Amish Scofflaws Nabbed in Buggy Safety-Triangle Scandal

amish mugshots .jpg

Those photos are the single best group of mugshots in the history of the world. They're also as perfect an illustration as you could ask for of what can go wrong when the Amish lifestyle bumps up against that of the modern world; these men were arrested for refusing to pay fines after for not putting orange safety triangles on their buggies. They consider them too modern.

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Bowled-Over Bowlmor Construction Workers Get Gutterball Paychecks

Bowlmor Lanes -- the Union Square bowling alley/nightclub -- is under fire today from a New York City carpenters union accusing the hotspot of "[desecrating] the American way of life." How? By hiring contractors who've allegedly bilked workers building their planned 90,000-square-foot Times Square funhouse (scheduled to open in November) out of fair pay and benefits.More »

Grading the New York Times' East Village Hyperlocal Slave Labor Experiment, Now Live

hyperlocal freddie kruger.jpg
The New York Times has now launched their hyperlocal news blog run by NYU students -- some of the most hoodwinked-by-tuition-costs in the nation -- for free. How is it?

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New York Post Disappointed That Guy Shot by Cops 21 Times Won't Be Charged With Attempted Murder

Aw. The New York Post has a "sadz" this afternoon. Someone, quick: reach into your heart and pull out your most tightly-strung heartstrings.

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Thanks, NYPD, for Nothing--Where's Billy Jack When You Need Him?

A real crime fighter
​In the 1971 film Billy Jack, actor Tom Laughlin knocks around the bullies who prey on innocent victims.

In real life, it's the cops who are supposed to protect you from harm -- even though these days, we prefer that they use handcuffs rather than beat people to a pulp.

But after a crime is committed, isn't it their job to make sure we don't get victimized again? Well, after what happened to me recently, I'm not so sure.

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Kobayashi Cleared: Charges Against Hot-Dog-Eating Champ Dropped

The government of the people, by the people, and for the people has proven itself adept to knowing the people's will, as charges against The People's Hero -- some tiny Japanese guy who could eat an entire fraternity for lunch -- have been dropped as of today, according to the New York Daily News.

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Breaking: Village Voice Offices Currently Being Protested Over Union-Busting Paper Manufactures

Sometimes, news happens right before your very eyes! Or even outside your building! To you! We have received word that there are "four guys" outside handing fliers out in front of the Village Voice offices. Even more, they are protesting the (for the record: unionized) Village Voice for union-busting! What gives?

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