Yeshiva Principal Emanuel Yegutkin Convicted on 75 Counts in Child Sex Abuse Case

Former Elite High School principal Emanuel Yegutkin could spend the rest of his life in prison for repeatedly sexually abusing three young boys.

A former principal at a Jewish High School in Brooklyn could potentially spend the rest of his life in prison after getting convicted yesterday on 75 counts of sex-with-a-kid-related crimes.

The jury in the case against Emanuel Yegutkin found that the former principal at Elite High School in Bensonhurst repeatedly sexually abused three young boys over a 10-year period, starting in 1996.

None of 33-year-old Yegutkin's victims were students at the school where he was employed until his 2009 arrest -- authorities say he met the boys after befriending their father and getting close with their family. 

Yegutkin was frequently invited to the family's Friday night shabbat dinners, where he had access to the three brothers.

"He would touch me under the table," one of the boys testified at trial. "I wasn't taught about sexuality, so I wasn't sure if it was right or wrong."

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Arrest Made in "Gentleman Groper" Case (Again)

Categories: Pervert Alert
Authorities have arrested a man they say is responsible for multiple gropings in Manhattan earlier this year -- again.

In April, police arrested Karl Vanderwoude for the series of gropings credited to the so-called "Gentleman Groper," a moniker given to the groper because of his rather dapper appearance. But Vanderwoude was later cleared of any wrongdoing by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office (more on that below).

The new suspect has been identified as Paul Kraft, who is free on $5,000 bond following his arrest on Tuesday.

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Vito Lopez Is Still an Assemblyman -- But Maybe Not for Long

City Councilman Lopez?
Despite highly publicized accusations that he's a dirty, dirty old man, Democratic Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito "Gropez" Lopez won re-election to the Assembly on Tuesday. But the longtime pol dropped a bombshell on his supporters: this might be his last term -- in the Assembly, anyway.

"While I will continue to advocate fiercely for the residents of the 53rd Assembly District through this term with the commitment, dedication and devotion I always have, over the next few months, I will be evaluating my plans to seek re-election to the New York State Assembly," Lopez said yesterday.

Lopez, as we mentioned, is a bit of a pervert. At least four former female Assembly staffers have accused him of various acts of sexual misconduct -- two of those allegations were swept under the rug via-some taxpayer funded hush money approved by Lopez's former pal Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

So why would a creep like Lopez -- who has no problem getting re-elected even with such heavy baggage -- leave his seat? Is he doing the honorable thing by removing himself the public eye? Probably not -- he's still Vito Lopez.

Further reading on Lopez's pervy-ness:

Vito Lopez In Sex And The Assembly: How To Sweep A Scandal Under The Rug

Ladies, Assemblyman Vito Lopez Would Prefer You Not Wear A Bra To Work

Vito Lopez's Pervy-ness Cost Taxpayers $103,000 -- Thanks To Shelly Silver

Gloria Allred, NOW Have Shelly Silver In Sights Over Hush Money

Here's The Letter Shelly Silver Sent Assemblyman Vito Lopez

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NOW Outlines Expectations In JCOPE's Probe Of Vito Lopez's Pervy-Ness -- And Silver's Coverup

James King
NOW-NYC President Sonia Ossorio urges JCOPE to get to the bottom of allegations of sexual misconduct against Assemblyman Vito Lopez -- and the Shelly Silver-driven coverup that followed.
Assemblyman Vito Lopez is a grade-A pervert. That much we know (for example, he would prefer you not wear a bra to work, ladies). But the lengths to which Assembly leaders -- most notably Lopez's former pal/current Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver -- went to coverup Lopez's multiple gropings of young, female staffers remains a mystery.

New York's Joint Commission On Public Ethics (JCOPE) is investigating multiple allegations of sexual misconduct by Lopez, and how those allegations were handled by legislative leaders. This morning, the National Organization for Women and Common Cause/NY explained what they expect of the Commission's investigation.

Additionally, NOW-NYC President Sonia Ossorio says it's absurd to prohibit women under 21 years old from working in Lopez's office -- a policy Silver implemented for the assemblyman when he was formally censured by the Legislature in August.

"Is that really one of Sheldon Silver's answers," Ossorio asks. "If a lawmaker harasses interns and 20-year-olds, don't hire interns and 20-year-olds?"

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Central Park Masturbator David Mitchell Hit With Seven Felonies In Rape Of 73-Year-Old Woman, Attacks On Others

CBS New York
David Mitchell spitting at reporters following his arrest last month. Classy fella.

The Central Park masturbator accused of raping a 73-year-old woman last month has been formally indicted -- and he's looking at a whole slew of charges that potentially could land him in prison for the next several decades.

Of the 12 charges against 42-year-old masturbator David Mitchell, seven are felonies, including rape, sexual motivated robbery, and sexual abuse.

For the alleged public masturbating, Mitchell was charged with public sexual indecency -- a misdemeanor.

According to the indictment, the 73-year-old victim -- who following the rape told the New York Post that she wanted to "Kill [Mitchell]. Cut off his penis. That's fine. Cut off his feet, then hit him over the head. Then give him life in prison" -- caught Mitchell masturbating in the park while she was out photographing birds a few weeks prior to the alleged rape.

She snapped a few photos of Mitchell's public mono-fornication.

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Tack Another $2,400 Onto Vito Lopez's (Taxpayer-Funded) Pervy-ness Tab

The taxpayer-funded tab to sweep allegations of sexual harassment by disgraced Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez under the rug is even bigger than originally anticipated, according to records released yesterday.

In addition to the $103,000 Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver -- et al -- agreed to pay Lopez's accusers, an additional $2,400 in taxpayer coin was shelled out to pay for mediation sessions among Lopez, the alleged victims, and the Assembly.

Lopez and his accusers also dished out $2,400 each to California-based mediation specialists JAMS Inc. when the parties couldn't agree on an appropriate settlement to keep the allegations hush-hush.

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Democratic Senate Hopeful Says Vito Lopez's Pervy-ness Is Just The Tip Of "Good 'Ol Boy" Iceberg In New York Legislature

Monica Arias Miranda claims she was sexually harassed while working as an Assembly staffer. She never reported the alleged harassment -- until now (that she's running for Senate)
A former New York Assembly staffer who now is running for the state Senate says the multiple sexual harassment allegations made against shamed Assemblyman Vito Lopez -- and the subsequent coverup by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver -- is just a "smokescreen and coverup for something much bigger."

Democratic Senate hopeful Monica Arias Miranda claims she was sexually harassed routinely by male co-workers when she worked as a budget analyst for the Assembly Ways and Means Committee. She says she never filed complaints about the abuse because she feared retaliation from the "good 'ol boy" culture in the Legislature.

Miranda, who faces two other Democrats in Thursday's primary, has called for an investigation into Silver -- a risky move for a Democrat, but one that is sure to set her apart from her opponents in her suburban Albany district.

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Queens D.A. Explains Slap On The Wrist For Teacher Who Had Sex With 13-Year-Old Student

Former teacher Charles Oross repeatedly had sex with an underage student. He's only going to jail for six months.
As we reported yesterday, a former teacher at a Queens junior high school pleaded guilty to charges that he repeatedly had sex with a female student, starting when the girl was just 13.

So, how long will this perv be in prison? Ten years? Twenty years? Try no years -- he faces a maximum sentence of six months in county jail. Additionally, he can no longer teach and will be on probation for 10 years following his release.

Seems like a slap on the wrist, we know -- the guy abused his position of trust as a teacher to exploit a young girl to satisfy his own sexual impulses. But the Queens District Attorney's Office sees the plea deal it reached with convicted pervert Charles Oross. The D.A.'s Office has provided the Voice with the following explanation:

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Shelly Silver Off The Hook For (Taxpayer Funded) Coverup Of Vito Lopez Sex Scandal

Shelly Silver's off the hook for covering up allegations of sexual misconduct against one of his buddies...again.
Much to the dismay of the National Organization of Women, women's rights attorney Gloria Allred, Assembly candidate Frank Commisso Jr., and thousands of New Yorkers, we're sure, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is off the hook for his tax-payer funded coverup of allegations of sexual misconduct by his old pal/current disgraced Assemblyman Vito Lopez.

The Joint Commission on Public Ethics has decided to not investigate Silver's role in sweeping sexual harassment allegations made against Lopez under the rug by paying two of his accusers more than $103,000 in taxpayer money to essentially keep their mouths shut about Lopez.

After Lopez's initial accusers were successfully paid off, Lopez allegedly sexually harassed at least two other young, female staffers in his office -- which makes sense considering Silver gave him the impression that he was free to feel up whomever he wants by paying off two of his accusers.

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NY GOP Compares Coverup Of Vito Lopez's Pervy-ness To Penn State Scandal


If the many, many allegations of sexual misconduct are true, shamed Assemblyman Vito Lopez is a dirty, dirty old man -- he tells female staffers not to wear bras, shoves his hands up their skirts, etc.

The coverup of the disgraced pol's alleged actions by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver are equally slimy. But is it as bad as the coverup at Penn State? Where administrators failed to do anything about the countless claims of sexual abuse of children by serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky? Because that's what New York Republicans are now comparing it to.

Comparing an alleged filthy old man to an even filthier old man seems like a bit of a stretch -- Lopez is just a pervert, while Sandusky is straight-up evil. But state GOPers aren't comparing perverts, they're comparing coverups, which seems to be a somewhat valid comparison.

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