New York State Is 48th in the Nation for Home Caregiving for the Elderly

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Yesterday AARP published the results of its caregiver survey, a study of how families and individuals cope with providing care to their elderly relatives. The survey results were astonishing: Forty percent of New Yorkers over 50 report working as an unpaid caregiver to a sick or elderly relative. Nearly 70 percent of those do it without the aid of a home nurse or care worker.

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Comic Book Store Owner Closes Shop, Starts Looking for a Girlfriend

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Are you really going to tell me there aren't any comic book nerds left?
Hey everybody, did you know print is "dying"? Gee, I sure didn't. Anyway, slow print sales affect more than just local newspapers and national glossies. Joseph Liesner of Sunnyside, Queens is shutting down his 30-year-old comic book store. The 80-year-old says business just isn't what it used to be.

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Paul Ryan Uses His Own Mama to Defuse Medicare Drama

In Rep. Paul Ryan's 'The Path to Prosperity' budget, Medicare, the health insurance program that is loved by older Americans and hated by deficit hawks, will cease to exist some time around 2022. The program - a lasting stipulation of Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society - will be transformed into a voucher system, where anyone born after 1956 will be forced to seek private insurance instead of having the government pick up the bill. The HMO machine spurs on and, by 2033, you will have to be 67 to receive all of this good stuff.

Well, one main problem with this insurance realignment is that Americans in their 30s and 40s do not want to hear that shit - according to a poll conducted by the Washing Post a year ago, 78% of Americans are opposed to Medicare cuts as a way to solve the deficit problem. And that makes absolute sense: who would want to give up their entitlements to fix a problem Washington created? National sacrifice is one thing but this is hard-earned health insurance we're talking about here, right?

Wrong. As the campaign season heats up during the later days of August, the most recent pseudo-controversy is the to-and-fro arguments over Medicare cuts by the two tents. The sides are pretty simple: the Obama/Biden camp believes government needs to continue to pick up the tab for elders while the Romney/Ryan camp seeks to shift responsibility over to the private insurance companies. 

And today, down in Florida, Rep. Paul Ryan brought out his own mama to tell the world's largest retirement community at the Villages that the change in Medicare will not hurt them... just everyone else.

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Photographer Lauren Fleishman Chronicles 'Love Ever After'

Lauren Fleishman
After freelance photographer Lauren Fleishman's grandfather died, she found a book next to his bed containing love letters written to her grandmother. "That inspired me to start seeking out couples that have been married for over 50 years," she told Runnin' Scared on the phone today. Fleishman has been working on the project for three years, and is now seeking funds on Kickstarter to help her photograph more couples and turn her work into a book. We admit we have been cynical about the current onslaught of love-themed media, but we are smitten with these stories of long-lasting New York-area romance.

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New Yorkers Now Have Longer Life Expectancy Than Ever, Mayor Announces

Back in September we noted that Mayor Bloomberg announced that the amount of New Yorker smokers was down to 14 percent. But then, we wondered what might be the next killer of our population. Could it be "getting old and dying?" Well, rest easy, because Mayor Bloomberg announced today that New Yorkers are doing well in the living long department. Not only are they are staying alive for longer than ever before, they are also beating the rest of the country in doing so.

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Mayor Bloomberg Disapproves of Low-Riding Pants, Defends Right to Wear Them

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On his weekly John Gambling radio show appearance, Mayor Bloomberg touched on the issue of young men wearing their pants hanging down, a topic near and dear to old people everywhere.

A caller named Eddie called in to tell the mayor about an incident on the bus in which a young man with low-hanging pants stood near his young daughter. "There was a gentleman on the bus with his pants down, I mean really grossly down," Eddie said.

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NYT Comes Out Against 'Yarn Bombing'

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Esther Zuckerman
‚ÄčIf you read Runnin' Scared regularly, you'll know that we have a thing for yarn art. Unfortunately, it's made it onto 
Neil Genzlinger's list in the Times this weekend of things in NYC that should be banned. He'd like to ban pan flutes, for example, and fedoras (we endorse this one), "anyone caught using a cellphone," and twin strollers containing only one baby -- and "yarn bombing": More »

This Man Witnessed Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

This is a TV appearance from 1956, by a 96-year-old man named Samuel Seymour:

As a five-year-old boy, he saw John Wilkes Booth shoot Abraham Lincoln. Which happened in 1865.



U.S. Postal Service Tries to Stay Relevant by Increasing Social Media Presence

The 2012 Cherry Blossom Centennial Stamp
Yesterday, the dying government institution that is the United States Postal Service made one last attempt at staying relevant by offering sneak-peeks of new 2012 stamps over Facebook and Twitter. They will post a new stamp every weekday for some undetermined amount of time. The USPS social-media person must be too old to appreciate the irony in trying to save snail mail on the interwebs, or maybe the Postal Service has finally realized that the only young people who are going to buy stamps are irony-loving hipsters.

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99-Year-Old Man Finally Meets Right Woman, Settles Down

Herrick and his bride.
Ladies, just because your man won't commit now doesn't mean that's forever. Gilbert Herrick, who is 99 years old and a World War II veteran, finally married for the first time in his life after meeting Virginia Hartman-Herrick, a youthful 86-year-old he met at Monroe Community Hospital in Rochester, New York. He said, "I never met the right woman until I met Virginia." Their philosophy: do the things that make you happy, pass a lot of love notes but tear them up before anyone else can see them, and get married so you can live in the same room. "You can't do that here unless you are married," said Gilbert. "So she asked me, and I said yes." And that's basically how it goes. (Kudos to the bride for wearing red.) [Democrat & Chronicle via NBC NY]