The New York Of The Future? Say Hello to 'LoLo'

And another hundred people just got off of the train? Try another two hundred thousand. An article printed in the Sunday New York Times -- which poses in its headline the daunting question: "How Many People Can Manhattan Hold?" -- explains that the Department of City Planning's Population Division expects that Manhattan will have 220,000 to 290,000 new residents by 2030. Currently Manhattan's population is at 1.6 million, not including the commuters who bring that number up to 3.9 million during the work day.

So, how do we accommodate for our new friends of the future?

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Street Kids: Groups Want to Make NYC Roads Child Safe

Remember, back in the day, when you used to go outside and scamper around the streets of New York with all the other rosy-cheeked neighborhood kids, playing stickball and tag and hopscotch as the summer sun sank gently into the horizon?

No? Well, not to worry, Runnin' Scared doesn't either -- and we can't really imagine New York being the kind of place where youngins would want to play outside, considering that NYC traffic puts speed over pedestrian safety. (It's even worse if you're a child from a lower-income household: Studies show that vehicle crashes disproportionately affect youth from poor areas.)

But a coalition of New Yorkers wants to change this.

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Find Out Where You Fit Into Earth's 7 Billion People

The UN Population Division estimates the world's 7 billionth person will be born tomorrow. How do they know this? The UN says the number is "derived from the annual series of world population estimates obtained by interpolating the results of the 2010 Revision of World Population Prospects by assuming exponential growth within each year." Translation: Tracking chips implanted in all our brains by shampooists working hand-in-hand with the illuminati. Due to birth rates, the 7 billionth person will most likely be born in India or China. Who cares about them? Where do you fit into to this number?

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The World Has Had a Lot of Sex

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According to the hilarious (or icky) headline writers at Reuters, the "crowded, stretched world" is awaiting its 7 billionth baby as we speak. (As luck would have it, we weren't all raptured out on Friday.) The U.N. says this new member of society will be born on October 31, which also happens to be Halloween, which...should we be concerned? Some say yes, that Baby 7 Billion foreshadows tough times ahead, and should draw our attention to plans of how our giant population will share food, water, and other necessary resources; others think it will be damn cute, and anyway, everybody loves babies! Still others fear the baby may have pumpkin qualities.

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Improv Everywhere's Latest Effort Tries to Get New Yorkers to Say Nice Things

It's been a while since the latest effort from Improv Everywhere, and in this one, the group known for going without pants on subways and coming to a total standstill in Grand Central Terminal seems to go a little soft. That is, they set up a podium in Union Square with a megaphone and a plaque that says "Say Something Nice," in an effort to get New Yorkers to be all mushy with each other.

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America's Nudists May Be on the Verge of Extinction

Did you know that America is in danger of running out of nudists? Yep, they're dying off, and those who are still alive, hanging out, being naked, are more and more grayed and wrinkly every day. The Wall Street Journal reports on this unfortunate confluence of people getting old and young people apparently wanting to be less naked (a/k/a "wear clothes") in public, which has caused the nudist resort industry to have to actually recruit young nudists.

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Who Will Destroy America? Little Boys With Pink Toenails.

Some of our nation is up in arms over a recent J.Crew ad of a little boy, Beckett, who's the son of designer Jenna Lyons. In the image, Lyons is painting Beckett's toenails hot pink, and the two are having a grand old time. Beckett is also sporting a rather Frenchy striped long-sleeved tee, and dark-framed glasses. So, Beckett is stylish, like his mom. This ad has met with shock and horror from Americans who feel that a little boy with painted toenails could destroy the world as we know it.

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92-Year-Old Marathoner Is Way More Awesome Than You

Here's some inspiring news to make you feel lazy. A 92-year-old woman named Gladys Burrill, who has the rather bad-ass but adorable nickname "the Gladyator," has become the oldest person in the world to complete a marathon, beating the previous 90-year-old world record holder (boo-yah!). She did the Honolulu Marathon in nine hours and 53 minutes, power-walking and jogging her way to the finish. The Hawaii House of Representatives gave her a certificate and a lei for her troubles.

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Census: More People in New York Than Ever Before

via Hello Turkey Toe
The Census numbers are in, and New York City is more populated than ever before. But not much more. The New York Times reports that the 2010 count recorded a growth of about 166,000 people since 2000, bringing the current population to 8,175,133. Of those people, 8,175,130 will be waiting on the L train platform during your commute home from work today.

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Here's a Photo of the World's Most 'Typical' Person: Joe Six-Pack is Chinese

via Yahoo!
Have you seen this dude? Probably. According to National Geographic, he's the most typical person in the world. Researchers put together about 190,000 photographs of 28-year-old Han Chinese men (the largest demographic in the world -- hear that, advertisers?) to create this image of Mr. Average. His mom still thinks he's special.

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