Man Tries, Fails to Rob Bank in Bay Ridge

bay ridge robber.jpg
A man with little of the je ne sais quoi possessed by the suited robber from yesterday tried and failed to rob a bank in Bay Ridge on Monday. The man, whose outfit of jeans and a sweatshirt simply doesn't cut it in comparison to the Midtown robber's natty suit, passed a note demanding money to the teller at a bank off of Bay Ridge Parkway. Instead of complying, the teller simply got up and walked away from her seat. The guy, who did not have a Plan B, had no choice but to leave.

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Empty Blue Suitcase Caused Times Square to Shut Down For An Hour

blue suitcase .jpg
Not the same blue suitcase that caused Times Square to cease functioning.
Cops shut down a large swathe of Times Square this afternoon because of a suspicious package. A blue suitcase, actually, that had been left in front of the Market Food Court at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue. Not to worry, because the suitcase was just a suitcase.

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Manhattan D.A. Files to Drop Dominique Strauss-Kahn Charges

As expected, Cy Vance Jr.'s office has filed paperwork to drop all charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn in his alleged sexual assault of hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo. The papers were filed at 3:20 p.m. today in Manhattan Supreme Court. Over the course of the last month or so, the D.A.'s office had lost faith in Diallo, who'd been caught in a number of lies and half-truths involving her asylum application and other things. More »

Andover's Rap Crew Was Not Invited to the Obama Hip-Hop Barbecue

andover hip hop bbq.jpg
In case you missed it, President Obama threw a "hip-hop barbecue" yesterday for his birthday, which somehow failed to create jobs. Or so shrieks this headline from Fox Nation, Fox News' aggregation organ. Non-hip-hop artists Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock performed while "Rome burned" (look at the URL). The race-baiting and unethically edited aggregation have been mentioned elsewhere, so we'll raise a somewhat different question: where was Philips Andover's stable of up-and-coming young rappers during the Obama Hip Hop BBQ, such an important event in the genre?

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Anthony Weiner's 'Weinergate': Did He Tweet a NSFW Picture to a College Girl? (Update)

weinergate 1.jpg
Last night, Anthony Weiner may or may not have purposefully tweeted a picture of his boxer-clad erect penis to a college girl in Washington state. Well, the @RepWeiner account certainly did tweet it, but Weiner is saying he's been hacked. The girl in question is reportedly one Gennette Cordova, a journalism student. The penis tweet was deleted soon after its posting, so click through for the picture. NSFW, I suppose, although it's really quite demure as dick shots go.

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NYT Wowed by Dancing Without Drugs

How they missed the opportunity for a "Dance Dance Revolution" headline is hard to understand, but yet again, here you will find the New York Times Thursday Styles section interacting with Brooklyn's creatures of the night! This time, they are dancing, and they are doing it without drugs.

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