Comic Book Store Owner Closes Shop, Starts Looking for a Girlfriend

Photo Credit: Fonzie's cousin via Compfight cc
Are you really going to tell me there aren't any comic book nerds left?
Hey everybody, did you know print is "dying"? Gee, I sure didn't. Anyway, slow print sales affect more than just local newspapers and national glossies. Joseph Liesner of Sunnyside, Queens is shutting down his 30-year-old comic book store. The 80-year-old says business just isn't what it used to be.

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Photographer Lauren Fleishman Chronicles 'Love Ever After'

Lauren Fleishman
After freelance photographer Lauren Fleishman's grandfather died, she found a book next to his bed containing love letters written to her grandmother. "That inspired me to start seeking out couples that have been married for over 50 years," she told Runnin' Scared on the phone today. Fleishman has been working on the project for three years, and is now seeking funds on Kickstarter to help her photograph more couples and turn her work into a book. We admit we have been cynical about the current onslaught of love-themed media, but we are smitten with these stories of long-lasting New York-area romance.

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Hotel Chelsea Undergoing Renovations, Tenants Protest With Sign

The Hotel Chelsea.
Three signs hang outside neighborhood landmark Hotel Chelsea. The first, a small laminated sheet of paper, announces the temporary closure of the hotel. After Hotel Chelsea was sold to developer Joseph Chetrit, things changed. On August 2nd, the hotel closed to vistors and guests, isolating itself as a massive renovation began. Non-union workers tore out century-old infrastructure, along with decades-old artwork by the luminary former tenants. Chetrit's vision is an Ace Hotel West, another upscale hangout spot for the cool and monied in the continued reinvention of Chelsea. As a result, the art had to go.

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This Man Witnessed Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

This is a TV appearance from 1956, by a 96-year-old man named Samuel Seymour:

As a five-year-old boy, he saw John Wilkes Booth shoot Abraham Lincoln. Which happened in 1865.



Elderly Jewish New Yorkers May Hold Secret to Long Life

woody allen.jpg
Cornell University researchers are about to begin studying the stem cells of a dozen elderly Jewish New Yorkers to figure out how they manage to live so long. There's evidence of a "longevity gene" which protects against heart disease and cancer; a lot of these seniors are living to 100 despite bad habits like drinking and smoking. Are smoking, drinking, eating fatty foods, and being of Ashkenazi Jewish descent the secrets to long life? (I've got four out of four, what about you?)More »

Home Aide Accused of Stealing $800,000 From Elderly Woman

money bags.jpg
This is enough to make you never want to get old, ever: an elderly woman in Queens says her home aide, who she had known and trusted for seven years, stole $800,000 from her. The woman also turned 85-year-old Renee Fuld's apartment into a rent-free boarding house for seven of her friends and relatives. Fuld is bedridden, has no children, and can only get around her apartment with the help of a wheelchair. More »

Walter Breuning, World's Oldest Man, Dies at 114

Walter Breuning died yesterday in Great Falls, Montana at the age of 114, making him the world's oldest man. The AP reports that the former railroad worker identified eating only two meals a day as a key to his longevity. In related news, the world's youngest person was just born.

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Old Man Robbed Older Man of $330,000; Sentenced to Weekends in Jail

Harry Abrams, a 76-year-old New York man, robbed his 98-year-old father-figure friend Emanuel Baetich of $330,000 in certificates of deposit while Baetich was in the hospital for a broken hip. (This is already a good story.) Via to the New York Post, Abrams had been giving Baetich free office space, where he practiced law "from his wheelchair." Abrams used the stolen money for innocuous things men approaching their 80s need, like "clothes, groceries and a vacation in Puerto Rico," but was eventually found out, pleaded guilty to all charges and paid back $388,063. All of which, his age especially, adds up to Abrams receiving the extremely lenient sentence of weekends in jail for one year. Vacation!

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Elizabeth Taylor in Hospital for Congestive Heart Failure

Liz Taylor, who is 78 now, has been hospitalized in L.A. for congestive heart failure, which she had surgery for in 2009. According to her publicist, "She is currently being kept in the hospital for monitoring. Her family and close friends are appreciative of the warm support and interest of her loyal fans but have asked that people respect her privacy and allow her medical team the time and space to focus on restoring her back to health." Get better, Liz! Cleopatra is still one of our favorites.


Happy Birthday, New York!

Dear New York,

On this date in 1653, you (then named New Amsterdam -- you never really looked like a New Amsterdam) were incorporated. You've had your ups, your downs and even that weird phase in the '80s when you got heavy into drugs and synth music.

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