Why The Ryan/Biden Debate Will Be Inherently More Entertaining

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The gaffer.
America is still letting out an exhausted sigh from the debate two nights ago in Denver. At this point, who knows who won, and who actually cares? The best/worst part of it all, as my colleague James King pointed out, is that Donald Trump was mentioned two times in 90 minutes; that's two times more than the number of times Trump should ever be mentioned in a presidential debate.

Nevertheless, the next two meetings between Romney and Obama will likely produce more "mehs" from the begrudging national audience. Don't worry, Election Day will be over soon enough. At least we hope so.

The pointdexter.

But, Romney and Obama aside, we are forgetting a very important part of the American democratic process: the vice presidential debate. Next Wednesday, in lieu of the big boys fighting again, Paul Ryan and Joe Biden will face off at Centre College in Kentucky. The topics: domestic and foreign policy. The expectations: With last Wednesday in mind, it's evident that the VP debate will be much more entertaining then what we saw with Romney/Obama.

with these two characters involved.
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Unlike All Of The Media, Paul Ryan Is Not So Psyched For The Debate

The Huffington Post
Over the past two weeks, as the media buries the grave for Romney's campaign and writes its tombstone, we've heard it a million times, over and over again: the debates could change everything. The debates are going to be the most exciting television this fall. The debates will finally show the human side of Mitt Romney to America. The debates will give us a chance to really see what this election is all about. Even Governor Chris Christie said today the debates would turn the election "upside down."

This Wednesday, we'll see if any of those statements hold true as Romney and Obama face off in the first debate at the University of Denver in Colorado. Guilty as charged, we are excited for the debate as well - it's that little piece of history occurring in front of your eyes that evokes that tingling sensation. And, also, with all the labels attached to each candidate since this whole thing started, we have a lot to work with. 

(Even though, if history tells us anything, it's that we'll wake up on Thursday morning and say "Meh" about it all. The sad reality of high expectations in politics.)

Anyway, the same amount of emphasis the media has placed on this spectacle is not shared by one very important person: Republican VP golden child, Paul Ryan. In his mind, it's not going to be game-changing, it's not going to be fun and, hey, Romney isn't that trained for these kinds of things.
Those are his words, not ours.

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Kid Rock & Paul Ryan Rock Out to 'Bawitdaba' in Michigan

"So one of us is running for Vice President, but only one of us listened to 'Bawitdaba' on the way over here in the Secret Service motorcade," Paul Ryan said this morning at a rally in Royal Oaks, Michigan.

Miriam Coleman of Rolling Stone reported today that Kid Rock came out in support of the VP nominee to an audience of 160 people who each paid around $500 to see Detroit's gung-ho spokesperson and Ryan himself. The performance comes as a pre-game for the RNC this upcoming week, where Kid Rock, along with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Trace Adkins and Journey, will headline the family fun in Tampa.

Kid Rock's appearance rides the coat tail of the musical forces behind this election; some of which we wrote about last weekend (Paul Ryan's edgy relationship with Rage Against the Machine; Hank Williams, Jr., reminding audiences that "we all hate Obama;" etc.). 

And, to Ryan, the cowboy baby is a symbol of something that can only happen in America.

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Paul Ryan Really Likes Rage Against the Machine (By Accident)

No, pigs are not flying - this story is just too ironically hilarious to not report on.

Ever hear of Rage Against the Machine? We're sure you have: the band formed in the late 1980s and grew to fame throughout the Clinton years, as a response to Generation X's tendency to corporatize and globalize seemingly anything that moved. Headed by the vibrant frontman Zach de la Rocha, with legendary guitarist Tom Morello shredding in the background, the group captured that post-modern hatred towards authority present in the youth of America, showing flares of anarchy, socialism and mass upheaval. Although they are on a somewhat permanent hiatus, the group has lent its power in recent years to come out against the RNC, the Middle East wars and the Obama administration.

And Rep. Paul Ryan, the possible President of the U.S.A., loves 'em. He has told the media over and over again that he just loves their music. The lyrics? Well, we guess he either doesn't really pay attention or has no idea who Che Guevara is. It's damn good music for P90X workouts, too.

Now, if you know Rage and what they stand for, you will realize how absurd this is - a guy with oil ties, a worth somewhere around $3 million and a budget that would put the One Percent on a higher pedestal than ever is not exactly the demographic de la Rocha was telling to rise up. But, nonetheless, Ryan can't get enough. And, what's even worse, they absolutely hate him. Well, at least Tom Morello does.

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Paul Ryan Uses His Own Mama to Defuse Medicare Drama

In Rep. Paul Ryan's 'The Path to Prosperity' budget, Medicare, the health insurance program that is loved by older Americans and hated by deficit hawks, will cease to exist some time around 2022. The program - a lasting stipulation of Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society - will be transformed into a voucher system, where anyone born after 1956 will be forced to seek private insurance instead of having the government pick up the bill. The HMO machine spurs on and, by 2033, you will have to be 67 to receive all of this good stuff.

Well, one main problem with this insurance realignment is that Americans in their 30s and 40s do not want to hear that shit - according to a poll conducted by the Washing Post a year ago, 78% of Americans are opposed to Medicare cuts as a way to solve the deficit problem. And that makes absolute sense: who would want to give up their entitlements to fix a problem Washington created? National sacrifice is one thing but this is hard-earned health insurance we're talking about here, right?

Wrong. As the campaign season heats up during the later days of August, the most recent pseudo-controversy is the to-and-fro arguments over Medicare cuts by the two tents. The sides are pretty simple: the Obama/Biden camp believes government needs to continue to pick up the tab for elders while the Romney/Ryan camp seeks to shift responsibility over to the private insurance companies. 

And today, down in Florida, Rep. Paul Ryan brought out his own mama to tell the world's largest retirement community at the Villages that the change in Medicare will not hurt them... just everyone else.

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Paul Ryan's Workout Routine Is More Important Than Syria

Paul Ryan's Workout Routine, VP Candidate
Since Mitt Romney tapped Paul Ryan's Workout Routine as his running mate Aug. 11, details have emerged that the vice presidential candidate has a grueling workout routine.

"Fresh from a workout at a hotel gym in Iowa" and wearing "exercise shorts and a University of Wisconsin baseball cap pulled down low" Paul Ryan's Workout Routine talked to Romney advisers via video-conference monitor.

Paul Ryan's Workout Routine, who's still learning the ins and outs of cross-country campaigning, will primarily be charged with fundraising.

Romney's advisers, who have "observed" Paul Ryan's Workout Routine during his morning workouts, noticed that he likes to get paper memos, "follows the grueling P90x fitness regime" and "really likes to break a sweat," according to Bloomberg News.

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Paul Ryan Is In Love With St. Thomas Aquinas; What Does This Mean? (UPDATE)

Since Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as a running mate, many media outlets have pointed out the Wisconsin Rep's interest in Ayn Rand.

And they should -- Ayn Rand's basic schtick is that selfishness is a virtue and as such, the only ethical economic system is pure capitalism. Under Rand, any social safety net is wrong and unjust and for "moochers " and "collectivists;" true moral exemplars are ultra-rich egoists. What's important about Ryan's Rand affiliation, then, is its fiscal implications (and not-so-subtle dislike of the poor.)

Ryan might have realized that aligning himself with a pro-choice atheist might piss off GOP fundamentalists and partially renounced the pop philosopher, saying before VP talk: "If somebody is going to try to paste a person's view on epistemology to me, then give me Thomas Aquinas. Don't give me Ayn Rand."

Of course, this is complete bullshit. He hasn't abandoned his interpretation of Rand's economic policies (see first link.) More importantly, though, there's no way Ryan could read Aquinas -- and adhere to his beliefs -- without lying to himself and/or doing some serious mental gymnastics. And that's because Aquinas would have fucking hated Ryan's capitalism.

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Nine Things You Should Probably Know About Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan or Zach Woods? You Decide!
Yesterday, after Romney's selection of Paul Ryan to be his running mate, Michael D. Shear of the New York Times wrote, "If Mitt Romney wins in November, a Tea Party favorite will be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office." With that being said, shouldn't we know a little more about the guy? 

Regardless of your plans to jump ship for Canada if that actually does happen, it's nice to throw out some information, especially about the person claiming the infamous No. 2 spot (that "in" in infamous was recently added after the Era of Cheney).  

So, here at the Voice, we've collected a few fun facts about Mr. Ryan that will make you laugh, make you cry and maybe even make you vote.


1. Paul Ryan may or may not be the twin of the character Gabe, played by Zach Woods, from NBC's The Office.

2. According to his tax returns, which he must file as a ranking member of Congress, Paul Ryan is the 124th wealthiest Representative with a net worth max-ing out around $3.2 million. In retrospect, that's about 1.6% of Romney's total value.

3. Ryan used to be a waiter at a Mexican restaurant. He did so to pay for his unpaid internship with then-Senator Bob Kasten. Irony: he voted against the D.R.E.A.M. Act in 2005.

(Hit the jump for more fun facts about the possible President of the United States!)

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