Eleanor Bergstein, Screenwriter, Talks Dirty Dancing

At Monday night's screening of Dirty Dancing, hosted by Jezebel for the New York Abortion Access Fund at Cinema Village, one attendee asked screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein to entertain the audience with what would have been some fan fiction.

"I'm wondering if in your mind you have any idea what happens to Johnny and Baby at the end of the movie?" the fan posited during the question and answer session.

"Sure I do," Bergstein answered. "But what you have in your mind is just as valid as what I have."

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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Spin-Off Announced

"Won't you be my neighbor? REMIX!"
A decade after Mister Rogers' Neighborhood went off the air, PBS has announced a spin-off called Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. The series will be animated and star Daniel Tiger, the son of Daniel Striped Tiger, who was originally a puppet. The original Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was pulled from syndication in 2008 and its host and creator, Fred Rogers, died in 2003. The new show will premier in the Fall of next year and feature "grown-up" versions of original characters and their children. It is expected to teach the same message of neighborly kindness as Mister Rogers' Nieghborhood, but probably with more lessons about the dangers of sexting. [EW]

Mars Bar Is Tearing Itself Down

Esther Zuckerman
As EV Grieve pointed out this morning, there is construction -- or deconstruction -- going on at Mars Bar, which closed Monday of last week. However, it's not part of the official demolition of the building. We went by this afternoon and were greeted by owner Hank Penza, who seems to grow surlier with each of our visits. He told us to talk to a man standing next to him, who declined to be named, but said he "works with Hank." That man told us they are tearing down the bar and taking the bricks out of the wall for use in the new bar, which will open in a few months somewhere yet to be determined in the neighborhood. "We're trying to preserve as much as we can," he said, adding that demolition of the entire building at the corner of East First Street and Second Avenue will happen in August. [ezwrites]

Get Nostalgic: Today Is National Video Game Day

Horizontal rectangle video game screenshot that is a representation of a game of table tennis.png
It's that time of the year again, the day you can hole up in your house and relive your childhood passion for video games without fear of being called a geek. In honor of this great holiday, we've talked to a few people about their favorite games. Do you remember Frogger?

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Stylish Fine Art Sukkahs Come to Union Square

Next Sunday and Monday, Union Square will be Sukkah City, where 12 design contest winners will display their structures. Sukkahs, temporary dwellings built to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, are intended to represent the delicate living spaces Israelites inhabited during their 40 years of wandering the desert after the Exodus. Traditionally, the structures are rudimentary and simply built. These are a bit different.

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Tom Tomorrow
If it helps, Louis, imagine I look like this -- Tony O.

At your suggestion, I'm meeting with SXSW's Rebecca Feferman Friday morning, and I look forward to it.

Again, it was great to hang out with you in Toronto, which for me is the primary reason I go to AAN conventions -- to meet fellow editors and see if we can't help each other out in some way. For example, at that dinner we attended with David Carr, I had a great conversation with Tim Keck, publisher of The Stranger, and he and I explored some ideas for how we could join forces for a future event.

In hindsight, that trip to Toronto was really worth it for an editor who, like others, is looking for more ways to maximize the web, hold on to our traditional dedication to investigative journalism, and still have fun in a difficult economic era. Throwing back beers with fellow AAN members and telling war stories every year is simply a great rejuvenator.

So it's with some dismay that I read your column this week which suggests you took away a very different conclusion from our meeting. As in: the all-too-familiar and lazy slam at our company.

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Night in the East Village, at a Minute and 19 Seconds (Time-Lapse Video)

Because we love lengthy moments sped up infinitely, New York's East Village, and night, allow us to present this East Village time-lapse video by Jean-Paul Lew. Watch til the end when the sun comes up and the lights start coming on in buildings. Sometimes our nights really do feel this short, though admittedly less melodic. (Video after the jump.)

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Fake Old New York City as the "New" New York City

The New York Times Styles section today takes on the issue of, well, reinventing the Old New York. With restaurants like Keith McNally's Minetta Tavern, the Graydon Carter-owned Monkey Bar and Waverly Inn, and most interestingly, The Lion, a restaurant owned by former MSNBC anchor and Abrams Media owner Dan Abrams, as well as Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko, The Lion. The problem is: they're more of the bullshit same-old.

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