Horse Carriage Union Tries To Slam D.A. Cy Vance Over Failure To Charge Activist; Fails Miserably

If you're gonna hold a press conference to shame a district attorney into filing charges against someone, you might want to make sure charges haven't already been filed.

The Horse and Carriage Association held a press conference this morning to "say goodbye" to "Oreo," a horse that got spooked earlier this month and raised a little hell in midtown before he could be captured. Three people were injured.

The union also used this morning's press conference to attempt to call out Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance for not prosecuting a female protester who assaulted a carriage driver a few days after the incident with "Oreo." 

"It's time for DA Vance to send a clear message to NYCLASS that the harassment and attacks on hard-working, law abiding carriage drivers must come to an end," HCA President Steve Malone says in a statement. 

Only problem is, Vance already sent that message -- when he filed three counts of assault and one count of harassment against the woman the day of the alleged assault, which happened nearly two weeks ago.

Seems like a rather significant PR oversight when calling out the D.A. for failing to file charges against a person whom...well...he filed charges against.

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Oops: Giants' Website Says They Won The Super Bowl; Game Is Tomorrow

via @WEEI
The Giants official website announced victory today when it posted an advertisement for "Super Bowl Champions" merchandise. The word "arrogant" has been thrown around on Twitter. Well, at least, now you can debate whether or not the t-shirts are ugly.

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Lamar Smith: SOPA Author, Copyright Violator

Have you heard of SOPA? Of course you have. Have you heard of Lamar Smith, the Texas Republican who in October filed SOPA -- which promotes harsher penalties and even jail time for people caught violating copyright laws, and is basically the reason that today you can't access Wikipedia and Reddit and various other sites, which are protesting the act? Lots of people are mad at Smith, because if there's anything people do really well on the Internet, it's get mad at people who threaten to take away their "free Internet" (more about all that here). They've gotten so mad that they've gone to Smith's website and done a bit of digging, and, well, it appears that Lamar Smith may be in copyright violation himself. This is called "Internet Justice."

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Man Loses 16 Pounds on the Patented Coors Light Snowdrift Diet

In a TRUE STORY that surely has the makers of Coors Light peeing themselves in glee (or pouring Coors Lights down their pants?), a 52-year-old man named Clifton Vial survived being stranded in his Toyota in an Alaskan snowdrift for three days in negative-degree temperatures, with no cell service and only a few cans of frozen Coors Light to sustain him. Not only did he survive, he also lost 16 pounds, proving that you can accomplish anything you really set your mind to.

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Copy Editing Mistake of 2011: 'Fuck' Randomly Inserted in South Carolina Newspaper

fuck copy editing.jpg

Fuck! How does that even happen?

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'Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing' Billboard Echoes The Simpsons

Stuart Elliot, ad reporter and blogger for the New York Times, earlier today tweeted that WodkaVodka had put up a billboard on the West Side Highway touting its "Christmas quality" at, ahem, "Hanukkah prices." Along with the tagline, there's a small dog, quite possibly a Chihuahua, in a Santa hat (representing Christ?) and a larger, long-haired dog in a yarmulke. Check out a photo on Gawker. Unsurprisingly, the internet has already begun to rise up in rage over the billboard, which, I mean, you do have to ask, who approved this, exactly, and why?

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Yoko Ono Accused of Selling Altered John Lennon Artworks

Yoko Ono rented out a big space in SoHo this weekend and held a sale of her late husband John Lennon's artworks. Lennon would have been 71 this year. A Florida-based "artist, creator of original lithographs, scholar, and author" named Gary Arsenau is accusing Ono of selling Lennon works that she recomposed and colored -- "essentially cut-and-paste mashups of Lennon themes rather than Lennon prints," as ArtInfo describes it.

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Ambassador Says 40% of Male Visitors to Philippines are Sex Tourists; Apologizes via Text

via Wikipedia
Ambassador Harry Thomas
At a human trafficking conference last month, the U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines said that 40% of male visitors to the country are sex tourists. Harry Thomas, who was appointed as the ambassador last year, sent a text message to the Philippine foreign secretary to apologize for using an unverified figure. "I should not have used the 40% statistic without the ability to back it up. I regret any harm that I may have caused," the Guardian reports his text message said. Good to see that's all cleared up, then.

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Rick Perry and the Curious Case of 'Niggerhead' Ranch

No, this isn't what the sign on Rick Perry's property was referring to.
Courtesy of a great story in the Washington Post, Rick Perry and his advisors are going to have a hard time observing their sabbath as a day of rest this Sunday.

When we awoke this morning to read in Politico's Playbook that the phrase "Niggerhead" will now always be associated with the Perry campaign, we initially wondered if it referred to something else.

Had Perry bought a lake in upstate New York? Afraid it might upstage his own, was he in-artfully referring to the Chia head of Barack Obama? Had he found an even more politically incorrect name for those chocolate-covered European candies known as "Negro Heads"?

Or, perhaps, was Perry's campaign offering the crudest possible caption for just exactly what he was doing to that corn dog?

In reality, what the name referred to was worse than any of these absurd possibilities. "Niggerhead," the Post reports, is the name of a hunting ranch the Perry family has leased since the 1980s.

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Plane Flies Into Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel Doesn't Budge

via BBC
An ultra-light airplane flew into a Ferris wheel in Australia after it couldn't gain enough altitude during take-off. How light is an "ultra-light" plane, you ask? Light enough to crash into a dinky festival Ferris wheel and not knock it over. Four people were trapped--two men in the plane and two children at the top of the Ferris wheel--but no serious injuries were reported. The pilot and his passenger were stuck in the aircraft as it dangled in the spokes of the giant festival ride for three hours while rescue workers sprayed the plane with foam to prevent a fire. The Sydney Morning Herald reports "investigators will examine why a Ferris wheel was installed next to an airstrip." The incident happened tomorrow, you know, 'cause of the time difference.

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