Guys Travel the World, Shoot One Second of Footage For Each Location

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Cool things from the depths of the Internet: this Australian trio travelled the world over the course of 44 days, shooting this video that consists of a second of footage for each location (not for each country, we assume, unless they made it to literally every country in the world). Anyone who's ever stayed in a hostel knows that Australians make up 80 percent of the people traveling anywhere at any given time, but covering a purported 38,000 miles is next-level. And also probably really, really expensive.

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Canada Moves Political Debate for Hockey Game; Confirms All Canadian Stereotypes

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A French-language party debate has been bumped up a day in Canada because it conflicts with a playoff hockey game between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins. The Montreal Gazette reports that a television consortium agreed to move the event from Thursday to Wednesday after Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe brought up the issue. This would have easily been avoided here in America considering that we don't vote or watch hockey.

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EU Aims to Completely Remove Fuel-Driven Cars From European Cities

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The EU Commission published a transportation plan today that may radically change how Europeans get around in the future, the Independent reports. Included in the proposal, which seeks to cut carbon emissions by 60 percent, is a plan to remove all conventionally fueled cars from European cities by 2050. Thanks, Europe! Talk about taking one for the team. Now us Americans can continue to drive those three blocks to Hardee's guilt-free!

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Canadian Government Collapses After No-Confidence Vote

Earlier this month, we reported that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper had renamed the country's government after himself. How'd that work out? After today's no-confidence vote in parliament, his Conservative minority government fell. There's a vacuum of power in Canada! Someone rush up and fill it! Anyone? You can charge your electronics in their outlets, no need to buy an adapter. They have football, too!

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Only 30 Percent of Americans Have Passports: Why It Matters

Fanny packs, khakis, baseball caps: the American tourist.
According to a new report from the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, only 30 percent of Americans currently have a valid passport. And in 2009, the number of trips outside the U.S. fell by three percent. Compare our stats to those of the well-traveled citizens of Western Europe, or to Canada, where 60 percent of the population have passports. There are a lot of reasons why Americans don't or can't travel more -- and there a lot of reasons why we should.

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The Facebook Craze Is Skipping Japan

The New York Times has addressed Mark Zuckerberg's apparent global domination in an article called "Facebook Wins Relatively Few Friends in Japan," which points out that Facebook has actually failed to win Japan. Although Goldman Sachs just valued the company at $50 billion dollars, the Japanese have no intention to "like it" anytime soon. The Times reports, "Facebook users in Japan number fewer than two million, or less than 2 percent of the country's online population."More »

Qatar: A Great Place to Work on Your Tan, So Long as You Dress Modestly

Yeah, we're all upset because the big old strong and powerful US of A, which nobody needs help pronouncing and almost any decently educated first-grader can locate on a map, lost the World Cup 2022 hosting honors to a teensy little oil-rich Middle Eastern nation. But if this video of the five proposed stadiums is even slightly close to reality, this could be the best World Cup/beach vacay spot ever, minus, of course, the restrictions on booze and the fact that short skirts and bare shoulders are frowned upon, to say nothing of bikinis. Qatar, prepare for your pristine natural beauty to be soiled by drunken soccer goons and rowdy revelers. Russia...well, you're used to that sort of thing.

Korean Attack Firefight Madness: The Bullet Point Roundup of North and South Korea's Giant, Scary Game of Battleship

If you have any siblings -- or know anyone with siblings -- you probably know that as children, fights can erupt between the two as tensions are basically lifelong. And you are probably aware of the cliche when a parent walks in a ravaged room with two bleeding, hair-pulled, bite-marked children, and each one points to the other: They started it!

Well, that's exactly what's going on right now in wargames between North and South Korea. It's somewhat terrifying.

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Who Paid Sarah Shourd's $500,000 Iranian Bail Money?

sarah shroud.jpg
How much does it cost to get out of the slimy grip of a dictatorial government? Try 500 G's. And that doesn't even get her friends off the hook! But the question remains: Who paid it?

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