After de Blasio's Election, Glenn Beck Thinks New York State Should Secede from the City

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We've been really busy the past couple days covering the mayoral election, and yet it somehow managed to slip by the whole news team that the age of progressivist communistic terror is upon us. Bill de Blasio is mayor, and soon we'll all be metaphorically and perhaps literally enslaved. Luckily, Glenn Beck is here with the solution. Not for New Yorkers, bunch of nanny-state-loving namby-pambies that we are, but for the rest of the state. That solution: they should secede. Yes. The state. Should secede. From the city. Stay with him on this one.

From Beck's high-tech bunker in suburban North Texas, the onetime New Yorker devoted a good chunk of his radio show yesterday to Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio's acceptance speech. In it, Beck saw dark harbingers of a totalitarian government in a city "that has gone insane."

"You wait," he added, "You won't be able to travel to that city soon. New York will become the next Detroit, if you don't stop it at some point."

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New York Could be Iran's Next Target, NYPD Warns

As the national news media continues to ramp up a crusade against Iran, NYPD officials are now insisting that New York could be the next target of an Iranian attack.

NYPD's director of intelligence analysis, Mitchell Silber, spoke to the NY Daily News about the topic:

"Iran is the subject of the vast majority of our discussions right now. This, right now, is a front-burner issue. I hesitate to say it's No. 1, because we don't want to ignore the other threats, but right now, it's essentially No. 1."
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Anti-Gay Bill in Uganda Moves Forward, Still Sucks Even Without Death Penalty Provision

A controversial bill in Uganda that would harshly punish homosexuality is moving through parliament with a second day of hearings today, and could be voted on by the end of the week, 18 months after its initial proposal. Back then, it included the death penalty for homosexuals with HIV, same-sex rapists or "serial offenders." (Being convicted of a homosexual act would earn the "guilty" life in jail.) A leading proponent of the bill now says gays should serve as many as seven years in prison. "The parliament should be given the opportunity to discuss and pass the bill, because homosexuality is killing our society," said Martin Ssempa, a prominent anti-gay pastor; another religious leader claims children are being "recruited" by gays. All Out calls the bill "hateful," and has a petition obviously worth everyone's e-signature. [AP]

Young Children Too Sleepy to Hear Fire Alarm

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In news that will scare the pants off of Park Slope helicopter-parents, scientists are now saying that young kids will probably not be able to hear the sound of smoke detectors in their fiery homes. Scary! Now on top of having to grab the wedding album and finding the dog, parents will have to worry about escorting their kids to safety! Time reports: "The study featured asked 79 families to trip their smoke alarm after their child had been asleep between one to three hours." 78 percent of the kids in the study slept through the 30-second alarm, which is horrible, but there is an even scarier statistic here. More »

Berkeley Residents Panicking Over Almost Non-Existent Radiation

The Daily has an article (not that I can read the whole thing in my iPad-less state!) about irritating Berkeley, Calif. residents being irrationally afraid of radiation from the nuclear crisis in Japan. They are flocking to the area's health food vitamin apothecary-places to buy potassium iodide, which protects against thyroid cancer resulting from exposure to radioactive iodine. This, despite the fact that no elevated radiation levels have been detected in California. More »

Carl Paladino Sends Psycho Message After Claims He Owes Campaigners Cash

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Yesterday, the hometown paper of failed New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, the Buffalo News, claimed that he owed as much as $130,000 to about a dozen people who worked on his 2010 campaign. Paladino has a history of acting crazy, and rash rants of the racist, homophobic, and all-around insulting variety have become his specialty. After his loss, he wrote a nutty letter to a journalist, blaming the media for his unsuccessful political bid, and is seemingly keeping up that tradition today with a response for the Buffalo News entitled, "SPINELESS AND HIS HATCHET MAN." In it, he writes angrily that the newspaper folks "live in a bubble" and much, much more. The whole thing is nearly a thousand words and ends with this: "To the thousands of people I have forwarded this memo to please feel free to forward it on to your friends and relatives and reprint it on your blogs and websites." After the jump, we've done just that!

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Muslim Congressman Cries During Peter King's Islamic Radicalization Hearing

Rep. Keith Ellison, a Democrat from Minnesota, spoke this morning at the controversial hearings led by Long Island Republican congressman Peter King, and broke down in tears while telling the story of Mohammad Salman Hamdani, an American citizen from Pakistan, who died in the Septemper 11 attack on the World Trade Center. Ellison first warned of the dangers of "ascribing evil acts of a few individuals to an entire community," before sobbing through the story of Hamdani, who was slandered when he went missing on 9/11, accused of being complicit in the attack. "His life should not be indentified as just a member of an ethnic group or just a member of a religion," Ellison said, "but as an American who gave everything for his fellow Americans."

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Over Half of Republican Primary Voters Are Still Birthers, Poll Finds

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According to a new poll, over half of Republican primary voters don't believe Barack Obama was born in the United States. Politico reports that Public Policy Polling asked 400 people across the country who planned on voting in the GOP primaries where they thought President Obama was born. 51 percent responded they didn't think he wasn't born in the United States. Everyone take a deep breath, count to 10, and consult your apocalypse manual.

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Rabbis vs. Glenn Beck in Wall Street Journal Ad

Nevermind the fact that Glenn Beck is bullying a 78-year-old professor, inciting death threats against her. That offense doesn't even make the newspaper today as Business Insider points us to a full-page Wall Street Journal ad demanding Fox News and Roger Ailes "sanction" Beck. It comes via the Jewish Funds For Justice, "including the heads of the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements as well as prominent Orthodox rabbis."

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Glenn Beck Campaign Leads to Death Threats For New York Professor

Prof. Piven
Frances Fox Piven is a 78-year-old professor of political science and sociology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, who Fox News host Glenn Beck has declared "an enemy of the Constitution." Logically, to a certain type of Beck-worshipping nut, that means she should die, according to a report from The Progressive. Just a sampling from Beck's website: "Be very careful what you ask for honey... A few well placed marksmen with high powered rifles... Maybe they should burst through the front door of the arrogant elitist and slit the cow's throat... Somebody tell Frances I have 5,000 rounds ready." Not that it's ever a good time to threaten political violence, but uh... Now?

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