DJ Spooky Spinning Tonight for the OWS People's Librarians, Who Are Number 34 on the Voice's "100 Most Powerless New Yorkers"

Caleb Ferguson
As the Voice's Nick Pinto was reporting last night, Zuccotti Park re-opened after Brookfield Properties emoved the barricades surrounding the plaza. One of the first elements to re-assert Occupy Wall Street's presence was the People's Library. The librarians and were a constant presence from the beginning of the Occupy movement last year, and after their books were trashed during the NYPD raid, we made them number 34* on the Voice's list of "The 100 Most Powerless New Yorkers," which is on the cover of this week's paper.

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Happy Birthday, Kim Jong-un!

If you're wondering why the trees seem to wave in celebration today and the skies shine with joy, it's because January 8th marks the birthday of the newest dear leader, Kim Jong-un. According to the Telegraph, the exact date of his birth was unknown and had to be discovered through "testimonies from Kenji Fujimoto, a Japanese chef who worked for the Kim family, North Korean defectors and Kim's childhood friends at the Liebefeld school in Bern, Switzerland, where he briefly studied as a teenager." Also, no one is sure if he is 28, 29, or 30 years old. An easy way to find out: Ask dear leader, as he is never wrong.

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Village Voice Web Awards: Cast Your Votes Now!

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It's Friday, and we know you're busy watching your YouTube videos, but why not take a moment and nominate your favorites? It's the most wonderful time of the year, that being...Village Voice Web Awards season. So, please, nominate your most appreciated blogs, Twitter accounts both real and parody, Tumblrs, Kickstarter projects, and more. Who will be the Internet persona of the year? Maybe it will be you!

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Andy Carvin Tweets 1200 Times In One Weekend; Drinks (Not) On Bill Keller; Eliot Spitzer Sued For $60 Million

bill keller invite .jpg
Today in Press Clips, people in media are doing what they do: tweeting, e-booking, getting sued, and drinking, though not together and certainly not on Bill Keller's dime. NPR's prolific tweeter Andy Carvin got even more prolific, the New Yorker is entering the e-book game, Eliot Spitzer may have done a little defaming, and Bill Keller will not stand his employees a drink. More »

Joyful Revelers Flock to Christopher Street After Gay Marriage Passes

Esther Zuckerman
As soon as gay marriage officially passed in the New York State Senate we headed to the West Village. What we found there was not the frustrating body-to-body gridlock that impromptu city celebrations sometimes tend to yield, but instead open, elated festivities. "It's like New Year's Eve," we heard a man say into his phone approaching Christopher Street.

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Nicolas Cage Bailed Out of Jail By Dog the Bounty Hunter

Here's a thing that makes sense: Dog the Bounty Hunter, of the eponymous TV show, bailed Nic Cage out of jail following his arrest in New Orleans this weekend. Dog posted the $11,000 bail on Saturday morning. He told E!, "I am a truly dedicated fan of Mr. Cage and will not be granting any interviews about my client as I wish to respect his privacy. I performed my duties as a bail bondsman and not in connection with our show. This is what I do for a living."

What happened that night, anyway?

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6-Month Party in Rob's Room a Study in How Not to Party

It's a threat heard round the world: When you leave for 6 months to go to India, your roommates are so going to party in your room! (Okay, maybe this is not a threat heard round the world. Maybe most people would actually just sublet that room). But barring our suspension of disbelief -- this is the Internet after all -- here is a group of roommates who vowed to their departing roommate, "Rob," that they'd party in his room, like, the whole entire time he was gone. And so they did. There's video!

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How to Throw a Party for 7 Billion People

It's Friday: Let's throw a party for the world's entire population (about 7 billion people). We've made the Facebook invite but spent so much time trying to make it funny (what should the picture be? A cat wearing a party hat? Charlie Sheen?) that we forgot to add a location. How much space will we need to throw a rager for 7 billion of our closest friends? National Geographic crunched the numbers and found a couple of choice locales. We thought we'd add our own math for some other necessities in order to make this party way better than stupid Becky Miller's 15th birthday which we weren't invited to (and, like, seven dudes got handinskis there).

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Paris Hilton Visited the Port Authority Bus Terminal for Her Birthday

Karly Domb Sadof for the New York Times
While going to Port Authority on your 30th birthday seems less auspicious than some other things one might do, Paris Hilton is a risk-taker. New York Times' City Room blog reports that she was spotted there, with boyfriend and entourage, this afternoon "in the inevitable high heels and platinum coiffure, an hour and a half late" -- not to catch a bus to Atlantic City or another lofty venue but to go to a lunch party organized by the United Service Organizations, which has an office in the terminal.

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Party Crasher O'Neil Mairs Charged With Murder of Party Hostess Avalisa Morris in St. Albans

Avalisa Morris: She threw a surprise birthday bash and wound up shot to death.
​A 23-year-old St. Albans man accused of crashing a surprise birthday party at 4 a.m. Sunday on 119th Road, around the corner from his house, has been charged with murder.

Cops and family told the Daily News that O'Neil Mairs fired shots through a door after host Avalisa Morris, 26, helped toss him out and keep him out. Witnesses and cops say Mairs had crashed the party to confront a woman in some other dispute. Then the really bad stuff started happening.

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