New York City Hits Record 70 Degrees. In November.

By now you've surely noticed the death rays in our atmosphere that resulted in unseasonably warm temperatures as the city finished digesting its Thanksgiving meal. The New York Times has just reported that today, November 28, 2011, is the warmest November 28 on record since 1896, tied with 1990. This means you can walk around New York like it's an autumn movie set, what with the blustery winds and colored trees, without the shivering and runny noses that fall usually brings.

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Porn Producer Offers Pippa Middleton $5 Million To Star In Film

pippa middleton.jpg
Pippa Middleton has an opportunity to make a quick buck or two with relatively little effort! Porn producer Steven Hirsch, the head of Vivid Entertainment, is offering Kate's little sister $5 million to appear in just one scene in one of his movies. And if Pippa wants to bring along brother James, Hirsch is prepared to offer him $1 million to appear in a separate scene. Well, I just don't see where the downside is in this situation. More »

Only 30 Percent of Americans Have Passports: Why It Matters

Fanny packs, khakis, baseball caps: the American tourist.
According to a new report from the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, only 30 percent of Americans currently have a valid passport. And in 2009, the number of trips outside the U.S. fell by three percent. Compare our stats to those of the well-traveled citizens of Western Europe, or to Canada, where 60 percent of the population have passports. There are a lot of reasons why Americans don't or can't travel more -- and there a lot of reasons why we should.

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Man Attempts to Ski Streets of New York City

What do you do when you're snowed in in one of the six worst storms EVER in New York City? Hunker down and booze? Watch Law and Order marathons? Drag out all that ski gear that you haven't touched since getting hardcore into cycling and attempt to use it? Well, we know what this enterprising fellow, photographed outside of Cooper Union, would do.

via East Village Feed via the Clothes Whisperer
We're sort of conflicted about this, by the way. On one hand, you go, getting all that shit out of the closet. On the other hand: We wouldn't exactly call this "good snow." Or, for that matter, "a ski hill."

Hallucinogenic Plant Sprouting All Over New York City

If you've gotten bored of your regular everyday hallucinogens, there's a new option right in your backyard. Jimsonweed is a "strikingly gothic-looking plant" that makes you trip balls. And it can be found right here in New York!More »

Six Ways Lindsay Lohan Might Spend Her Time in Jail

If only the public humiliation had ended with that Fire Crotch moniker, dear LiLo's troubles would've been so yesteryear. But now that the synthetically swollen-lipped Mean Girl is being sentenced to 90 days in the slammer for probation violation, we're actually chortling like the Pillsbury Dough Boy (along with Avril Lavigne and that waitress who punched her last week on her 24th birthday). Why? Because Lindsay has been stagnant in a slimy larva stage for way too long while the world waits for her to become a full-fledged butterfly and escape her own Vortex of Suck.

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