Twitter doppelganger/satirist of him shut down at the request of the ADL.

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