Novembeards and Movembers: A November Series on Facial Hair

No Shave Novembeard is upon us! Soon, the streets of New York will be filled with dudes growing out their stubble not just to look like attractive lumberjacks, but rather, to celebrate puns. There are also those growing moustaches for a cause: participants in Movember nobly grow moustaches to raise money for men's health causes. Each week, we plan on checking in with various New York guys to see how their beards and/or moustaches are faring. We kicked off our hairy series Tuesday night at men's online retailer Park and Bond's Movember party at barbershop/bar the Blind Barber. Several of Park and Bond's bearded employees got shaved to prep for their November moustaches. We checked in to see how their facial hair was faring.

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An Evening With the Most Powerful Bachelors and Bachelorettes in Media

noonan denton small.jpg
Not in attendance, to our knowledge.
"If I get drunk and puke on my shoes, don't write about it. Or at least ask me first."

Runnin' Scared dutifully jotted down that request as we waited for two of the most powerful bachelorettes in media, and one of the bachelors, to finish their tequila gimlets. We were standing in a crowded Mexican place across the street from the most power-clogged singles event of the summer -- the Media Power Singles Power Mixer, hosted by the New York Observer, creator of those slideshows we gave ourselves the burden of fact-checking last week.

Before the night's end, at least two men would be punched in or around the face; Runnin' Scared would engage in a shouting match with an editor of a competing publication; our notes would become so illegible as to not be of any use; plans would be made (and then forgotten) to crash Bill Keller's party; and Runnin' Scared would accidentally photobomb a certain "wunderkind" New York Times media reporter. And we weren't even there for the whole thing.

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Video of Charlie Sheen's Bender Released

TMZ has gotten their hands on video of Charlie Sheen during the epic coke-fueled bender that landed him in rehab again recently. It's incredibly creepy, and kind of sad? There's a lot of Charlie Sheen yelling "Ohhh!" and throwing his arms around, and girls in tight shiny outfits with smiles plastered onto their faces, which are presumably constructed out of polyurethane. And people are laughing obsequiously. And everything seems just really sweaty, and decadent, and let's keep in mind while watching that Sheen is a 45-year-old father.

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The 2010 Media Holiday Party Circuit Crash-Map

For my second-to-last Press Clips, Day 27, we have a very, very special treat. Every year, many of the New York-based media companies who produce a large portion of American media that is consumed across the country gather after months of get shitface drunk. Behold:More »

BOOKSHAKALAKA: The National Book Awards Jam Throws Down for 2010

The 2010 National Book Awards at the Cipriani Wall Street ballroom. All the people who were at these tables are still hungover.
An unlikely ballroom of people in the troubled business of literature -- publishers, editors, writers, reporters, and respective sycophants -- gather yearly to ostensibly celebrate writing. But really? To get trashed and dance. For books. Last night on Wall Street, the 2010 National Book Awards went down like this.

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