New Yorker Erin Hamlin Wins Bronze in Sochi, Becomes First U.S. Singles Luger Ever to Medal at Olympics

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Twenty-seven-year-old Erin Hamlin secured a bronze medal -- the first medal for a singles luger in U.S. history -- Tuesday in Sochi.

This was the third Olympics for Hamlin, who hails from Remsen, New York. She grew up training on her home track at Mount Van Hoevenberg outside Lake Placid.

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Ke$ha & Pitbull Have Nothing on the U.S. Biathlon Team's Theme Song

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Tim Burke firing them down for Team U.S.A.
Biathlon is the most badass of Olympic sports, winter or summer: rifle-toting cross-country skiers, weaving through trees, shooting from flat on their stomachs, and "atoning" for the shots they miss with extra laps or added time. It's the only sport that could, conceivably, have been adapted for the Olympics from an action sequence in a Roger Moore-vintage James Bond film. (Alas, per Wikipedia, the sport actually traces its roots back to Norway, where, more than 150 years ago, it was an element in military training excercises.)

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U.S. Olympic Basketball: Will Gold Be Turning To Lead?


Four years ago in Beijing the American basketball world very nearly got a rude shock when Spain's national team scored 107 points and trailed by just two with four minutes to play. Our eventual 119-107 victory did little to ease the minds of American fans; all we could think of was, in effect, "These guys are good and they're getting better. And they're not the only ones."

On Sunday, in the game for the gold, Spain was throwing yet another scare into Team USA with about eight minutes left to play. With the score tied, the only good news for the US was that Marc Gasol was on the bench with four fouls - and that Ricky Rubio, still recuperating from a torn ACL and subsequent surgery, was unavailable.

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Olympic Beach Volleyball: It's Not All About The Bikinis


In the US, it didn't hurt that, in the year of the Olympic woman, ours brought home the gold. In fact, the silver, too: in the final, women's beach volleyball-ers  Kerry Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor battled two other Americans, April Ross and Jennifer Kessy, who, in losing consecutive 21-16 sets to the champs, probably gave the ecstatic spectators a dress rehearsal for their gold medal run in Rio in 2016.

Beach volleyball isn't new; the first two-man beach volleyball was played in Santa Monica in the 1930s and the first tournament to offer a prize was played in 1948 in L.A -- the prize was a case of Pepsi. It's not even really new to the Olympics, having been introduced in Atlanta
in 1996. So why the sudden craze?

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Olympic Judo Fighter Nick Delpopolo Booted From Games After Failing Drug Test; Claims He "Inadvertently" Ate Weed-Laced Food

Nick Delpopolo "inadvertently" ate weed. Whatever you say, buddy...

He didn't inhale, but an Upstate Olympian who was booted from the Olympics after testing positive for weed apparently chowed down on some food that had been "baked with marijuana."

Nick Delpopolo, a 23-year-old judo fighter from New Jersey, was expelled by the International Olympic Committee today after traces of THC were found in his blood.

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English Vacationer with Olympic Fever Tries to Swim Across Atlantic Ocean, Fails

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daily mail photo.jpeg
Daily Mail
This weekend, a 34-year-old London man apparently overcome with Olympic excitement attempted to swim 3,600 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from Biarritz, France to New York City. He didn't make it.

Around 300 yards into his journey, the unnamed tourist was rescued when coastguards lowered a diver in the water from a helicopter to convince him that it probably wasn't wise to continue. Only donning trunks, the man didn't have any equipment vital for such a journey, like flippers, food, or a motorboat. Still, he insisted he'd be able to do it.

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London's Name For Its 2012 Olympic Village: 'East Village'

london olympic village.jpg
Artists rendering of London's Olympic Village.
A new East Village is about to spring up all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. London is hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics and they're naming their Olympic Village the "East Village," somewhat unimaginatively. East Village 2.0 will house 6,000 people and when the games are over it'll be a big cheesy development, kind of like our East Village over here.

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Fashion Week: Johnny Weir, Long Lines at Fashion's Night Out

Photo Sep 08, 7 42 19 PM.jpg
Sharyn Jackson
Even the hair had to wait in line at Louboutin
Fashion's Night Out, despite sounding grammatically incorrect when spoken, is a hugely successful idea. There's amazing talent and food and some decent freebies, but for the most part it encourages pretty people to dress up, buy stuff, and stop traffic. We heard reports that SoHo was like a parking lot last night; a guy skateboarding with a ghettoblaster (no doubt part of the evening's festivities) was going faster than my friend's taxi on Spring. My station for the evening, the West Village, had backups of its own, but more on that later.

For all its achievements, however, FNO is a lot like New Year's Eve. Another awkward possessive, yes, but it's also invariably a let-down. A night where you walk around in uncomfortable shoes from place to place, wait in line for hours of your life you'll never get back while taller people are let in right in front of you, and all to get into some crowded room where the cocktails are watery and you just can't seem to get served a glass of champagne.

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Does This Look Like 'Zion' to You? Iran Thinks So.

The Olympics are for intra-national bonding, and being kind to one another despite our various geopolitical borders, and sex among swim teams, and beating the crap out of everyone who's not the U.S.A.! Which is why Iran is very upset that the logo for the 2012 London Olympics looks like a shoddy Keith-Haring rip-off it reads "Zion." Iran is so upset about this so-called "racist logo," in fact, that they wrote a letter to the International Olympic Committee threatening to boycott the games and urging other Muslim countries to do the same.

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The 2014 Winter Olympics Mascots: How Do They Compare to Mascots of Yesteryear?

The new mascots for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are here! They're pretty cute if a little too Pixar. It's a polar bear, a hare, and a leopard with a snowboard. The only one who looks remotely athletic is the leopard. He's actually kind of scary if you look too long into his eyes.

How do they stack up to other Olympics mascots?

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