JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Airports All Having Issues These Days

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At Newark airport, your  flight will rarely be on time. At JFK, your stuff might get stolen: according to the Post, larcenies at Kennedy Airport are up 30 percent from the first half of 2010 (the most commonly stolen items are laptops and iPads). Looks like we're all booking out of LaGuardia! But LaGuardia is where seven percent of the luggage scales are faulty, potentially increasing baggage costs, and also where you might undergo an invasive three-minute frisking by the TSA. Greyhound bus, anyone? More »

10 Crazy Facts Learned From New York City's Complaint Records

New Yorkers love to complain. When we walk down the street we get sidewalk rage, and when we're at home, we can't stop complaining about everything around our homes. 311 just released an interactive map that lets you track complaints over the past year in categories from noise to traffic and everything in between, including public pools. We combed through the database and pulled out 10 things most of you probably haven't even thought to complain about yet.

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New York City's Official Apocalypse Manual

Should New York City face a "very grim" situation, the government has the right to "establish curfews, quarantine wide areas, close businesses, restrict public assemblies and, under certain circumstances, suspend local ordinances," the New York Times explains in a feature this morning about the legal rulebook that governs potentially apocalyptic times. It's terrifying in theory, but also very boring because it's written by lawyers. The "New York State Public Health Legal Manual," a/k/a The Oh My God We're All Goin' to Die book, "provides a catalog of potential terrorism nightmares, like smallpox, anthrax or botulism episodes." But don't worry, they have a plan.

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Murray Hill Is For Douchebags, Arrested Development

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Even the New York Times says so! Murray Hill, the New York City neighborhood occupying blocks between 34th Street and 40th Street from Madison to Third Avenue, gets chuckled at in this morning's newspaper as the home of buildings "more challenging than a dorm, though not much more." Known for its spoiled kids-cum-bankers and PR girls, the Hill is painted as nothing more than a subsidized singles party for college graduates from New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut. Yeah, bro.

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Man Taunts Cop in Crazy Subway Arrest Video

"Respect my authoritah!"
Local favorite NYC The Blog has unearthed a video of an NYPD officer conducting a wacky arrest underground. In the clip, the officer pins a man to the ground, throws the suspect's hat, pushes him down the stairs, punches him once, takes out a baton and finally manages to wrestle the guy into submission after four minutes. The entire time, the man taunts the officer and resists arrest with relative ease. He even challenges him to fight more than once. Check out the ridiculous video after the jump.

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R.I.P., Sort of: New York State's Oldest Prisoner Dead at 101

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New York State's oldest prisoner, Theodore Sypnier, died yesterday at 101, of natural causes. He had been convicted of child molestation on two separate occasions, once in 1987 and again in 1999, and was let out on parole last year briefly; police soon took him back to jail because he did not attend scheduled counseling meetings. The New York Post reports that "his life wasn't any different than that of younger inmates."

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Man Pushes Woman Into Subway, Works at Cipriani, Claims to Be Osama Bin Laden

The Subway of Your Nightmares
The cool weather last night might have indicated that New York City's summer is coming to an end, but there's still a fair amount of homicidal crazy in the air. Take, for instance, Jose Rojas, a 25-year-old man from the Bronx, who shoved a woman into an oncoming subway train, unprovoked. It's pretty much every New Yorker's worst nightmare to be the closest vulnerable body nearby when one of the city's thousands of unhinged or nearly-there lunatics finally snaps. Ute Linhart was that person on Thursday evening, lucky enough to escape with only a few broken bones. Today, the Post has more on Mr. Rojas, terror incarnate.

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